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   Chapter 47 You're so Smart, so I'm Gratified

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In the car of Ron.

Holley gradually woke up.

Because of the drugs, her memory stayed when she was chatting with Rex after Ron left.

She looked at the clothes she had changed and found that she appeared in Ron's car. She pursed her lips and blinked her big eyes, but she could not remember what had happened.

She didn't wake up Ron when she saw he was asleep on the steering wheel. She just sat there, recalling what had happened presumptuously with her hands supporting her face.

She couldn't recall but her thought were disturbed by cellphone vibration.

It was Ron's phone which received a text message.

There were words including Mexico in the text.

Instinctively, Holley thought of Moore. She reached out directly and grabbed the phone.

There was not enough time for her to look at the text carefully, and then she felt her wrist tightened.

Then, someone grabbed her hand with the cellphone. It was no one else, but Ron who had been asleep the minute before.

"You... Didn't you fall asleep?"

"I just miss you suddenly."

The man said such meaningful words with a wicked smile.

Holley was stunned by his words. The man beside her raised his hand and grabbed the phone.

That Ron went to snatch his cell phone was to take the chance for Moore to return home.

Although she had just woken up, her limbs were still sore and tired, but she still didn't give up. She grabbed the hand of Ron with all her strength and tried to grab his cell phone.

Holley and Ron, one of them sat in the back seat, and the other sat in the driver's seat.

As a result, the phone fell underneath the seat, and half of Holley's body was stuck between the driver's seat and the copilot's seat embarrassedly.

Even she was stuck, Holley still paid her attention on the cellphone.

She was unwilling to give up and tried her best to grab t

t seem to want to let Holley go.

He nodded with a smile. "Now that you know it, I won't example. Anyway, I mean, you have a lot of things to do and more to consume energy. You need to exercise more. "

"Okay, I know."

Holley answered listlessly.

However, Ron asked her maliciously, "by the way, I don't understand a bit. What do you think of what I said just now?"


"I'm curious. Can you explain it?"

"Really nothing."

"You are my assistant. You have to listen to me." Ron was very domineering to emphasize.

Holley gave him a blank look, "It's not working time."

"The special assistant is on call 24 hours a day, and you need to do whatever I ask."

Ron announced predominantly.

Holley was a little embarrassed and wondered how to deal with the current trouble.

All of a sudden, the car window was smashed from the outside with a loud bang.

"Are you okay, Holley?"

Then came the voice of Rex.

"Mr. Yan, you are indeed a persistent young man. Why do you keep badgering my wife?"

Before Holley could answer, Ron said first.

As he spoke, he opened the door and got out of the car. With his eyes full of coldness, he walked towards Rex, "Since we are all men, use men's method to solve it."

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