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   Chapter 24 Get Rid of Her and Come Straight to Me

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The party tonight was at the Royal Hotel.

When Ron's car stopped near the gate of the hotel, a lot of reporters swarmed in.

Under the flashlights and cameras, Ron got off the car gracefully. He opened the door of the car like a gentleman, and gave a hand to Holley.

Reluctantly holding her hand, Holley sighed before getting out of the car.

She didn't forget what the man had threatened her.

She didn't want her wayward behaviors to make Moore suffer in Mexico.

She struggled to make a smile and got off the car dignified and generous.

She thought this was what a graceful young hostess of the Mu family should be.

However, the moment she got out of the car, the atmosphere changed.

She didn't know what the man was thinking. He pulled her into his arms with his right hand unexpectedly.

He held her waist with one hand and her head with the other. Then, he kissed her.

That was a wild and overbearing kiss, and no one could resist.

Mr. Ron didn't change his girlfriend during the past four years!

Mr. Ron and his new girlfriend were kissing passionately at the gate of the hotel!

These were breaking news pieces. For a moment, those reporters were boiling with excitement. They crazily fiddled with all kinds of equipment in their hands, recording this crazy scene.

When the kiss was over, he held the woman's slender waist and walked towards the banquet hall, smiling.

Mu's Group was rich. Wherever Ron went, he would attract countless attention.

Moreover, what he had done today attracted a lot of attention from the media.

All the reporters were attracted by him. Among those who even arrived at the hotel together with him, Charles Shen, the eldest young master of the Shen family, who or Ron was called one of the fourth young master of N City, came to an end with no attention at all.

However, these words didn't bother Charles Shen much. He was always a person who wanted to keep a low profile in his family business.

In his eyes, as long as the company made a profit every year and the profit doubled, he was the biggest success.

He came here with his sister, Lucia Shen. When she got off the car, she saw the situation and couldn't help but look at her brother sympathetically. "Brother, you have to work hard. If Mom and Dad know that you are screwed up like this, you..."

"Not everyone is like Mr. Ron, the creator of gossips. Charles is a gentleman. He does not have any private life, except doing business and negotiating with others. If you were a reporter, Lucia, you would not shoot him, would you?"

A lazy voice of Shawn, the second young master of the Shen family, came from the car.

He jumped out of the car carelessly.

Looking at his brother and sister, Charles Shen loved both of them very much. He shook his head helplessly and said, "You two, if you have time to sympathize with me, you'd better think about how to complete the blind date task that Mom gave you tonight. Otherwise, you will need to attend such kind of party in the future."

"My oldest brother, you're not married yet. How can it be our turn?"

Lucia Shen said heartbrokenly, "Shouldn't Mommy worry about us until you get married first?"

"She gave up hope on our oldest brother."

Shawn then held his sister

's hand and said, "Let's go separate from our eldest brother, in case that all the other women will be scared away by him."

Then he took his sister and ran into the hotel.

Charles Shen walked into the hall alone.

Not far behind him, there were Ron and Holley surrounded by a crowd.

Their high profile attracted the attention of all the guests in the banquet hall.

Under everyone's attention, Ron's phone rang.

There was a call for him.

It was an unknown number.

Looking at the number, he frowned slightly. After hesitating for a while, he directly hung up.

It seemed as it was an emergency. The call came back ringing immediately.

Ron answered the call.

Linda's voice came from the other end of the line, "Come to the hospital immediately, otherwise, I will speak out the truth that you framed Holley. My Brother Ron, I don't want to go against you. I love you. "

Ron remained silent.

Linda then added her chips on the phone, "Brother Ron, the party tonight is even broadcast on TV. I am watching you. Holley is with you. I want you to loosen your hand now, get rid of her and come straight to me. You know, I fell to the ground during the day. It hurt so much. Maybe my hand trembled and I sent something that shouldn't be published."

She tried both hard and soft ways, and then said in a coquettish voice, "all right, Brother Ron, you know why Linda did this. Linda loves you and she wants to see you."


Ron's face darkened when he heard Linda's voice.

At that moment, his voice was extremely cold.

"The Ward 503 of the Central Hospital."

Linda replied with a flirtatious smile.

She knew that Ron wouldn't refuse to see her.

She was confident that as long as Ron came to see her, she would have a way to win that man's heart back. After all, they had been together for countless years. She knew better than anyone how to win his heart.

She hung up the phone in relief and lay on the bed joyfully, watching the TV.

She said that she would make Mr. Ron dump Holley that bitch in public and humiliate her. She did it.

Then he hung up the phone.

The hand around the little woman's waist froze and then he loosened his hand slowly.

Holley sensed something and raised her head slightly. "What's wrong?"

"Wait for me."

Ron let go of her after saying these two words.

He turned around and walked out of the hotel in a hurry.

Many reporters ran after him and asked, "Mr. Ron, where are you going without your date?

Some reporters pointed out sharply, "Mr. Ron, does it have anything to do with Miss Linda that you left your new love behind?"

He didn't answer, just quickened his pace, as if there was something very urgent waiting for him.

A busybody reporter took several pictures. In the pictures, Holley was standing alone at the door of the banquet hall. Then, he followed with Ron.

Their instinct told them that if they followed Mr. Ron, there must be big news.

Without the crowd of reporters, Holley was happy to have a good time.

As for Ron, wherever he preferred to go, she could enjoy herself without him.

She ignored all the other guests who looked at her with contemptuous or sarcastic eyes. Calmly, she took a glass of lemonade and sat down at a corner.

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