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   Chapter 49 Have I Lied to You Before

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Looking at the face of Ron, Holley suddenly calmed down.

'Rex is the one who smashed his car. He is Mr. Yan. He can handle anything!' thought she.

At the thought of this, Holley burst into laughter. "I'm not responsible for it. I did nothing wrong. Mr. Yan smashed your car."

Both she and Ron smiled.

The man's smile was extremely evil and attractive. "Well, then, are you responsible for the matter of Eleanor? If you are not responsible for it, I will call the police. "

"But you seem to forget that I have the camera."

Holley waved the device in her hand complacently.

"I sent it to Internet."

The smile on Ron's face was still evil and attractive, but it hit Holley hard.

Holley became coward again.

She felt that this bastard Ron was her nemesis.

But now, since she met him, she had to be a coward at all times.

She felt wronged and curled her lips, which made Rex sad.

But Rex knew that he couldn't help.

He was on par with Ron. If he went to stand up for Eleanor, it would only make things worse. Moreover, he would give Ron a chance to bully Holley more unscrupulously.

To get Holley out of the control of Ron, he must thoroughly solve this problem.

He considered it in this way. He got an email from abroad.

After reading the contents of the e-mail, Rex only felt that he and Holley were destined to be together.

This time, even God was helping him.

This email came at the right time.

He strode to her, grabbed her wrist and pulled her to his side. Without saying anything, he just handed her the phone.

"A message from Mexico."

The email was written in English but not difficult.

What's more, there were pictures in the e-mail. The man on the pictures was Moore whom Holley cared a lot about.

The moment Holley saw the picture, her hands trembled slightly.

She had been worrying that Moore had been killed in Me

is disappearance. I told you again and again that you can't figure out from me where Moore was now. Isn't it? Now you blame me for lying to you? Have I ever lied to you? "

There was sadness and indignation of not being trusted in the man's voice.

But Holley was in no mood to notice that.

"Then why don't you tell me the truth?"

Ron spread his hands, "Why should I tell the truth? Although I didn't send Moore to Mexico, I can still control his life. More importantly, if you care about him, I can threaten you and get everything I want through him. "

"What do you want?" Ron's attitude was hateful. Holley didn't like him at all. "What is everything that you want?"

After a long silence, Ron slowly and solemnly uttered one word.


But Holley thought it was a damn joke.

Infuriated, she raised her hand and grabbed Ron by the neck.

"Ron, do you believe that I can really kill you four years later since you wronged me for killing you four years ago?"

She clenched her fists, but Ron still said with the same attitude, "woman, I have said that if I want you, I will definitely get it. I won't blame you for what you have done, but Moore will suffer for what you have done. So it's up to you whether to continue to strangle me or not."

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