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   Chapter 32 You Can't Afford My Life

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Mr. Ron's answer made Eleanor's heart skip a beat.

She really liked Holley and treated her as her sister.

It was known to all that the meaning of the life and death battle was to gamble life. And he would gamble the life and death of the people around him with his own hands.

Eleanor suddenly stood up and walked to Ron. "Mr. Ron, do you know what the life and death battle is?"

Holley didn't know, but she sensed something different.

"Sister, what is it?"

She asked. Before Eleanor could answer her question, Ron spoke first.

"Of course I know. It's none of your business."

Listening to the indifferent and cynical tone of Mr. Ron, Eleanor was more worried about Holley.

While she was thinking about how to give Holley a hint, Mr. Yan came over.

"Eleanor, don't interfere in other people's family affairs."

His tone sounded like a mixture of persuasion and order. He directly dragged Eleanor away.

"What is the life and death battle?"

Staring at the man beside her, Holley bit her lips and asked.

Ron waved his hand indifferently. "Don't worry. It's not a dangerous thing. You won't be in any danger."

She didn't believe a single word of this man.

But now she even had no chance to escape from it.

Because she heard that Charles said he gave up bidding.

The bidding price of the project had been raised to two billion.

Two billion dollars was already the limit that the Shen family could bear. If they invested more money in this project, there would be no profit.

He gave up the bidding, so naturally Ron and Dylan became the finally bidders with the same bid and no concession.

The auction host announced the result of the auction and explained the life and death battle.


e, regardless of the chase of Ron.

Mr. Ron was going to chase her, but the host stopped him, "Mr. Ron, it's time for you to prepare with Mr. Lan."

At the moment, Dylan had also picked a person.

The one he had chosen was his sister, Bella, rather than anyone else.

They grew up together, and had a tacit understanding. It was highly possible for them to win the gamble together.

Dylan had a well thought out plan.

Bella's eyes reflected deep disgust and disdain for Holley.

But mostly she was laughing at her as a person who was going to die.

She knew her brother so well.

Holley didn't say anything but stared at Bella coldly.

"Are you irritated? Are you out of your mind?"

After being stared to be nervous, Bella rolled her eyes at her and said, "Forget it. You are a dead person now. I'm not mad at you."

Then she ignored Holley.

In the auction room.

Eleanor's heart was extremely painful. She looked at Rex and pleaded, "Mr. Yan, please, please help me to save Holley, okay?"

"No reason."

Rex was still indifferent, and he was always focused on the overall situation.

After a pause, he added, "Pray for her."

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