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   Chapter 43 She Was Taken Away

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Rex held Holley from behind.

He asked in a low concerned voice, "are you okay?"

Holley tried to identify the direction of the lounge with all her mind.

She used all her strength to escape.

At this moment, being hugged by Rex, she had no strength to struggle at all, nor did she have any sense to judge who the man beside her was.

"It's so hot..."

She murmured.

Rex's heart raced violently.

She was really drugged.

He searched everywhere he could for Eleanor.

At this time, the most stable and safe choice for Holley was to get a female to stay with her.

After all, opposite sexes attract each other.

But in order to create an opportunity for Rex and Holley to stay alone, Eleanor had already gone far away.

Unable to find a reliable person, Rex found that the little woman in his arms was getting hotter and hotter, and she was even constantly tugging at her evening dress with her hands.

It was a bad sign.

If it went on like this, Holley would make herself look like that Bella, making a fool of herself in public.

Without hesitation, Rex directly held the little woman in his arms and quickly walked into his lounge.

After all, the lounge of Ron was not his territory. He was worried about it.

As soon as he entered the lounge, he locked the door.

At a corner of the banquet hall.

Judith kept staring at the direction where Holley left and felt very angry when Holley was taken away by Rex.

She didn't vent her anger until she threw three glasses to the floor.

According to her plan, the person who took Holley away should be a waiter in the banquet hall.

Only persons with low status could humiliate that bitch.

But the person who took her away was Rex of Glory Group.

In this way, even if she lost the support of Ron, she still had Mr. Yan's support.

She still had no choice to punish that bitch in the future.

She was very annoyed and thought for a long time, but she didn't know how to make it up. What she could

his shameless hustler would be willing to come out of the lounge.

After all, he was Mr. Ron.

His words and deeds attracted much attention, not to mention that he went to kick the lounge door of Rex furiously.

Lucia followed him and stood behind him sympathetically.

"It's not your fault. Don't blame yourself."

She planned to give Ron some warmth when he was most upset and lost his face.

But unexpectedly, her words irritated Ron more. "Shut up!"

That man roared at her angrily.

Tears filled her eyes. No one dared to shout at her like that. "But Mr. Ron, it's already like this. Something that should not happen have happened between Mr. Yan and Miss Ye. It's no use getting angry now. What are you going to do? Will you still maintain your marriage with Miss Ye?"

When Ron heard what Lucia said, he suddenly turned around and stared at her angrily.

Lucia was so frightened that she closed her mouth immediately. She took two steps backwards and couldn't help but say, "But these are the fact. They are all..."

Before she finished her words, the door of Rex's lounge was pushed open.

Exhausted, Rex stretched himself continuously and muttered, "Torment. Too much torment. I'm almost exhausted to death."

If nothing had happened, how could Mr. Yan be like this? And he even said such ambiguous words...

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