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   Chapter 23 What Is His Purpose

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He saw the panic and alert in her eyes.

Ron laughed unscrupulously.

His eyes were full of an evil spirit.

After a while, he said, "you can go through it. If you find the file about that lawyer in my office, I will get him back."

The man said in surprise.


Holley was stunned.

When she spoke, she felt as if she had touched that man's lips.

"Wow, how attractive!"

His voice became lower and more seductive as he spoke.

After he finished speaking, he kissed her lips.

Ron was overbearingly and satirically.

After a while, he slowly stood up and waved his hand. "Go and look for it."

Holley stared at the man with resentment. 'He is so shameless. How could he take advantage of me like that?' she thought.

She wiped her lips with her hand and with much force.

Ron was in a good mood, but the woman’s action made him frown slightly.

With one hand on the bookshelf, he stopped her and pinned her against it. He said word by word, "if you dare to dislike me again, try it."

"How could you do that to me? You said you would never touch me. And now you are doing this?"

Holley glared at that man with anger.

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Because you are so attractive."

His answer was so perfect that Holley couldn't figure out why this man would change so much four years later.

The man announced arrogantly again, "remember every word I said to you."

After saying that, he took a look at his watch and said, "You have half an hour. Go and search as you like."

Looking at his confident appearance, Holley was angry.

'Ron, even if you have a perfect hiding place, I will dig into it in any means I like.'

"Then open all the wardrobes."

She pointed at the rows of safe boxes on the wall and added, "Especially those ones."

Ron did as she asked. Then he lit a cigar and sat on the sofa, enjoying this rare moment. He watched her looking around.

Holley tried her best.

She searched every corner of the office, but there was no such document.

Being discouraged, she came to Ron. "Have you already transferred the documents?"

Without answering, Ron looked at her with a faint smile. "You ate the noodles? You haven't changed the taste, have you? I've especially noticed the chef that I don't need a green onion or coriander. "

"Your note?"

Although she had expected it, when the man admitted it in person, Holley couldn't help but be shocked, with a lot of waves in the heart.

"What? Do you think that if I didn't leave a remark, will the chef add no green onion or coriander? "

Ron looked at Holley, confused.

Holley wanted to figure out why Ron treated her ruthlessly and cruelly four years ago but still remembered her taste.

But then she thought it might be just a coincidence. Why did she bother to ask it, so that man misunderstood her intention of keeping as Mrs. Mu?

After all, it was a deal between them. Surely Ron didn't want her to overthink it.


Holley answered casually.

"Go get changed. The stylist will be here soon," he said flatly

Then he stood up and was about to leave.


Holley stopped him.


"Just now Linda..."

But before she could explain to him what had happened to Linda, Ron interrupted, "Don't tell me anything about her."

Then he left.

Holley felt sorry for Linda. She had been deceived for four years and now he wanted to get rid of her.

But all pathetic people must be abominable. Being a mistress, this was a good ending.

After she changed into the evening dress, she also had her hair, nails and make-up done, but she still couldn't find Ron.

Was the party cancelled? Did he forget to tell me?

Holley whispered.

It's so boring to stay in the office alone.

She walked out of the office and stood by the window, overlooking the scenery.

All of a sudden, her shoulders sank.

Then she heard a deep and pleasant voice of a man. "Wear an evening dress with a matching. I won't let my woman dress so scantily and wander around."

It was Ron's voice. He announced bossily and gave his order.

Holley turned around and nodded at that man, "I'll keep that in mind."

"Let's go."

He naturally grasped her hand.

"For what?"

When Holley realized that, she struggled to get her hand back.

"Do you want me to hold you?"

He tilted his head and asked in a serious tone.

'Of course, I didn't mean so.' she wondered.

Seeing that she did not speak, Ron took it for granted and naturally picked her up horizontally.

"You are my wife, just as you wish."

He not only held her in his arms, but also stressed the fact that it was not true.

Was he playing for someone?

Holley thought too much. She looked around with her wandering eyes.

"What are you looking at?"

"Is it because someone is hiding in the dark and you want to show off?"

She shouldn't have asked this question.

Somehow, being hugged by Ron, she blurted out the question.

"I'm not that bored."

Ron denied with a smile and walked into the President's Office with her.

Carefully holding her on the sofa, Ron turned around and took a very delicate box from his desk.

As the box was opened, Holley felt dizzy.

The box was filled with a sapphire necklace, the size of a pigeon egg, and the dark blue diamond was a mystery.

The halo of the gem was so bright that it could make any woman crazy and scream.

"It's a gift from me. You can put it on. Don't worry about the money."

The man was really rich. A gem like this could be said to be a trifle.

"There is no such thing as free lunch. Why did you give it to me? Are you going to get me imprisoned again, so give me a sealing fee first?"

Holley loved light blue, but she didn't lose her vigilance.

After all, she was once calculated by Ron and suffered a great loss.

After hearing that, Ron smiled and took off the gem necklace. After putting it on Holley's neck, he said, "I'm in a good mood today, so I give you the necklace."

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