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   Chapter 35 Are You Satisfied With My Performance

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Holley looked at Rex and smiled to him.

That was the smile that she felt a little sorry and was about to refuse others.

"I think I'd better..."

She wanted to say that she'd better ask Eleanor for help.

But before she finished her words, she saw Ron walking towards her in high spirits.

That man looked at Holley.

As their eyes opposite, there was a disdainful look in Holley's eyes.

She drew back her gaze decisively and looked at Rex with a smile, "Thank you!"

Rex gently ripped off the band aid and carefully put it on her back neck.

The flames of jealousy were burning in Ron's eyes.

He quickened his pace and walked towards Holley.

Unfortunately, he was rich and powerful. Many people saw him and greeted him, which held him back.

Standing behind Holley, Rex had already seen the back of Ron and guessed the reason why this woman suddenly changed her mind.

She was using him to stimulate another man.

Rex didn't mind it.

On the contrary, it was a chance for him to get close to this interesting woman.

He walked forward and stretched out his hand like a gentleman. He smiled to invite her, "May I dance with you?"

"Of course."

Holley agreed without hesitation.

She smiled coquettishly, but there was less sincerity in her smile.

Rex didn't care. She would be touched by his sincerity and give him a sincere smile one day.

Holding Holley's hand, the two walked to the dance floor in an intimate manner.

Getting rid of the people who fawned on him, Ron ran after them and asked, "Mr. Yan, where are you taking my wife?"

"I invited her to dance, and she agreed,"

Rex said with a faint smile.

He was no worse than Ron.

In terms of appearance, he was a first-class handsome man.

In terms of figure, he was also a muscular man with eight packs.

In terms of family background, he was richer than Mr. Ron.

Most importantly, he would not do anything to hurt Holley.

"Why do I think you forced my wife to dance?"

With these words, Mr. Ron took hol

Lucia had promised her second elder brother to keep the secret for him and not to tell anyone that he sent medicines to Holley.

But now, when Shawn came back, she was framed by him.

Lucia didn't want to keep the secret for him anymore.

"Shawn, why do you still..."

Charles stood up in a hurry. He was anxious.

He could figure out what happened tonight. Holley was definitely worthy of the ancients' description "the scourge of the country" as a demon girl.

Every man who approached her would surely get into trouble.

As an elder brother, he would never allow his younger brother to be trapped by such a woman.

Before he finished his words, he was interrupted by Shawn, "brother, I'm the son of Shen family. I won't have any affairs with other people's wife. Don't worry."

After he made the promise, Charles stopped persuading. He just patted his younger sister on the shoulder and said, "There are a lot of good men. Don't only stare at married men."


Lucia didn't want to give up, but she had nothing to say.

With her head down, an idea occurred to her and she asked, "what if Mr. Ron is divorced?"

Charles shook his head, "We'll talk about it when he gets divorced."

Outside the banquet hall.

Looking at Rex who was teasing and pursuing his wife, Ron's face darkened and his eyes became more and more gloomy.

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