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   Chapter 36 A Woman Close With Me

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All of a sudden, Ron raised his hand and punched on Rex's face.

His move was so sudden, fast, and hard that Rex did not dodge and got a heavy punch on his face.

"Are you all right?"

Holley grabbed Rex's hand concernedly, "Ice pack, hurry up!"

She shouted at the waiter not far away.

Ron's face darkened.

What Holley did was to embarrass him in public. She wanted everyone to know that his wife cared more about another man.

He walked up to her slowly and put his arms around her waist. He didn't say anything to Rex.

"Mexico, don't forget it,"

His words reminded Holley.

Her hand supporting on Rex's arm fell down slowly.

Mexico was her Achilles' heel and was her weakness.

Moore who had been exiled to Mexico and suffered a lot was Holley's family member she cared most.

Taking a deep breath, she completely let go of her hand, and in the embrace of Ron, her body was uncontrollably soft in his arms.

A winner's smile appeared on Ron's face, "Rex, don't let me see you teasing my wife again."

Having said that, he hugged Holley horizontally and carried her all the way to the lounge.

In the lounge.

Ron put the little woman on the sofa.

He stood there in a condescending manner, locking his eyes on the little woman's, and said slowly, "Do you know what kind of person Rex is?"

Of course, Holley didn't know that.

"He has dated countless women, but he has never admitted who is his girlfriend. The most common word of him introducing women is the woman who has an intimate relationship with me."

Ron also knew that there was no way Holley could get to know what kind of person Rex was.

Therefore, he directly told her all Rex's rumors without waiting for her answer.

"He provoked you just for fun."

Ron concluded affirmatively.

Holley raised her head and had a look at him, and then she sneered, "That's better than you want my life."

Ron was speechless for a moment after being rejected by that little woman.

Just now, what he did indeed seemed to disregard the little

to prison and lived in the dormitory.

After she went into prison, she was expelled from school and did not have a dormitory to live in at all.

She initially planned to stay in the Moore's house temporarily, and when she found a job, she could rent an apartment.

But now, Moore had been sent to Mexico. It was impossible for her to go to Moore's home.

It seemed that she had to be shameless to trouble Eleanor to find her a place to stay.

As Holley thought, Ron stood there, looking at her with an evil and attractive smile.

"Have you thought of where your home is?"

"I have a place to live. You don't need to worry."

Holley refused him without hesitation.

Ron shook his head and pulled her waist to get her into his arms.

Locking the eyes of the little woman, he smiled wickedly and said, "You are the young hostess of the Mu family, so you can only live in the villa of Mr. Ron. Unless you hope Mexico is in trouble."

The man's voice was soft and tempting.

But Holley felt awkward to hear that.

Even his threats made her feel old-fashioned and tired. "Can you stop threatening me with Moore for everything?"

All the depression and resentment in her heart were finally released by her.

She began to feel guilty after questioning Ron.

Because she found that the man's eyes had changed.

He changed so elusive to her...

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