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   Chapter 39 Challenge in Public

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Eleanor had long since disliked Bella, and wanted to give her a lesson for Holley.

Now that she came to her, she wouldn't let her go.

Suddenly, she stood up and looked at Bella coldly, "Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that?"

After giving Eleanor a disdainful look, Bella sneered, "You old woman, who the hell are you?"

Hardly had her voice faded away, Eleanor raised her hand, grabbed Bella's wrist and squeezed it hard.

Suddenly, Bella had the illusion that her wrist bone was going to be crushed.

She was so painful that she almost cried. When she saw her brother from afar, she couldn't help crying out, "brother, help me, someone bullied me."

Dylan rushed over immediately.

When he saw clearly that it was Eleanor who hit his sister, he could not help but be stunned.

Rex embroidered with a half-smile, "your sister is the first one who dares to humiliate Eleanor."

"Sister Eleanor,"

Dylan didn't dare to be outrageous in front of Eleanor. He said after respectfully calling her as a sister, "My sister was scared just now. She lost her mind. Whatever she said to you, please don't take it to heart."

"I'm totally 30 years old this year. I don't mind if she call me old woman. But it doesn't work if she asked what the hell I was and kept on calling my sister a bitch. Mr. Lan, you should know that I have always been bad tempered."

Eleanor didn't let go of her. The look in her eyes became more and more vicious.

Then Dylan turned to ask help of Rex, "please take care of the person you brought here. I've already made an apology to her. What else does she want?"

He pulled Rex aside and told him all these.

But what Rex wanted to do was to embarrass Dylan in public. After hearing that, he said loudly, "Mr. Lan, don't be kidding. I don't dare to say that Sister Eleanor is my subordinate. Eleanor is just my friend I invited. I can't take care of her, let alone her affairs."

"Eleanor, I apologize to you on behalf of my sister,"

Dylan lowered his head. Now that Dark Night Priest had taken his revenge towards him, he didn't want to make one more enemy.

Besides, his dear


"Ron Mu."

She was too painful to say a word.

But Dylan understood what his sister meant. He grabbed the microphone and said loudly.

"Mr. Ron, can you just say it in public? Why can you win the life and death battle? Why do you choose Holley as your target?"

Holley's heart sank when she saw Ron.

'You are a scum, Ron Mu. You are my invincible opponent!' thought Holley.

Why did he come back no sooner or later but at this moment?

How could his answer be exactly the same as hers?

Eleanor was always clear about their relationship.

Then she spoke in a cold voice, "Mr. Lan is always against my sister with no sincerity. If it isn't for the sake of the host of the banquet, I will have to get even with you Lan family."

After saying that, she waved her hand and pushed Bella away.

Dylan ran to Bella and held her in his arms.

Eleanor must have a guilty conscience, otherwise she wouldn't let Bella go so easily.

Since Eleanor had a guilty conscience, he should be more arrogant and should slap her hard on the face.

"Mr. Ron, we all know that you won the life and death bet. We are curious how you can win. Is it because you went to Thailand to beg God before, then you were lucky?"

Dylan not only asked again, but also tried to brainwash Ron so that he could give an answer of being lucky.

For a moment, everyone's eyes were focused on Ron.

They were all expecting his answer...

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