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   Chapter 33 Rules of the Auction

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The gamble began.

Holley was desperate.

She had thought that she might be able to dodge the missing knife from Ron with her ability. Although it was made of plastic, it could possibly hurt her as it flew so far.

But now she realized that she was too naive.

She wondered who was so evil to design this gamble.

Becoming a target, she was firmly tied to a special cross.

But the design was actually reasonable.

If people can escape, would it still be called the life and death battle?

The host stood there indifferently, looking at all this. Finally, he said, "Mrs. Mu and Miss Lan, according to the rules, you have the chance to say something. If you think it over, say it."

"Ron, if I don't die, I would have killed you with my own hands!"

Holley said and her cold voice with hatred was penetrating into everyone's heart.

Although she just said one sentence, it stirred up trouble in many people's hearts.

But she didn't understand the real meaning of the last sentence of the bet.

The last words were to give the gamblers a chance to hear their sound to locate their positions.

Holley's honesty caused Bella's sneer, "What a silly and ugly old woman! Ask you to say your last words? Do you really say your last words?"

The host stood still, motionless. After the two people had finished talking, he waved his hand in a cold-blooded way and said, "The gamble starts."

Hardly had the host's voice faded away, the knife in Dylan's hand was already pointed at Holley.

It was difficult to identify the position of the apple through the sound, but it was easy to find where Holley was by the sound.

As Dylan's knife flew out, a bang was heard when Holley closed her eyes.

She opened her eyes and saw the two knives intertwined and collided with each other, which was less than ten centimeters away from her chest.

One of the knive


As a host, he must maintain the rules of the auction.

"Mrs. Mu, do you know what will happen if you fight on the auction?"

The host was threatening Holley.

"It doesn't matter."

"She is my wife. She can treat me in any way she wants," said Ron.

"Mr. Ron!"

The host is not accommodating, "Please respect the rules of the auction!"

The auctioneer gave a severe reminder as it was related to the dignity of the auction.

Eleanor stood up and came to Holley. "Listen to me, girl. It's not worth killing here. You will die for it. And there're no bullets in his gun."

"Ron, you thanks to the auction. Otherwise, I believe someone will lend me bullets if I ask for it."

Finishing her words, Holley forcefully shook off the gun and turned around to leave the auction room.

Ron followed her.

How could he rest assured that the little woman ran out alone?

"Dark Night Priest, don't go after her," said Dylan suddenly.

However, there was no response from Ron, as if he had never heard of Dark Night Priest this character.

"I know you are Dark Night Priest, Ron,"

He was so good at shooting that Dylan could nearly be sure that Ron was Dark Night Priest. What he lacked now was only that Ron admitted it himself.

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