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   Chapter 37 Don't Mind Exercising Husband's Power

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Holley felt herself a coward.

She didn't dare to be angry when she saw the proud look of Ron.

"Mr. Ron."

She looked at that man ingratiatingly and managed to squeeze a smile. "I was scared and irritated just now. My body was out of control, and my language ability has also some problems. If I say anything that you don't like, please don't mind. That's not what I mean. I... "

Holley didn't know how to explain, so she just smiled at that man.

A cunning smile appeared on Ron's face again, but the expression in his eyes was obscure.

"I see."

Ron nodded as if deep in thought.

"It doesn't matter, though our country's culture is relatively traditional, only if you marry with your husband, you have to go with him. But I'm not a traditional person. After all, I have received democratic education since childhood. If you have any idea, you can tell me. What you just said makes sense. I have thought it over. I can't threaten you with Moore every time. I do feel bored, so I have to find something new to say. Do you agree with me?"

Hearing that, Holley was more scared.

She felt very horrible.

That man must have ulterior motives.

However, Holley thought again that she was single and her grandma had died long ago. She only had Moore, the only one family. Ron might have nothing to threaten her.

"Mr. Ron, I have something to say. But you have nothing new to threaten me except Mexico and Moore,"

Holley was an unyielding person who never admitted defeat easily.

She suddenly realized why she had to yield to this man and play up to him?

Now that he was willing to threaten her with Moore, she must be of use to him.

She should take advantage of the opportunity that she was still useful, and play in proper scope to cause more trouble to Ron.

For example, she said something that made him unhappy.

For example, criticize what he said.


Ron was amused by her thoughts.

He suddenly

released from prison, it was Moore who picked her up. But she didn't expect that Mr. Ron had gone there that day. Later, Moore disappeared and was kidnapped to Mexico. Mexico was a chaotic place. Moore would be killed by an accident there. Mr. Ron threatened my poor sister with this matter, so she had to stoop to stay with him. Otherwise, they would have already divorced. I really don't know what kind of tricks Mr. Ron is going to play this time and how he is going to hurt the girl. "

Eleanor looked down upon Mr. Ron.

In her eyes, men who were calculating women were all scums.

"So it is."

Rex understood, "If I can save Moore from Mexico, will she stop being threatened?"

"Of course. She had been thinking of divorcing him for the past four years."

Eleanor gave Rex some motivation.

"I'll send someone to look into it in Mexico."

Rex dialed a number and gave the order.

Eleanor saw that Rex really cared about the matter of Holley.

She smiled cheerfully and handed him a bottle of ointment. "This is the ointment to remove the scars. It was made from ancestral secret recipe of an old Chinese doctor. I was going to give it to my sister personally, as she got a neck injury, and I didn't want the scar left on her skin. But you cares about her. What I can do is to help you."

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