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   Chapter 27 Someone Backed Her up

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Even if Holley had seen people saying silly, she had never seen anyone acted like Judith.

She humiliated her, and she framed her own father by the way.

Holley felt ridiculous in her heart, but she managed not to laugh. She just raised her head coldly and said, "Mr. Xia, I'm always magnanimous. But your daughter has gone too far. "

She was just putting on airs by just saying so.

If she didn't fight back when people pointed at her nose and scolded her, she would be bullied to death in the future.

But to Holley's surprise, Mr. Xia ran to his daughter and slapped her across the face.

"Nonsense! How could you slander Mrs. Holley like that?"

He scolded his daughter more harshly. He also slapped her with all his strength.

It took only a few seconds that Judith's face swelled up with bruises. There were clear fingerprints on her face.

"Dad, you've gone too far!"

With these thoughts in her mind, Judith cried and ran out.

Mrs. Xia took a look at her husband and then ran after her hurriedly.

Mr. Xia didn't stop her. He once again politely apologized to Holley, "Mrs. Holley, after I go home, I must hang up my daughter. Please don't take it to heart. I am going to give her a lesson now. "

He pretended to be annoyed, simply told the others a few words, and chased after his wife leaving the banquet hall.

Outside the banquet hall, Mr. and Mrs. Xia couldn't find their daughter.

Mrs. Xia then lowered her head with tears and grumbled hitting the chest of her husband, "how could you hit our daughter?"


Mr. Xia sighed heavily. He didn't explain anything more. He told the bodyguards to look for his daughter, and then pulled Mrs. Xia back to the car. Then they talked about what happened tonight without any other's presence.

"I also don't want to hit Judith. It hurts so much in my heart when I hit her. But I have no choice. Do you know? What happened in the party startled Mr. Ron. He called in person. He said that there would be no Xia family in N City if things didn't go well. I have no choice. I just wanted to apologize to her and take Judith away. But how could Judith say such unreasonable words?"

Mr. Xia kept heaving a sigh and said, "Now that Mrs. Holley has shown her true identity, Judith is confused. But why did you come with her?"

"Honey, it's my fault. I failed to stop her. But as you said, Mr. Ron has always doted on that Linda. Who would have thought that Mrs. Holley would still be loved and respected after she was released from prison for murdering her own husband just after married?"

Mrs. Xia also felt bitter.

If she had decisively stopped her daughter just now, all these things would not have happened.

But what she said was true. If she hadn't thought that Mrs. Holley wouldn't be spoiled, she wouldn't let her daughter act on impulse.

"With things as such, it's no use talking about it any more. Honey, I hit Judith just to protect her. At least I won't hurt her. If I don't do it, I'm afraid that Mr. Ron will not just give her a slap. You should tell Judith how important this is after you find her. She is a smart girl. She would understand. Besides, keep an eye on her and don't let her l

eave home anymore."

Mr. Xia then ordered and made arrangement.

Mrs. Xia asked with a bad premonition, "Honey, what about you?"

"But I have to make an apology since we have offended Mrs. Holley. The Xia family must pay some money to settle this."

At the same time.

Judith was crying in a corner.

Someone called her but she didn't want to answer it at all.

But the call was from Linda. She wanted to unite with Linda to deal with Holley. So she stopped crying and answered the phone.

"Judith, are you all right?"

Linda asked with concern.

Judith Xia was born in a rich family. She always looked down ordinary people like Linda Li. Even though they were classmates, Judith Xia always treated her indifferently.

But as Linda was a resourceful woman, she was doted on by Mr. Ron over the past four years. They became friends gradually.

However, in Judith's heart, she always thought that she was superior to Linda, so she was naturally unwilling to act cowardly in front of Linda.

"I'm fine. What's wrong with it?"

She tried to deny.

Linda sighed and said, "I see. Uncle..."

But she didn't speak it out considering Judith's dignity. She just said bitterly, "if I hadn't fallen down and hurt myself, I wouldn't have given that bitch Holley any chance. Judith, as long as I can move conveniently, I will take care of that bitch immediately. But I really... But why are you so willing to be hurt by her? "

Judith stuttered, "I..."

Judith originally had been pretending to be strong. But what Linda said next made her lose control of her emotions.

She burst into tears and said in a choked voice, "I'm not reconciled to it. That bitch must die in a good way. I hate her so much. She is so shameless. Why is she so lucky?"

"You're right. Bitches always get what they deserve. But we can't wait for nothing. "

After hearing these words from the other side of the phone, Linda seemed to be wise and said, "in fact, Holley is so arrogant now just because of her shameless actions. She managed to climb into Mr. Ron's bed as soon as she got out of prison. The first step of punishing her is to make her lose her favor with Mr. Ron."

"Think about it. What will she do if she loses Mr. Ron's love? She is just a bitch who had been sent to jail. You can punish her any way as you like at that time."

Said Linda, with a vicious look on her face, "what will Mr. Ron think if he sees her sleeping with another man?"

"If so, Mr. Ron will not choose her anymore. But she is not stupid. Even if she slept with other men, she would not let Mr. Ron know about it."

Though Judith believed that if this really happened, Holley would be doomed.

But this kind of thing would never happen.

"We can take the initiative to push it. For example, we can put some medicine in her drink and then throw her to a man. In that case, they will naturally be together. We can inform Mr. Ron then, and he will see those beautiful scenes. Do you agree?"

Said Linda more viciously, with complacency in her eyes.

"Yes, you are right."

Judith was completely convinced by Linda. She nodded repeatedly and said, "I have to use the relationship and get her some medicine."

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