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   Chapter 41 A Good Show

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"Of course not."

Rex replied without hesitation or falsehood.

"I trust her."

Rex added after a pause.

Eleanor nodded and said, "Okay, I see. I'm relieved to know that you don't mean to play with Holley. But I have to remind you that there is no woman who would be willing to see the man who goes after her praise other women, especially her enemy."


Rex was amused, "Eleanor, do you think Miss Lan is worthy of my praise? She has no advantages. There are nothing of her worthy of praise. How could I compliment her? I'm just telling a lie to that idiot, Dylan."

Then he turned on the lighter and burnt the share transfer agreement.

"Mr. Yan, this is five percent of shares."

Eleanor reminded with some sympathy.

Shaking his head, Rex said, "Dylan is not a fool. He won't give me the shares so easily. If I really want to own the shares, I have to marry his stupid sister as he suggested. I won't do that. So there is no use to keep this share transfer agreement."

"Then why did you say yes to him?"

Eleanor just couldn't see through him.

Rex proudly smiled, "Only you can stand up for Holley, but why can't I stand up for her?"

"Mr. Yan, my sister is so lucky to meet you."

Eleanor complimented him, agreeing with what Rex had said.

Ron took Holley back to the lounge.

In the lounge without any outsider, Holley wiped the corner of her mouth hard.

She raised her head and found the man looking at her with a displeased look.

Then she forced a smile and asked, "Mr. Ron, is there any problem?"

"You hate my kiss so much?"

The man's voice turned a little sad unexpectedly.

'Oh my God, is this acting or is he real sad?' she thought.

'Forget it. Whether it is true or not, it is a trap.'

She'd better not answer his question casually so as not to irritate him.

With the fake smile on her face, she changed the subject. "Why did you give the same answer as mine? Do you

taken by Nancy was shot in the first place and the date was three days ago.

How could a man like Ron not cheat on his wife?

"Forget it. Let's not talk about it."

Holley didn't bother to argue with him and just asked, "what kind of show is going to happen later?"

She reminded him.

Ron reached out his hand to her and said, "My wife, come with me. I have prepared a good show for you. You will like it."

"Do you need to be so hypocritical even when there's no one around?"

Holley grumbled.

Ron's face darkened, but he didn't take his hand back. He just asked her unpleasantly, "You hope Mexico is in trouble."

"I'm just kidding. Don't take it seriously."

Holley stood up with a little shame and handed her hand.

Holding the little woman's hand tightly, Ron walked out of the lounge with a somewhat evil and attractive smile.

Just as they walked out of the lounge, they heard the broadcast, "Now, let's welcome the famous Little Princess, Miss Bella Lan, to perform Little Swan dance for us."

"Is this a good show?"

Holley just felt bored.

Watching an enemy dancing? Is it a good show?

'What's wrong with Ron's head? How could he say that it's a good show?'

"Continue to look at the show."

Ron didn't explain, but said those words meaningfully.

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