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   Chapter 38 She Hated Him

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Outside the lounge.

Rex raised his hand and touched the door with his index finger, but he didn't raise it to knock again.

Suddenly, he found that he lost the ability to express himself.

It was a simple and natural thing to bring medicine to Holley, but he didn't know how to mention it to that woman.

He was like a teenager about fourteen or fifteen years old who was going to confess his love to a girl when he held the bottle in his hand. He was restless when he exercised those words.

"The ointment for your injury."

"This ointment is good for you. Just use it."

"Here you are the ointment."

He was rehearsing there, trying to convey all his feelings gracefully. However, he was interrupted by the door of the lounge.

Holley stood at the door of the room, looking at Rex in surprise.


"Eleanor gave it to you,"

After exercising numerous lines, Rex said the most flustered words.

Originally, he should give the ointment to Holley and said that the ointment was prepared by him. But he didn't even mention a word about it and even let all the credit go out.

Rex was embarrassed. He tucked the ointment into Holley's hand, and then he turned around leaving directly.


Holley caught up with him.

"You are welcome."

Opposed to her eyes, Rex felt his heart beat faster.

He didn't dare to look at her. Instead, he acted as if he was very generous. He waved his hand and said, "Use it. It can remove the scar."


Holley caught up with him but not to thank him, "Well, I just want to know where Eleanor is now."


Rex was even more embarrassed.

It turned out that he was being self sentimental.

He answered randomly, pointing to the water bar not far away, "over there."

"Okay, thank you."

She smiled gently and walked quickly to Eleanor.


Seeing the ointment in Holley's hand, Eleanor smiled ambiguously. "I think Mr. Yan is a good man. He also likes you. You should seize the opportunity."

"I've never seen a man so scrupulous like

n front of Rex.

She got shocked when she gambled the life and death battle just now. When she woke up, she heard that her brother had lost the large gambling and even lost a large sum of money. She felt very unhappy.

But when she heard that Rex was slapped by Ron because of that bitch Holley, she thought her world was bright.

Rex she knew was an extremely cold man.

No one hurting his face could come to a good end.

He would never let down his dignity for any woman.

That was why Bella was sure that Holley and Rex had done and Rex would not speak to her anymore.

She changed into another dress merrily and dressed up deliberately before she ran to Rex.

Bella mentioned the unpleasant things several times and only wanted Rex to give up that bitch thoroughly.

But she was wrong.

Her appearance remained unremarkable to Rex.

She even called his name, talked to him and cared about him.

But Rex kept his eyes on an old woman who was a few years older than her.

Bella could not bear it and just felt desperate.

"Brother Rex, why don't you take a look at me rather than look at the old woman who had made you suffer a lot? At least, I am not like the bitch Holley who is second-hand and also older. I'm only 18. It's such a good age. Why can't you just take a look at me?"

She stamped her feet, but Rex still ignored her.

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