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   Chapter 46 Do You Think Why

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He was too impulsive to control himself.

Rex rushed out of his car and ran to Ron's car. He yelled angrily, slapping the window with both hands, "Ron, you bastard, get out of the car!"

He slapped so hard that his hands turned red, but the car was still shaking.

But people inside the car totally ignored him.

He took a deep breath and made a fist with his left hand, smashing it towards the window.

As soon as his hand touched the glass, before he smashed, he heard a familiar male voice behind him.

It was Mr. Ron's voice.

"What are you doing, Mr. Yan?"

Rex immediately took back his strength and fist.

Turning back, he saw the indifferent face of Ron and a pair of somewhat joking eyes with the dim moonlight.

"Who did you leave Holley to when you weren't in the car?"

Rex felt that his three senses had been overturned at this moment.

Ron had said that Holley was his wife and Mrs. Mu. Even if she was drugged, it was the business between the couple. They would solve it themselves.

But what was it now?

Mr. Ron unexpectedly left Holley to...

"You are so..."

Rex was about to scold him bastard, but before he could unleash his true feelings, he heard a woman's voice coming from behind him.

"What's wrong, Mr. Yan?"

It was Eleanor's voice.

He turned back all of a sudden. If he hadn't seen Eleanor with his own eyes, he would have doubted that if he had misheard her because of his sadness and indignation.

"What happened in the car? Why did the car keep shaking?"

After a pause, Rex asked the question in her heart, and then added asking about the most important person, "How is Holley?"

"Holley is fine, but I'm not doing well. When I was needling her, maybe she had some ache, so she hit me with her arm and a silver needle pricked one acupuncture point on my wrist."

Eleanor smiled in embarrassment. "What a coincidence! Once the acupoint was pricked by a silver needle, my body could not help twitching uncontrollably. So..."

Rex was relieved.

However, behind him, Ron asked meaningfully, "What did Mr. Yan think?"

seemed to realize something and nodded gratefully, "Eleanor, you can get a matchmaker's red packet if Holley and I can be together."

"I did this not for money. I tried to bring you two together. I just want my sister to be happy."

Thinking of what happened four years ago, all the things, Eleanor really felt heartache for Holley.

"Eleanor, I'm free now. Can you tell me something about her past?"

Rex proposed with great interest.

Eleanor nodded in approval and told him what had happened four years ago.

Before Eleanor could finish the story, Rex interrupted her angrily, "I know that she must be wronged four years ago. In Lawyer Mo's humble position, his word didn't carry much weight, so he couldn't reverse the case. But I am not afraid of Ron. I will reverse the verdict for Holley!"

Half an hour passed soon.

Rex didn't want to wait one more minute, so he reached out to push the door to get off.

But when he looked through the window, his hair was a little messy. It was the first time that he felt shy and began to pay attention to his appearance. After he smoothed his messy hair to keep handsome, he naturally pushed the door to get out of the car.

However, he froze when he just stepped out with his left foot, and it was impossible for him to step down his right foot at all.

He waved his hand towards Eleanor, and his voice trembled, "They... Their car..."

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