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   Chapter 29 An Interesting Prey

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"What are you so interested in, Mr. Yan?"

The woman, dressed in a black evening dress and in a very cold manner, sat opposite the man called Mr. Yan, waving a red wine glass and smiling.

If Holley was here, she would definitely recognize her. She was Eleanor.

Mr. Yan didn't take back his sight. He still looked at Holley with great interest. "An interesting prey."


Eleanor turned to look back with a smile, "the girl who can attract Mr. Yan must not be an ordinary person. I want to know what kind of girl she is."

When she turned around, it was too late.

Holley and Ron walked around the corner and disappeared in Mr. Yan's eyesight.

Not seeing Mr. Yan's prey, Eleanor was a little disappointed, but she was still in high spirits and suggested, "do you need me to help?"

"The business tonight is more important."

Mr. Yan was one of the four famous CHILDES in N City, as well as Ron Mu and Charles Shen.

He was the president of Glory Group, who was worth more than ten billion. He was also a dissolute playboy who changed his female companion liking changing clothes.

But he had an almost cold-blooded relentless principle, that was, he would never delay his business for a woman, so as to change the decision he made.

Eleanor naturally knew Mr. Yan's rules. She raised her glass in admiration and said, "I propose a toast to you, Mr. Yan. Men like you are rare."

Dressing Room.

Sitting in front of the dressing mirror, Holley didn't do her make-up at all. Instead, she said in a cold voice, "I'm tired. I came to attend the party with you. Please let me go home."

"No, I can't," Ron shook his head resolutely. It was something that he could not negotiate with.

He stepped forward, bent over, and held up the little woman's face. "It's my fault. You just went back home. You haven't recovered yet. I dragged you out to attend the party. But tonight, I can't live without you. I need you, Holley. Please stay."

He pleaded earnestly.

Holley smiled slightly, "What's the benefit of my staying here?"

"Of course there is." A wicked glint flashed through Ron's eyes. He lowered his voice and whispered in her ear in an intimate way, "The party is only in name. In fact, it's an auction of the black market. The auction item they were going to bid was a very profitable project. Because of the huge investment, no company was able to bear it alone, the owner of the project decided to find three investors for this project. Tonight's auction is the last investment quota. The first two quotas have been bid by Lan's Group and Glory Group respectively."

"So what?"

Holley said indifferently.

Did she have anything to do with Glory Group or Lan's Group?

"Do you forget what happened in your childhood?"

Suddenly, Ron became serious.


Holley hesitated. A big event indeed happened in her childhood.

She once had a happy family, but both her father and mother were gone in a car accident.

That year, she was only five years old. She knew nothing but crying.

Afterwards, she didn't know what had happened. She just moved to N City with her grandmother unwittingly.

"It was not an accident."

Ron's voice was a little heavy.

And his words were like a bomb to Holley.

"What did you say?"

She couldn't believe what she had heard. She almost suspected that she was hallucinating.

How could it not be an accident?

At that time, the police office had gotten the judgment, saying that it was an accident.

And they even gave her an accidental testimonial.

"Say it again."

Suddenly standing up, she stared at the man's eyes and asked anxiously and quickly.

He repeated, "it's not an accident, but a man-made thing."

Holley's body became soft and she fell back on the sofa again.

She turned pale in an instant, and cold sweat also seeped from her palms.

He held the little woman's hand and patted it gently. Then he said, "I have studied your parents' life trajectory carefully, and found some clues. At that time, in A City you lived, there were two companies that were very suspicious. One was Lan's Group your father used to work for, and the other was its competitor Glory Group. It seemed that the president of Glory Group at that time had more than once private contacts with your parents."

"Which one on earth?" When Holley followed with question, Ron shook his head, "it has been so many years. It will take a long time for us to find out the truth. But once we get the investment quota, we will have a lot of chances to cooperate with the two big groups, Lan's Group and Glory Group. As long as we cooperate, there will be a chance to dig out the dirty secret that has been hidden for nearly twenty years, don't you think so?"

Staring at Ron, Holley nodded her head. But she was still very cautious and said, "why should I believe what you said is true?"

Ron said frankly, "There's not enough time now. I'll show you the investigation material later. You will know whether I am telling the truth after you see the material."

He paused for a while and continued, "I don't have to lie to you. You should also know that your father worked in Lan's Group, but suddenly something happened to him. But don't worry, I will find out the truth for you, and avenge you at all costs. No matter it's Lan's Group or Glory Group, I'll make their company go bankrupt first, and shatter all the people that they can rely on to do bad things. Then I'll take the evidence to the court and let them pay for what they have done."

"Why?" She stared at him intensely and tried to see through him, or maybe she could find out the secret hidden behind his being amiable and honest.

She didn't understand. That man had hidden himself so well that no one could see through his scheme.

Holley asked again, "why do you bother to do this for me?"

"Because I want to treat you well." Ron said naturally and affectionately. Before he finished his words, his big hands that tightly held her hands were pushed away by Holley. Holley said, "Let this kind of lie go to hell. I only listen to the truth."

These were the truth. Now that she didn't believe it, he could only change an excuse.

After meditating for a while, he said, "Mu's Group wants to rise in power, to defeat the two stumbling blocks, Lan's Group and Glory Group. I don't like others to see through my ambition, and the miserable death of your parents is just a perfect shield."

Holley nodded, "I understand. We do cooperate with each other. Is it a mutually beneficial one?"

He acquiesced in it, feeling bad. Originally she should have taken his good care for granted. But now, only in the name of mutual use could she accept his good care at ease.

He heaved a sigh and looked at the indicator on his watch.

It was time to go to the auction.

"Cheer up! You're not supposed to look sad or bitter in front of outsiders!"

He reminded her kindly. The muscles on Holley's face were a little stiff, but she still squeezed a smile. "I know."

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