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   Chapter 21 Holley's Heart Pounded Faster

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Holley's heartbeat sped up in an instant.

She had a kind of palpitation inexplicably.


As soon as she opened her mouth, her red lips moved slightly. She felt that her lips had touched that man.

She took a few steps back and answered in fluster, "of course. You're the president. How dare I lie to you?"

While saying that, she stood up and continued, "You still have a meeting. I'm going to..."

She wanted to say that I should leave now, but before she could finish her words, she bumped her leg hard against the table corner aside.

She pressed her thighs. It hurt so much that her eyes were filled with tears. She felt both aggrieved and unlucky.

He stood up, carried her on his shoulder and carried her in his arms.

"What are you doing?"

Holley asked in a low voice.

She hit that man with her fist instinctively and shouted, "let go of me! Don't hold me like that!"


"Why not?" he asked with a half-smile on his face

"I won't allow it. A boy and a girl are different."

A hint of evil and an attractive smile appeared on Ron's face, "well, you can't hug your wife. There is no need to mind it."

"But we..."

Holley wanted to stress that it was just a deal between them, not a real couple.

"What's wrong with us?"

The man's words were full of a sense of bewitchment.

"We are going to divorce."

Holley felt a little tired and said, "you don't have to remind me like this. I know our relationship very well and I know myself well. You don't need to warn me with tentative words. I won't have any improper desire for you. I'll divorce you as soon as the deal is over. "

Hearing what the little woman said, the expression on Ron's face froze for a moment.

After placing the little woman on the chair, Ron bent over and said in a meaningful way, "Remember who you are now. You are my wife, my wife, and the young hostess of the Mu family. Next time when I hold you, don't let me hear you say something like that between a man and a woman. "

The man said peremptorily.

That was an order which could not be rejected or disobeyed by Holley.

In Holley's mind, this man called Ron was too sophisticated to be seen through.

Four years ago, he hated her so much, but now, he even did not refuse to hold her in his arms. It was so strange.

'Is he going to take advantage of me again to do something?'

She was thinking about something with her eyesight drifting.

His eyes grew as sharp as blades.

Ron didn't like her to be distracted. With a cold face, he threatened her word by word, "Think about the peace of Moore in Mexico."

"I got it."

Moore's safety in Mexico was Holley's biggest concern. She obeyed him, but she looked sullen.

He frowned slightly as he didn't like to see her unhappy.

Looking at the watch, he found that the minute needle on the clock had pointed to Number Four.

Twenty minutes past one.

"The video conference is about to start. You can leave now,"

He said coolly, then turned around and sat back at the table. He turned on the computer and got busy.

Holley didn't want to stay with him for even one second.

She stood up, quickly packed up her things, and pushed the small dining trolley to quickly walk out of the meeting room.

In the President's Office.

As soon as Holley finished cleaning and sat on the sof

a, she heard someone knocking at the door.

When she opened the door, she saw a strange man standing at the door.

"You are..."

She looked suspiciously at the man at the door.

The man nodded with respect, "Miss Ye, I'm Mr. Ron's bodyguard. You can call me Roger. Mr. Ron was worried that Miss Ye hadn't had a good lunch. He ordered some beef noodles. "

Then he respectfully handed over a takeout bag to her. Although he was bowing his head, he still glanced at Holley from the corner of his eyes.

He had followed Mr. Ron for many years, but he had never seen him being so concerned about a woman.

Or Holley was the first woman who could attract Mr. Ron to love her.


Holley took over the takeout in surprise. She couldn't believe that the man named Ron would care about her and help her order takeout.

Besides, she was a picky eater. The most hateful thing for her was the ingredients like green onion and coriander.

She didn't know whether the beef noodles could work.

"Young master wanted me to tell Miss Ye something. Miss Ye needs to put on an evening dress to wait for him before the meeting is over. I won't disturb you. Enjoy yourself. "

Roger was always respectful. Not giving Holley any chance to ask him anything, he walked out of the office and closed the door behind him.

She put the bowl of noodles on the tea table in disgust.

She knew very well that she couldn't eat the noodles.

If there were no remarks of “Do not add any green onion or coriander” on the menu, the chefs would often place them in.

But the smell of the noodle was so tempting, especially the one mixed with the smell of beef.

In addition, she didn't have enough at noon. Her taste bud and her body went straight to the noodles.

She would like to see whether there was green onion or coriander in the noodles.

If there were not any but she didn't eat yet, it would be too wrong.

She opened the package of the noodles, only to find not even a trace of chopped green onion and coriander in. She could not help but feel elated.

It was so delicious.

It was her favorite beef noodles.

The noodles smelled delicious as she was very hungry.

After finishing her lunch, she rubbed her tummy which became a little messy and leaned back on the sofa seat wearily.

She was enjoying this rare peace and happiness.

She looked around, and out of the corner of her eye, her eyes fell on the order list.

On the order list, there was a note clearly displayed, "No green onion and coriander!!!”

The man who wrote that message even signed three times.

The takeout was ordered by Ron.

It must be him who was making this note.

The man once said that he hated Holley the most. The most unlucky thing in his life was to marry her. They were not as close as a day of the old couple. How could he remember that she was so picky at eating?

But he remembered it clearly.

Why should he remember?

How could he remember?

Holley was a little confused. It was the first time that she had been in such a mess since she met Ron.

A ringing phone interrupted her thoughts.

She stepped forward and picked up the phone. Before she said anything, a girlish voice came over the phone.

"Mr. Mu, Brother Ron, Linda miss you so much. What are you doing?"

Linda's call?

Why did she call?

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