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   Chapter 20 Good Technique

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At one O'clock.

Holley pushed a trolley and sent the lunch to the meeting room on time.

Ron looked tired.

It seemed that he felt like the meeting just now was very tricky.

When Holley pushed the door open and entered the meeting room, he was rubbing his temples on both sides of his forehead.

She thought that Ron might be in a bad mood at the moment.

Holley pushed the shopping cart to the wall silently and began to consider how to tell the man to keep his promise and avoid the monthly salary deducted by the punishment.

"If you don't bring the food here, should I do it myself?"

The voice of Ron was wandering around the little woman's ear.

Holley looked up and saw the man who had already recovered his usual look. He tapped the table with his fingers and looked at her in a meaningful way.

"I'm the president and you're the assistant."

Ron reminded the little woman of their relationship.


Holley hurriedly answered. Then she put the food on the trolley in front of Ron.

Finally, she took the bowl with add-in noodles, and placed it in front of the man.

"Wow, so sumptuous."

The man said and picked up some food with chopsticks.


He complimented, "the dishes taste the same. I like them."

His words reminded Holley of her past.

The last time she cooked was four years ago.

Unfortunately, they had become enemies in the end. After he said with a smile that he only loved her for one life, he sent her to prison himself.

"What are you thinking about?"

He was still having lunch calmly as if he never sent her into prison.

As soon as Holley came to herself, she found that the man even changed the place of the two bowls of noodles.

"Why did you change your noodles to me?"

Holley asked anxiously.

She couldn't bear the spicy flavor of the noodles. It would be no wonder that she fainted.

"Your noodles?"

The man raised his eyebrows disapprovingly. "Didn't you cook this meal for me? Weren't the noodles cooked together? Why did you say your noodles and my noodles? It doesn't matter which bowl you eat."

Ron said indifferently.

Holley was secretly glad that she was prepared to stop this man.

Then she pointed to the bowl in front of Ron and said, "The noodles are the same. They came from the same pot. But the bowl is different. I am a girl. I want to use a cute bowl. The bowl with the pattern of a little fox was mine. The bowl without patterns is yours. It's not suitable for a man to use such a cute thing. "

Then she was going to bring the bowl of noodles to herself.

He held her hand with chopsticks.

"I think this bowl is pretty, too."

He meant that he didn't agree to return the normal bowl of noodles to her.

Holley couldn't help but curl her lips.

"I'm the president. It's up to me to use which bowl."

The man declared in a domineering manner. Then he held the little woman's hand and pulled her to sit beside him.

"All right."

Although Holley was reluctant, she could do nothing but sit beside the man, pouting.

He praised the meal as he ate, thinking it was delicious.

He ate up the whole bowl of noodles and wiped his mouth. He said to the woman, "I always keep my words. It's a nice meal. I won't deduct your sal

ary for one month. "


Holley was overjoyed.

However, Ron was suspicious of her behavior. He pointed to the bowl of noodles in front of her and asked, "is this bowl of noodles odd? You can't eat? "

Holley shook her head immediately, "No, no."

She didn't forget to put on a smile and added, "I'm too full to eat noodles."

Her explanation didn't entirely convince Ron, and he asked, "Really? I thought you were trying to force me to eat the noodles. But after we got changed, you refused to eat. Is it because there's a problem with the noodles? "

"How come?"

Holley denied with a forced smile.

A faint smile appeared in the eyes of Ron, "Since there is no problem, you should have a try at least."

"I'm already full."

"Lack of main food is bad for your stomach. Take a bite. "

Then he picked up the chopsticks and put a piece of noodles in front of Holley's mouth.

Holley shook her head and wanted to refuse.

Ron's face turned black, "It seems that there is really something wrong with the noodles. Otherwise, why didn't you eat? No matter how full you are, there's no way that you can't even eat a single piece of noodles, right? "

"I'm so full. I'm gonna throw up if I keep eating."

Holley tried to justify herself.

Ron said casually, "Fine. It is ok to spit. If you spit, I'll deduct your debt for a month. If you don't eat it, I'll add two more months' debt to you, or you're hinting me that something wrong in Mexico."

The man did catch her seven inches.

Speaking of Mexico, Holley had no choice but to eat the noodles in silence.


It's so hot!

Holley jumped out of the seat immediately.

She couldn't swallow the noodles.

If she could taste the noodles with the tip of her tongue, she would lose her life.

Her tears were also choked out, and her face looked bad.

She had no choice but to spit out the noodles.

Then she grabbed the glass and drank the whole glass of water. However, she couldn't stop coughing.

Ron was there, looking at Holley like a clown. After Holley stopped coughing, he took a can of milk. "Drink it. Milk is good for spicy."


After drinking a large mouthful of milk, Holley's throat was still burning, but she could speak now. "How do you know that I am spicy rathe than poisoned?"

The question left Holley regretful.

It was definitely a silly question. Wasn't she exposed herself?

Ron smiled and said, "The color of the noodles, well handled, were basically of normal color. But I have eyes and nose as well. "

Holley groaned inwardly. How could she forget about his nose?

Ron couldn't see that the noodle was with chili sauce, but he could smell it as soon as he smelt it.

She regretted what she had done, but she still coughed. She felt her throat and eyes hurt.

Looking at her, Ron asked, "What do you want to do to make such spicy noodles?"

"I'm improving cooking skills."

Holley smiled obsequiously.

"Why did you give it to me?"

As he asked, he approached the little woman.

Holley couldn't help but step back. She was not used to being so close to that man.

"I made a mistake."

Holley explained helplessly.

"Really?" Ron moved closer to her

His thin lips almost touched hers as he asked.

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