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   Chapter 44 Overbearing Kiss

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Rex was still there stretching his body, and then he found that all the eyes were on him.

Especially that Ron! His complexion was so scary.


Then he laughed out loud and said, "Why are you all here watching me? What do you want to do?"

When he was speaking, he rested his eyes on Lucia who was standing behind Ron.

"It's you."

He recognized Lucia and remembered that it was this woman who told him that Holley had been drugged.

"It looks like that so many people are crowding outside my lounge. You are the one who should be blamed."

For no reason, Lucia felt guilty, but she then denied, "Mr. Yan, I don't know what you are talking about."

"You will regret playing tricks in front of me. You told me that Holley was drugged and asked me to save her. Now even Mr. Ron is involved. Does it have nothing to do with you?"

Rex was used to the intrigue and directly saw through the truth. He queried Lucia with some teasing and some harshness.

Ron was not a fool.

Hearing Rex's question, he immediately understood what happened.

Something was wrong with Lucia.

She knew that Holley had been drugged, but the one she told first immediately was Rex, not Holley's husband Ron.

If she only told Rex, she would not be so suspicious.

But she came to tell Ron that Holley was drugged and Rex took her into the lounge.

Thinking of this, Ron looked at Lucia more vicious.

Lucia felt the invisible murderous intent from the man.

She felt a little wronged and took a step back in panic. Shaking her head, she said, "It wasn't me. I didn't drug her..."

Her explanation would seem a bit stupid.

Rex's mouth curled but with teasing in his smile, "I didn't suspect you of drugging her. Why are you so nervous to admit it yourself?"

"No... I didn't... I really heard it by accident."

Lucia shook her head and tried to explain in panic, but the

as more angry.

How dare someone hurt his woman?

Please don't be found out by him. Who was that person? Otherwise...

"It's you."

Ron just felt that a woman's voice came into his ears suddenly.

Her hot breath blew on Ron's face, making Ron feel unfocused. He didn't care that the girl's hands were still on his ears. He quickly turned to look at her, trying to distance himself from her.

Holley seemed to recognize him. She raised her hand and scratched his cheek. "I know you. You are Ron."

That kind of drug was good at numbing people's nerves and misleading people's minds.

But she still recognized him.

Ron's heart was warmed by her words, but he heard the girl speak in a muffled voice, "you bastard, go away. Don't touch me..."

This was the last thing Holley could do.

Her reason was struggling, and she desperately resisted the man named Ron in front of her.

But her body was completely controlled by the drug.

Her arms held the man's neck tightly as if she was afraid that he would leave her.

"Fuck off!"

Holley yelled at him. Her body became softer and softer. At last, she completely curled up in the arms of Ron.

Looking at the little woman in his arms, Ron suddenly bent over and kissed her overbearingly.

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