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   Chapter 22 Being So Close

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Her voice was so coquettish that Holley got goosebumps.

Before she could say anything, she heard Linda's charming voice from the other side of the phone. The voice was so coquettish that made the man feel bony to hear, and the woman only felt sick.

"Brother Ron, don't be angry with me. We have been together for so many years. Don't blacklist my number just for some trivial matters. Brother Ron, I miss you so much. "

She felt strange all over her body except for being slightly touched by that woman's voice.

Holley thought to herself, 'it's really a long story in her words.'

"Brother Ron, I know that you are willing to answer my phone. You must not be angry with me. Please say something to me. It's my fault. Please give me a chance to make amends. "

Linda begged.

Not wanting to be recognized, Holley cleared her throat and said, "Mr. Ron is not in the office."

Then she was about to hang up the phone, but she heard Linda's voice changed.

She was not that coquettish anymore. Instead, she was a little irritated, "Is that you, Holley Ye?"

Maybe it was because of the unique voice of Holley, or because of her sixth sense, Linda was too obsessive.

She recognized Holley at once.

"You bitch! What makes you think you have the right to appear in Brother Ron's office and answer the phone on his behalf? Give the phone back to him, you slut. If he knows that you answer my call when he is not in his office, he won't let you go. "

She was nervous and said something she shouldn't have. She hadn't figured out who was on the other side of the phone yet before she spoke just now.

She said those hypocritical words on purpose because she didn't want to be looked down upon by Holley.

Holley wanted to hang up because she really had nothing to talk to this bitch.

But when she heard her call her bitch, she changed her mind.

Even if she was Mrs. Mu now, this identity would be called back by the man named Ron sooner or later.

But Linda was always inferior to her, because Linda was the mistress who got involved in others' marriage.

No matter what she did, she couldn't change her identity as a mistress.

She was a married woman. How could she be afraid of a mistress?

Holley restored her voice, and said with a slight smile, "How do you really think that I answered the phone in secret? Don't you know that Mr. Ron has blocked your cellphone number on his cellphone, and your number is shown on his office phone? What will he do to you? "

She was a good guide.

As for Linda, she twitched her mouth and her fingers trembled.

Following Holley's thinking, it was obvious that Mr. Ron had recognized the phone number. He was unwilling to answer the phone and asked Holley to do so.

But Holley was nothing but a disgusting bitch.

She had never scrambled for Ron's love before. Now, how could he be so nice to her?

Linda was annoyed and flustered.

She would never lose Ron. She must ride on that man's coattails.

Taking a deep breath, she said with a sneer, "Don't try to fool me, Holley. A couple always has a row. I have a good time with Ron. He took you as a pawn and used you. Do you really think you are Mrs. Mu? "

"I don't need to think of myself as Mrs. Mu, because I am. But as for you, what's your relationship with Mr. Ron? "

Looking at the clock in the office, Holley went on, "I have no time to waste with you. I need to change my clothes, get dressed and accompany Mr. Ron to the party tonight."

After saying that, she directly hung up the phone.

She hung up the phone. In less than a minute, she received a text message.

The message was from an unknown number, but judging from the tone of the conversation, it must be Linda.

She dared to take the initiative to provoke and threaten Holley. There must be a way for her to ask Ron to leave her alone at the party tonight, so that she would become a joke in the eyes of everyone.

Holley ignored his provocation directly.

She would sooner or later get divorced with Ron, the man who had put her into prison four years ago and who had hurt Moore four years later.

They would end up with nothing but a passer-by. They would never have anything to do with each other.

She didn't care at all whether there were other women competing with her for Ron.

As for Linda, Holley figured it out. Maybe Ron had loved her before, but he was tired of her after all.

No matter how naughty she was now, she was just a plaything even if she managed to get back to accompany Ron.

She had no place in Ron's heart at all.

What such a woman had done was a complete joke.

She threw the phone aside carelessly. Holley found that the computer of Ron was not locked.

That man had caused huge trouble to Moore. If he drove Moore to Mexico, Ron would leave some clues.

Immediately, she turned on his computer and searched Moore's name.

But there was no document about Moore on his computer.

She shifted her attention to another keyword 'Mexico'. She searched, but the result didn't read any file.

'Why is he so cautious?' she thought.

Since there were no clues left on the computer, she decided to look for a chance to search for his cellphone.

She stood up and was about to turn off the pages with searching results when the door of the office was pushed open.

Ron came in with a notebook.

Holley stepped back in panic.

After all, it was disgraceful to spy on others' computers.

Looking at her, Ron had guessed it, "do you think there is any file about that lawyer on my computer?"

Holley remained silent.

She was almost caught on site. What else could she say?

As the man put down his notebook, he came to her step by step.

Holley stepped back instinctively.

But there was no way back as the cabinet was behind her. She was pressed against the door by the man.


She raised her hand and tried to push him away.

But the man's chest was as hard as marble, which was not her strength at all to push him.

He slowly bent down, his sharp eyes firmly fixed on the little woman's beautiful eyes, as if trying to see through her.

His thin lips almost stuck to Holley's, but he kept a distance from her, so that Holley did not dare to move, nor dare she open her mouth easily.

She was afraid of touching his lips. She didn't want to kiss this man under any circumstances.

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