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   Chapter 28 You Are so Annoying

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The farce was over.

But Shawn had no intention to leave.

He looked at Holley and said earnestly, "can you introduce yourself to me?"

As soon as Holley raised her head, she saw Charles, his elder brother, standing there with an unfriendly face.

Apparently, as the elder brother, he didn't want his younger brother to have anything to do with Mrs. Holley.

Thinking of her situation and Moore's ending, Holley lowered her head again and sipped lemonade, replying casually, "Mrs. Holley."

"Mrs. Holley..."

Mr. Shawn was a little disappointed. That was not the answer he wanted.

"Shawn, come with me. Let's say hello to uncles and aunts."

As he spoke, Charles grabbed his younger brother's arm and tried to drag him out of this unhappy situation.

Shawn looked back and had a look at Holley at last, "Is there anything I can do for you in the department store?"

"Keep an eye on your brother, Charles. I don't need him to get involved in my woman's affairs, right?"

Nobody knew when Ron came back. He was standing quietly behind Holley.

His sudden voice startled Holley.

She almost spit out the lemon juice in her mouth.

With a surprised look, she looked back at the man. He walked quickly to her and then sat down beside her in a natural manner.

He almost sat next to her, and his hand encircled her waist in an unbridled way.

"Honey, do you miss me?"

Not long ago, it was this man who threw her ruthlessly at the door of the banquet hall, and let her face the ridicule and criticism of others alone.

'Now that this matter is over, how can he have the nerve to come back to me and say such disgusting words to me?'

Holley had goose bumps all over her body.

She felt extremely uneasy.

But when she saw that there seemed to be some complex restraining feelings and also unwillingness in Mr. Shawn's eyes. Ruthlessly, Holley fell directly into the arms of Ron.

Leaning against the man's chest, she slightly lowered her head, raised her trembling hands and put them around the man's neck.

With a bashful look, she replied, "of course I do. How can I stop missing you?"

Ron was quite satisfied with the answer. He smiled undisguisedly.

He raised his hand and pressed his slender fingers against her chin.

As he lifted her head with his fingers, a flirtatious smile appeared on his face, "that's great."

He completely ignored the existence of the Shen brothers, so he said unscrupulously.

Despite her uneasiness, she was aware that she should cut off Mr. Shawn's love just started for her.

With a coquettish smile, Holley pushed Ron and said, "you're so annoying. How could you say something like that?"

"You are my wife. It's proper for me to say so."

Ron said with smile. His smile was always evil, and even his voice became particularly seductive.

He lowered his voice, which sounded more and more attractive, "what's more, men are not bad, and women don't love, right?"


Holley didn't know how she did it, but she was so cooperated that she smiled.

Shawn couldn't stand it anymore.

His being tempted and his rescuing

the beauty was due to Holley's pureness and natural beauty.

If Shawn had known that Holley was such an indulgent woman.

If he had known that she was the infamous Mrs. Mu, he would never go to be the hero to save the beauty.

"Brother, let's go."

Shawn turned around first and said, "it's time for me to meet those elders."

When he turned around and left, the charming smile on Holley's face disappeared instantly.

Slowly, the arms around the man's neck slipped down as if they had lost life in a second.

She wanted to stay away from this man. Since he was gone, she would naturally not please Ron again.

It seemed that Ron had already guessed the reason why Holley did so just now.

He didn't move his fingers from her jaw.

And the other hand was firmly around the waist of the little woman.

With a strong pull, he pulled the little woman back into his arms. "Woman, you know what you did just now was lighting a fire."

While saying that, he was about to kiss her.

Even though he knew that Holley had done all these for some other purpose.

The moment he started his action, he felt a sharp pain on his foot.

He turned around and saw the little woman with fifteen centimeters stilettos stepping hard on the back of his feet.

No wonder he would feel pain.

"What an ungrateful woman."

He sighed, not going to restrain his feelings.

He was a domineering and strong man. He would get whatever he wanted, even those who refused him.

After a long while, Ron slowly looked up and said, "didn't you say that you missed me so much?"

"Women always say one thing and mean another. Don't you understand this simple truth? You are Mr. Ron."

Holley wiped her mouth in disgust.

She didn't like it at all.

"I think you are always a honest woman."

"You'd better stay away from me in the future. Otherwise, you will not be so lucky every time," he said with a slight smile, sitting there looking like a beast in human attire.

He reminded the little woman with a faint smile.

But Holley felt that this man wanted her to provoke him more?


Holley rolled her eyes at Ron and said, "After all, you have Linda. Or there is Nancy. You can go to meet both of them."

Hearing what the little woman said, Ron was stunned.

But he was kicked hard again by her high heels.

The little woman even mounted her foot on the man, ignored him and was about to leave.

Ron stood up at once, grabbed her wrist and asked, "Where are you going? Don't forget that you are my wife. Or, Mexico will..."

He was talking about Mexico again!

Holley flared up.

Anything else could this man do except threaten her with Mexico's stability and Moore's safety?

"Your makeup is ruined. I'm going to fix it."

Holley pointed at the lip gloss that was smeared by her.

"I'll go with you."

'You are a shameless man.' thought Holley. Ron didn't mind what had happened just now at all. He stood up and pulled Holley into his arms. Then he accompanied her into the dressing room.

As they went far away, a pair of eyes with interest still fell on Holley.

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