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   Chapter 31 No Reason to Refuse

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Looking around the people in the room, Ron held the hand of the little woman beside him tightly and patted the back of her hand gently, "Don't be afraid. We don't gamble against the life and death battle. According to the rules of the auction, only two people who participated in the final bid at the same price need to bid the life and death battle to decide the final result of the bid. As for the others, they would be driven out to fight here for no reason. We are not stupid."

He seemed to be comforting the little woman beside him, but in fact, he had already sent his clear intention to Dylan.

He wouldn't silly risk on life and death battle as he gambled for his crazy sister.

Dylan's expression changed. Even Mr. Yan, who was as well-known as him, needed to show some respect to him. Besides, even though Mr. Ron Mu was as famous as him, his family had declined a long time ago.

He snorted, but he was unable to deny Ron's words.

Hearing that Ron was unwilling to bet, Bella was so angry that her body began to tremble.

She couldn't bear to see a woman like Holley who was pampered and protected by so many men.

"Brother, let that bitch die. If she doesn't die, your sister will have no face to live. "

Bella screamed and said something evil.

Dylan looked again at Ron gloomily, and suddenly looked at the other people present. "I want to bet the life and death with Mr. Ron. Everyone sitting here, can you make a concession?"

It was a very euphemistic way that he wanted everyone else present to give up fighting for the auction item tonight. This was the rule of the auction. Everyone was here, and they had ten minutes to prepare. Everyone was allowed to quit during the ten minutes.

If there were only two people who did not quit in the end, they had to participate in the final bidding, no matter whether they wanted to get the item tonight.

Dylan knew well about the rules of the auction and was trying to force Ron to accept his offer. Anyway, he wanted to gamble with this man tonight, not only for the sake of his baby sister.

He also wanted to test the strength of Ron.

In recent years, a mysterious organization known as Dark Night Organization su

harles made it clear that he was going to take part in this project.

The price he could afford must be higher than that of Mr. Ron.

Just as he expected, Charles opened his mouth, "I bid one more dollar than Mr. Ron."

Although he looked down upon the promiscuous boy like Ron, he still had to thank the conflict between Ron and Mr. Lan, or the Shen family couldn't take such big advantage.

"Brother," Bella hated Holley very much.

She would not allow that bitch to escape so easily.

Holding her brother's hand, she urged anxiously, "brother, please think of a way."

"I'll add 100, 000. In addition, I'll pay for Mr. Ron's share."

At this point, Dylan was in a dilemma. He had owed a lot of favors. Now, he felt that it was even more uneconomical to give up the attempt to test Ron.

He showed his attitude immediately.

It was the first time that this had happened.

The host hesitated for a moment, and then he looked at Ron and said, "Mr. Ron, this is the first time that the auction item has been sold in the price bid by someone else. The auction will ask for your opinion. You can choose to accept it or not."

Once Ron chose to accept, he had to gamble life and death. Nobody could quit on life and death battle.

Ron looked at the little woman beside him and a hint of sadness appeared in his eyes.

After weighing the pros and cons, he nodded and smiled disdainfully. "If someone pays for me, don't I have a reason to refuse?"

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