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   Chapter 30 An Evil Game

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This investment project was indeed as popular as Ron said.

With her past memory, Holley could recognize many business celebrities, each of whom was elite people who was worth at least ten billions.

What surprised her most was that Eleanor was also here.


Holley greeted her in a daze.

Eleanor stood up with a smile and said, "look, here you are. But this time I come with Mr. Yan, so it's not appropriate to have too much contact with the competitors. We can talk later."


Holley said with a smile, her eyes full of sincerity.

She had a beautiful smile on her face, which was totally different from the one when she smiled and tried to seduce Ron.

Mr. Yan stared at her blankly.

He had never thought that he would meet that interesting prey so soon.

"Mr. Yan is Rex Yan, the president of Glory Group."

Afraid that Holley didn't understand the situation, Ron stood aside and introduced in time.

Rex Yan of Glory Group!

Holley originally didn't even look at Rex Yan. Hearing the name, she couldn't help looking at Rex Yan.

With just one look, she looked away.

She just wanted to know what kind of person the first suspect, Rex Yan of Glory Group, was.

But she didn't expect that her glance just now had already attracted Rex Yan.

Somehow, his heart began to pound. He had never tasted love, but he knew it seemed love coming.

Looking at Ron, he was inexplicably absent-minded. His eyes were always on Holley.

A Barbie-doll like girl sat beside Rex Yan. She looked at Rex Yan with some fancy look, and greeted him, "Hello, Brother Rex, long time no see. Do you remember me?"

"I don't remember."

Without looking at her, Rex Yan answered the three words faintly.

The Barbie-doll like girl was not an ordinary girl. She was Bella Lan, the daughter of the owner of Lan's Group.

She had never been treated coldly before as she was like a princess.

When she found that Rex Yan was not willing to talk to her, she was full of hatred and grievance.

Looking in the direction of Rex Yan's gaze, she found that Rex Yan had been staring at the woman in Ron's arms all the time.

Was Rex Yan crazy?

He ignored her, such a young and beautiful daughter of the Lan family, but to stare at a second-hand woman.

Looking at Holley, Bella Lan was furious.

She had always been spoiled by her older brother, Dylan Lan. If anything happened to her, she would call her brother. After that, he would certainly help her deal with it.

This time, Bella Lan was no exception.

She pointed at Holley from a distance, acting like a spoiled child in front of her brother. "Brother, it's that old woman, and she dares to grab the man I like."

She tried to lower her voice, but she was used to being arrogant and domineering. For others, she would always bring up her voice even if she was trying to lower.

Rex Yan had never stood up for a woman. For him, women were just games.

But when he heard Bella Lan saying that, he couldn't help saying lightly, "I've only heard of forcing to buy or force to sell. Today I learn that Miss Lan is so lack of men that you would force a man. As long as you like him, he will become your private goods even if you don't care about your poor condition or if he likes you? Miss Lan, how much man have you taken to keep at home?"

No one dared to humiliate his dear sister like this. Dylan Lan was furious, but he couldn't fight casually because of the rules of the auction. He could only come up to him and shoute

d with anger, "Enough! My sister didn't offend you. How could you be so mean? What's more, what's your relationship with that woman? Why are you defending her? Do you really hook up with Mr. Ron's woman as my sister said? "

Of course, Ron wouldn't get involved in the fight between Dylan Lan and Rex Yan.

He took Holley into his arms lovingly and took the seat printed with his name.

Today, he was here for the investment quota.

Rex Yan sat there and smiled with a sniff, "Dylan, am I not the man that your sister fancies? You think I'm a commodity and take a fancy to it? I'm telling you, woman like your sister who is ugly, bad in figure, bad in temper and bad in character, even if the other women in the world are all dead, I will not take a fancy to her, and let her give up as early as possible."

On the other side, Holley was sitting there with a glass of juice. When she heard what Rex Yan said, she couldn't help but spurt the juice out from her mouth and directly spurted onto Bella Lan who just ran over to challenge her.

Her pink princess dress was stained with orange liquid.

The Lan family was powerful. And Dylan Lan was resourceful.

He loved his little sister and knew that his sister liked to be treated well. He used some connections and made her the little princess of the upper class.

Bella Lan was always so arrogant, but within a few minutes just now, she was slapped on the face by the same woman twice.

And she beat her time and time again and made her lose face.

Bella Lan stamped her feet with anger. She rushed to Holley like an uneducated lady and reached out to grab her hair.

Her view of the world was simple. If anyone dared to offend her, she must beat him or her to make him or her kneel down and beg for mercy.

Bella Lan went crazy suddenly and Holley was unable to dodge while she just saw her hand passing her ear. Before she touched her long hair, she lost her balance and fell on the ground in the standard posture of a dog gnawing mud.

"Ah! Woo... Brother... You must take good care of me. They are bullying me..."

She fell to the ground, in a very embarrassing situation. Feeling that she was too ashamed to see anyone, she buried her head in the carpet and burst into tears.

Regardless of arguing with Rex Yan, Dylan Lan ran to his sister and held her up in his arms.

"Don't cry. There are so many people watching us. It's bad for your image. Listen to me, change your clothes first, okay? "

Dylan Lan patiently persuaded his sister.

Bella Lan was never so pissed off and she almost lost her mind. She shouted repeatedly, "let me kill that bitch! Let me kill her. Brother, don't stop me. "

She struggled hard, trying to break away from her brother's embrace, but was tightly held by Dylan Lan.

Killing people is breaking the law, which would have a huge impact on the whole Lan family.

He would never let his sister do such things, but he would not allow anyone else to bully his sister. "Little sister, don't be naughty. I will help you with it."

After saying that, he looked directly at Ron. "Mr. Ron, do you have the guts to bet a life and death battle with me?"

Bella Lan's eyes brightened when she heard the words 'life and death battle'. A very cold and sinister smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, "Right, let's bet the life and death battle. You bet with my brother, Ron."

Everyone knew that Ron was famous for his nightlife, but he was just a loser without strength. He wouldn't win in the life and death battle.

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