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   Chapter 25 Is This the Mistress

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As soon as Holley sat down, she felt her cell phone was vibrating in her handbag.

Who would look for her?

Could it be Moore?

She took out her phone and found it was an unfamiliar number, but she didn't even see any note in it.

After a long while, Holley answered the phone.

Before she could say anything, she heard Mr. Shawn lowered his voice on the phone.

"Hello, it's me. Where are you? I'll pick you up and help you punish those shop assistants. "

It sounded like Mr. Shawn whom she met in the day.

However, Holley always felt that Mr. Shawn's voice was overtone. Besides the sound from the telephone receiver, there seemed to be another sound that came from behind.

Standing up, she looked out from behind the sofa and saw Mr. Shawn who was talking on the phone behind the seat.

Mr. Shawn panicked at being caught. He said to the phone immediately, "Wait a minute. My signal is not good. I'll call you later."

He hung up the phone hurriedly and made a gesture to stop talking to Holley.

"Quiet down! Quiet down!"

Mr. Shawn mouthed to Holley.

But the woman in front of him looked familiar.

The silver evening dress she was wearing reminded him of the dress he had picked for the pretty girl during the day?

'Is she the boss's wife?'

No, no, she was the beauty herself.

Wasn't it the result of an investigation saying that she was Mr. Ron's assistant?

Full of doubt, he stood up and pointed to Holley, "is that you? Is that you whom I met in the day? "


Holley didn't deny.

"As an assistant, do you need to come to the party with your boss? Mr. Ron made quite a scene just now. Was he with you? Didn't you say that you would buy clothes for your boss's wife? Why were you the one to wear? "

Mr. Shawn asked in confusion.

When he investigated Holley, he didn't know she had a relationship with Mr. Ron.

How could she change so fast?

He couldn't accept that. The woman he fancied was destroyed by Mr. Ron.

"I didn't say that I bought it for my boss's wife and you guessed it by yourself."

Holley was unwilling to admit that she was Ron's wife. After all, they were just a deal or a fake couple. They hadn't divorced yet.

But she didn't dare to deny it. Who knows if it will be heard by that man, or it will bring trouble to her.

"Then what are you doing? Be Mr. Ron's mistress?"

Mr. Shawn asked bluntly. It was known to all that Linda was the young hostess of the Mu family in N City.

Before Holley could answer this question, she heard a little sarcastic voice behind her.

"Charles, I'm not blaming you. You've done something inappropriate. Your younger brother has already had a girlfriend. I don't think it's appropriate for you to introduce him to my baby daughter? You don't like the Xia family? How dare you play with her? "

Mrs. Xia stared at Holley angrily.

Hearing this, Holley turned around.

Mrs. Xia felt that the lady looked familiar. It seemed to be this woman who stood beside Mr. Ron in admiration just now, but Mr. Ron left her alone later.

She couldn't remember clearly about this woman, but the sapphire necklace around her neck was the only thing she could remember.

"Judith, is that her?" Mrs. Xia asked in a low voice.

Judith Xia also recognized Holley.

What's more, she had some personal friendship with Linda, and Holley was close to Mr. Shawn, the man she had a crush on all the time.

Judith Xia was very jealous of Holley and replied in an impolite tone, "Isn’t sh

e the mistress who destroyed the relationship between Mr. Ron and Linda? But the mistress is the mistress. In the past, Mr. Ron never left Linda alone without saying goodbye to her. Did you fail in seducing Mr. Ron? So you want to do something to Mr. Shawn? "

As an older brother, it didn't matter to Charles whether his younger brother would be with the daughter of the Xia family or not.

He brought Mrs. Xia and her daughter here just because Mrs. Xia expressed her willingness to marry his brother. And the fortune of the Xia family could unconvincingly match that of the Shen family.

That was why he was willing to make a match between them.

If his brother could find a better girl to talk about marriage, he would naturally be happy.

However, the woman next to him turned out to be Mr. Ron's mistress. He was very dissatisfied with her and couldn't be polite.

"I have something to talk with my brother. This lady can't stay here any longer. Please leave."

Charles was ready to drive her out coldly.

"Brother, she is my friend," Shawn continued, as he rushed to Holley and stood in front of her.

Then he looked up at Judith and her mother.

To Mrs. Xia, Mr. Shawn showed some respect.

However, he looked down at Judith Xia.

Mr. Shawn didn't like scheming and vicious women. He had already hated this woman since she had said so many unkind words.

"Miss Xia, you are a daughter of an eminent family. Your ill-bred words are indeed unthinkable. I've always been a playboy and I'm unable to get along well with you. So forget it if you don't introduce yourself."

He not only gave her a slap in the face, but also refused to marry her without any hesitation.

Because this was related to Mr. Ron's new favorite, as well as the Shen family and the Xia family,

many guests had gathered there to watch the fun.

Judith Xia couldn't stand the humiliation any more in front of so many guests.

She had been born into a rich family. She had been spoiled by her family and had never been wrong. Now that Mr. Shawn said so, she was so angry that her whole body trembled.

"Mr. Shawn!"

She screamed and shook her head. "How can you blame me for a mistress? Who the hell is the woman beside you? She just used dirty tricks to hook up with Mr. Ron. But you take her as a friend. Do you still want to offend the Xia family for her? "

Even though she was angry, Judith Xia was not overwhelmed by it.

She put forward the name of the Xia family, not to pressure Mr. Shawn, but to give a reminder to Charles. Although the Xia family was not a first-class family, it would still hurt the Shen family if they put themselves in danger to go against.

Mrs. Xia felt sorry for her daughter. She stood up for her and said, "Mr. Xia has always been fond of Judith since she was a little girl. No one dares to bully her like this. Since she could destroy the feelings of four years between Mr. Ron and Miss Linda, she must be good at seducing other men. Your brother was seduced by her, so he lost his senses for a while. It's understandable. "

Then she waved her hand and called the waiter, "It's a dinner party tonight for the upper class. There's a strange person coming in. What should we do? Should she be thrown out, right? "

By cooperating with her daughter, she already convicted Holley, and also gave the Shen family steps.

As long as the Shen family didn't interfere with the Xia family to deal with Holley Ye, the Xia family wouldn't fall out with the Shen family either.

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