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   Chapter 26 Humiliate Slowly

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The party organizer certainly didn't meet Mrs. Xia's request.

But Mrs. Xia was just putting on an act. She called in the bodyguards of the Xia family and pointed at Holley arrogantly. "Throw away this mistress who has no right to join our upper class parties by dirty means. How could such a slut stand here? I'm afraid that other women's husbands have been seduced by her. "

She regarded all the members of the ladyship's team as her union.

In the upper class, no woman wanted her husband to have a mistress outside. The mistress was absolutely prohibited by this decent society.

During the time, many ladies were joining her and asked to drive Holley out.

However, Mrs. Xia was still unsatisfied. She was going to pull the Shen family into trouble. "Charles, has your Shen family got any opinion about your aunt's way of punishment?"

Charles was not the person whoever can easily pull into the water, so he didn't answer, but looked at his younger brother, "Shawn, the reason why our mom asked you to this party is that she wants you to find a right girl in the circle and get along well with her to get married. Even if you are not a man who fell in love with someone at the first sight, you should say hello to your uncles and elders with me. "

Clever as he was, he freed the Shen family from the crisis.

"Brother, she will be bullied if I leave. She is my friend. I can't let her be bullied. "

Shawn still stood in front of Holley to protect her.

Holley smiled lightly and came forward to speak, "Mr. Shawn is a loyal friend. We just knew each other. He could be so kind to protect me. I'm here to thank you on behalf of Mr. Ron."

Who can't move a backer? Mrs. Xia and her daughter can move out of the Xia family, she dares to move both Mr. Ron and the Mu family.

After saying that, she turned her head to look at Judith with an indifferent expression in her eyes.

She didn't pretend to be arrogant. Being the young hostess of the Xia family, she thought there was no need to pretend to be nice to the Xia family, a small family.

This was what Mr. Ron had taught her at their wedding.

"Are you Miss Xia? I'm curious. I just met with Mr. Shawn. We have kept a proper distance from each other, say hello and exchange names. Why do you think it's dirty? Are you talking to a man to seduce him? That's why you think so?"

Holley was as mean as everyone else.

Judith's face darkened. She wanted to retort, but she couldn't say anything.

Indeed, there was no intimate behavior between Mr. Shawn and Holley just now.

She was jealous and asked if Holley was seducing Mr. Shawn.

She had never expected that such an embarrassing sentence would end up in the tragedy of her picking up a rock and throwing it at her own feet.

And she was right in front of so many people.

She was angry.

"Looks like you're a home wrecker. Besides seducing other people, you need to be adept at talking," Mrs. Xia remarked excitedly, gripping Judith's hand.

If there was some question that couldn't be answered, then shifted the subject.

'I must focus on the fact that Holley is a mistress, ' she resolved.

"I still remember that four years ago when I got married with Mr. Ron, Mrs. Xia smiled so happily that your eyes were narrowed into a seam. You said to me that wish me and Mr. Ron a happy marriage in one hundred years and have children in an early age. And you insisted that 'If there is anything that you need me to do, just say it'."

Holley tilted her head slightly, "Did I make a mistake? Or Mrs. Xia, are you te

lling a lie? "

Mrs. Xia could not help but tremble slightly.

She widened her eyes and stepped back, "You, you..."

How could she expect that the annoying woman was the one who married Mr. Ron four years ago?

Then Holley turned to the ladies and asked, "Didn't I invite you to attend when I got married with Mr. Ron four years ago? Or did we get married secretly? I'm the young hostess of the Mu family. How could you say that I'm a mistress?"

Indeed, only Holley was the real young hostess of the Mu family.

Unfortunately, four years ago, she went to prison. And the wedding was like a fleeting one. Many people had forgotten it.

More importantly, people remembered the love between Linda and Mr. Ron.

Her words blocked many people's mouths.

She raised her voice as she looked at Mrs. Xia. "Mrs. Xia, why do you call me 'mistress'? Is the married woman a mistress in your eyes?"

Mrs. Xia was rendered speechless and took a few steps back in panic as Holley pressed.

The Mu family was powerful and the Xia family could not afford to offend.


Judith supported her anxious mother and lowered her voice, "Mr. Ron didn't spoil her, and she nearly killed him. Even now she was still Mrs. Mu, it is useless. Mr. Ron would divorce her sooner or later. Mother, I'm sure that the true love of Mr. Ron is Linda. We should go against this woman without mercy. As long as we deal with her, we will surely fawn on Linda and Mr. Ron as well."

"Judith, don't rush to choose one side."

Mrs. Xia said hesitantly.

"Mom, please think about it. Mr. Ron could leave her alone. What kind of Mrs. Mu she was? If he really loved and spoiled her, how could he leave her behind and humiliate her in front of the crowd? He should be responsible for this."

"But..."Mrs. Xia was still in hesitation.

Holley didn't care about the whispers between Judith and her mother.

She sat back to the sofa again. Holley acted as Mrs. Mu, "Mrs. Xia, I don't want to be disturbed again."

"Mom, trust me."

Judith hated Holley to the core.

If it weren't for her, she wouldn't be hated by Mr. Shawn. She wouldn't have been humiliated by Mr. Shawn.

Ignoring her mother's dissuasion, Judith directly rushed over, pointed at Holley's nose and scolded, "How dare you call yourself Mrs. Mu? You almost stabbed Mr. Ron to death. If the Mu family is not so merciful, how could you be released from prison only after being sentenced to four years? How dare you seduce Mr. Ron by all means once you are released from prison? "

"For the Mu family, it is none of your business."

Without looking at her, Holley tapped her finger on the table and said lightly.

"Shame on you! It was you..."

A majestic voice interrupted her before she could finish her words.

"Judith! Shut up. "

He was Mr. Xia, Judith Xia's father.

He glared at Judith and turned to her mother, "Judith is young and thoughtless. Are you running wild with her?"

Mrs. Xia felt wronged. "Honey, I..."

Mr. Xia shook his head and said, "Take Judith home now. Don't embarrass me anymore."

After that, he lowered his head with a guilty look on his face. "Mrs. Mu, I'm so ashamed. My daughter is naive. Please forgive me. Please forgive her."

"Dad, what's wrong with you? Why did you apologize to such a shameless woman?"

Judith was on the verge of a breakdown. Her father loved her the most, but today he rebuked her so harshly for such a bitch Holley.

She felt wronged. Without a clear mind, she pointed at Holley and yelled, "You bitch! When did you seduce my dad?"

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