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   Chapter 45 Shameless, Villain

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6335

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He loved her, deeply!

However, he only kissed her lightly.

He took a deep breath while ignoring the hands that the little woman wrapped around his neck tightly. Then, he raised his hand with all his strength, knocking at the back of her neck.

Holley had lost consciousness and kept muttering.

Holding the little woman in his arms, he walked out of the bathroom. After he carefully wrapped her upper body with his suit jacket, Ron lifted her to his chest again and slowly walked out of the lounge.

He walked steadily with a strong arm.

Even if he reached out to push the door, only holding the little woman with one hand, he still held her tightly and steadily.

The moment the door was pushed open, Rex turned back instantly, and his eyes locked on Holley.

He noticed that there was still water stains on her dress.

Besides, it took Ron less than five minutes from he got in the lounge till he got out.

Rex was relieved.

He could be sure that nothing happened between Mr. Ron and Holley.

With a mocking smile, he said, "It is a surprise that Mr. Ron is really a gentleman."

Ron was not polite, but also made a mockery, "It is a surprise that Mr. Yan is really useless."

He broke into the lounge and left with his woman.

It took a few minutes.

But Rex not only failed to deal with Lucia's affairs, but also a group of onlookers did not pass away.

Hearing that Mr. Ron was teasing him, Rex spread his hands and said, "I won't take the blame. Miss Shen is so generous that she will only tell you personally how she drugged Holley."

Then he shrugged and stepped aside, as if it was none of his business.

"Mr. Ron, what do you think we should do?"

Asked Charles, frowning.

"Then let your sister say it. Didn't she want to say in front of me? I'm here. Why don't you tell me?"

Ron had never cared about Lucia or taken her se

words from a man.

"Mr. Yan, Holley and I are wife and husband. Don't worry about us. Besides, I guess Mr. Yan have dated countless women, saying more than 10, 000 or 100, 000? In my opinion, you are not qualified to talk about respect to women with me."

As usual, Ron was as indifferent as before. As soon as he finished speaking, by one look, many bodyguards rushed up to separate him from Rex.

He smiled defiantly and carried her into the car.

He stepped on the gas and the car was started quickly.

His bodyguards didn't move until the car went far away.

At this moment, Rex's eyes turned red with anxiety.

Before sending people to look for Eleanor, he got on the car first and followed the direction by eyes all the way.

On the way, he kept calling Eleanor, but her cellphone was always powered off.

Eleanor was the only person he could trust right now. But at this moment, he couldn't contact her.

What's worse, none of her subordinates knew where she had been.

After a long search by driving his car, Rex finally found Ron's car at 3 o'clock in the morning.

He stepped on the gas and drove close to Ron's car. Rex felt that a knife was stabbing into his heart.

He saw clearly that Ron's car suddenly wobbled...

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