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   Chapter 34 Love Her

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Ron frowned slightly.

After being pestered by Dylan, Holley had run far away.

But fortunately, Eleanor followed her out.

It was said that she and Holley were on good terms when they were in prison. With her care, it could barely relieve Ron.

Then he stopped chasing and turned around, smiling evilly at Dylan, "I don't know what you mean, Dylan. Does our project have anything to do with Dark Night Priest?"

"I say you are."

Dylan emphasized.

Ron remained calm and smiled calmly, "I've never heard of Dark Night Priest before. I guess I have been having fun for a long time. But since we have to cooperate for a long time in future, I will be willing to be with you if you want to talk about Dark Night Priest. But you have to give me more time. I can't talk with you until I check his background."

He didn't look like lying.

Was it because his news was wrong? Or was it because he judged wrong?

But Rex apparently had the same speculation as his.

Dylan was reluctant and wanted to asked more. Then he saw that the auction host had a look at the indicators of his watch.

"Do you two know the rules of the auction? The winning bidder had to complete the auction transaction within half an hour. Ten minutes have passed. If you don't hurry up, you will break the rules of the auction. I'm afraid you can't get on the ship again in ten years."

Both big deals and illegal transactions were conducted on ships.

The participants who were invited to take part in the auction on board were carefully selected every year.

All the upper class would try their best to get in the ship.

Because on board, you can make a deal that you cannot make in other places, and can also buy and sell a lot of secrets that cannot be heard usually.

Once a person was deprived of the right to board on the ship, it meant that he or she would be kicked out of the upper class circle. This meant that his or her connections were broken and he or she was out of all information sources.

Either Mu's Group or Lan's Group wouldn't be able to take the consequences.

Dylan didn't ask more questions. After all, he would have plenty of chances to cooperate with Mr. Ron in the future. If he was really Dark Night Priest, he would find it s

e took the glass of lime rum but didn't drink it.

She was on her guard against Rex of Glory Group.

As she refused to drink it and Rex did not force her, he took out the band aid from the pocket of his shirt.

"Just now, you broke your neck when you took off the necklace."


Holley was too angry before, and she didn't notice that she was hurt.

Hearing Rex's reminder, she touched her neck with one hand and felt a burning pain.

Holley murmured, "Umm..."

She groaned in pain and frowned slightly.

Rex put a band aid on the table gracefully, "Would you like to use it by yourself, or let me help you? It's summer now. It's hot. Be careful of infection if you don't put band aids."

"Let me do it myself."

Holley took off the band aid and was going to put it on her neck.

It was easier said than done.

Since it was out of her sight, Holley tried many times but failed every time.

Rex was a gentleman and wouldn't take advantage of her without her permission.

But it was too many times that Holley failed. Rex couldn't bear it and said, "Let me help you. This is the last one. If you fail again, there will be no band aid left."

Looking at the messy band aids on the table, Holley smiled in embarrassment.

"Can I?"

Rex asked again. He must get the consent of Holley for this kind of thing.

In fact, he had never been like this before.

He wouldn't even do such a thing.

But the woman in front of him now made him have an impulse to love her.

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