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   Chapter 51 You, Are Fired

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What the hell did she perform?

Why did it sound so strange?

Holley frowned and thought to herself.

But it was not the first time that this bastard Ron played word game with her.

She wouldn't be fooled this time.

After the creased brows smoothed, Holley nodded, "Okay, I'll satisfy you."

A hint of invisible astonishment flashed through Ron's eyes, but the astonishment turned into a bad smile.

Anyway, he couldn't wait any longer.

He would make it clear to Holley for what happened four years ago.

But tonight, he must have her, for evermore. Whether she liked it or not.

"You are right. I'm satisfied with your attitude."

He looked at the indicator on his watch and waved at Holley, "wait for me in my office. Make a cup of American coffee for me."

Eager to stay away from this man as soon as possible, Holley felt a little difficult to control the joy in her heart. She almost got off the car with a smile and trotted all the way to the building of Mu's Group.

Looking at the back of the little woman, a gentle smile appeared at the corners of Ron's mouth.

If Linda was with him, she would be very shocked.

Because in the past four years, she had never seen such a smile on Mr. Ron's face.

His gentleness and adoration were full of sincerity.

Not until the little woman disappeared from his sight did he stop looking at her. He went through the message about Mexico he had received before.

After reading it, he deleted the message without hesitation.

She went into Mu's Group alone.

Through the reflection of the floor to ceiling glass, she saw that the evening dress on her had already become a T-shirt and short pants.

Under the threat of Ron, something that was temporarily neglected aroused the suspicion of Holley.

'what happened last night?

She was sitting and drinking juice face to face with Rex, but why was she directly in the car of that bastard Ron?

in Holley's eyes.

"So you mean you were the one who drugged me? You feel sorry for that?"

Holley's voice was not loud, but it was full of coldness and cruelty, which was fear.

"How come?"

She didn't expect that Holley would react like this. She had thought that Holley was a weak and silly girl, but to her surprise, she also had a strong side.

After coming to herself for a while, Hannah smiled awkwardly and explained for her innocence.

"Then you sorry for what?"

Casting a disdainful glance at Hannah, Holley turned around and ignored her.

Keeping a smile on her face, Hannah said, "Mrs. Holley, I'm just kind-hearted. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself to come here? You're also losing face of our president. Look at you, you are here alone. Everyone knows that the president cares about doing the work alone. You should have a good talk with Mr. Ron and ask him for a large sum of money to leave here. "

Holley jerked around and looked at Hannah's brooch card.

She grabbed the card decisively with all her strength.

"What are you doing?" Cried Hannah in a low voice.

Without saying a word, Holley pulled the coat which Hannah was wearing and tore the brooch card with her name which represented the employee identity of Mu's Group.

"You, are fired."

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