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   Chapter 42 Someone Hurt Her

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Bella's dance was not bad, actually had some international dancer's style.

The way she danced matched the name of Little Princess.

Although she had done a lot of stupid things before, she turned popular because of her Little Swan dance.

However, this happiness did not last long.

In just a few seconds, something amazing happened.

Bella's dance dress was torn open little by little unexpectedly.

Soon, the clothes made of satin and lace all left her body and fell to the ground.

Though she saw her clothes gone, she was unable to control her body.

Before she stopped, she twisted herself several times.

The dance was supposed to be elegant, but now there were some specialties of night club. People who knew her knew she was playing a little swan, but people who didn't know her must think she was playing a love dance.

Being humiliated, Bella stopped and huddled awkwardly.

Seeing this, Dylan immediately rushed over and covered his sister with his suit jacket.

Although he acted quickly, he was not faster than the people off the stage who took pictures secretly.

Soon, Bella's photos appeared on some websites and were placed on the home page.

As for Holley, she was shocked by this scene.

She couldn't believe that this was a good show prepared by Ron.

"Did you do it?"

As she asked, she turned around and found that Ron, who had been beside her all the time, had disappeared.

Where was that man?

She looked around, but didn't see Ron.

Missing again?

He was really mysterious.

How can I go home?

Was she waiting for Ron or not?

Holley was distressed and she had no interest to continue watching the joke of Bella. She just walked away unhappily and sat down.

The waiter served her a cup of juice. Without any hesitation, she drank it.

Eleanor had sharp eyes.

When she saw that Ron wasn't there to take care of Holley, she reminded Rex, "Ron has left because of something. Now it's your chance. Go."

Rex had also no interest to see women like Bella.

To be honest, he had seen many naked women before.

He had no interest in someone like Bella even if she lost her clothes.

Rex turned ar

ng words."

"I am willing, and I am happy."

Rex replied naturally.

After some hesitation, he said, "I was thinking of inviting you to dance with me just now. Can I?"


Holley agreed but when her hand was held by Rex, she felt uncomfortable all over her body.

She even had an illusion.

Maybe she saw too much of Bella just now, and she felt that Rex was also naked.

Oh my God!

What was she thinking about?

'Stop! Stop!'

Holley pulled her hand back decisively, "No, thanks. I am a little tired. I need to go to rest."

She stumbled away and left.

Rex was worried about her, but he followed her decision and did not go after her.

"Mr. Yan, I know what happened to Holley."

Standing behind Rex, Lucia of the Shen family breathed heavily and deeply to cover her panic.

"What's wrong with her?"

Rex was anxious. He stared at her and asked angrily.

Lucia panicked. It was her first time to do something bad, but she didn't regret it, because it was her chance and the only chance she had to break up Holley and Ron.

"Mr. Yan, someone bribed a waiter to put a drug with that effect in Holley's drink. It seemed that she had taken the drug and it worked. If there is no one to keep her company at this time, I'm afraid she will act wildly."

Hearing this, Rex was shocked.

He was not in the mood to ask who was so vicious to do this.

Without hesitation, he rushed into the crowd and ran after her...

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