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   Chapter 19 I am Your Sponsor

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Ron was in a bad mood because he thought that Holley came back late and was entangled with Mr. Shawn again.

But judging from what that little woman said, it seemed not to be the case.

He wiped his face and said lightly, "I'm the creditor."

He made his identity clear to Holley.

No matter what she came across, she couldn't lose her temper at the creditor.

"Will your salary for one month be deducted? Or something happens in Mexico? You can make a choice."

Ron said in an almost cruel voice.

"Absolutely it is..."

When Holley was about to say something about Nancy, Ron waved at her. "Go change your clothes. Remember to answer my question when you come to see me."

He commanded in a decisive and irrefutable tone.

Holley had no choice but to take a set of clothes and go to the fitting room next door to change.

When she got changed, Ron called the bodyguard Roger in.

"What happened just now?"

Roger answered honestly. He even sent over the video that Holley had quarreled with Nancy just now.

Ron watched the short video carefully and nodded with satisfaction for Holley's behavior.

Besides, he was happy to know that the woman had come back not because she was with Mr. Shawn.

Roger's face turned pale. But as soon as he opened his mouth, it sounded like he was hinting that Ron had been overjoyed.

"Young master."

"What?" Ron seemed to understand something.

"Before you asked me to come in, I received a message that Mr. Shawn was trying to find out Mrs. Holley's identity through the contacts she left. Would you like to tell Mr. Shawn about Mrs. Holley's identity? "

After he finished this matter, Ron understood.

No wonder that Roger tried to remind him that didn't overjoy via hints in his words.

Sure enough, the little woman was entangled with Mr. Shawn.

When he was meditating, Ron made a tricky decision. "Just say that she is an ordinary employee in the Mu's Group."

"Young master, don't worry. I'll get it done."

After changing her clothes and coming out, she looked totally different.

She was a beauty. She looked good in any clothes, but these brands made her more charming.

"Have you decided?"

He had planned to pretend that he didn't remember what he had said when she came out after she changed her clothes.

However, the thought that she could get involved with Mr. Shawn in buying a dress upset him. So he changed his mind.

"A month's salary."

When she got changed, she was praying that this man could forget what she should do next.

But after all, this man has a good memory, not forgetting at all.

She said in a weak voice, lowering her head.

Ron sat there and read the e-mail calmly.

He raised his head and looked at the little woman from time to time.

He found that half an hour had passed, but Holley was still unhappy.

She was unhappy for Moore.

However, Ron could not bear to see that she was unhappy.

He gave a heavy cough and said, "I'm a man of fairness. Since you have done something wrong, you should be punished. But if you do well, I will award you. Maybe you will do something to make me happy and then I can get rid of your debt. "

To him, the key point of this sentence was


But for Holley, the key point of his words was to get rid of his debt.

For a moment, her eyes lit up, "what can make you so happy?"

"Not yet."

As he spoke, he poured cold water on Holley's head.


She pursed her lips in disappointment, but did not give up asking, "You can think about it. Tell me."

"I have a meeting to attend, so I don't have time to think about it,"

Then he looked at his watch and continued, "The meeting ended at 4:30 in the afternoon. Change your evening dress before I come back and go to the charity party with me in the evening. And you have lunch by yourself. "

Time was running out, and he went out with his laptop.

"Well, don't you have lunch?"

She didn't know why she asked.

She regretted asking.

It was none of her business whether he had lunch or not.

That man was thinking about it seriously.

While he was thinking, Holley was begging him to give her an answer that he didn't need lunch.

"Then you can cook for us. The kitchen is next to the dressing room, and there are almost all the ingredients in the fridge."

Holley was remorseful. She shouldn't have asked that question.

She felt like she was lifting a stone and throwing it at her own feet.

Seeing her unwillingness, Ron waved his hand and said, "Forget it. It just saves me a month's debt."

The debt settled, so Holley's eyes lit up. "No... I am not unwilling."

She put on a sweet smile and said humbly and obsequiously, "I was just thinking about what kind of delicious food I would cook for you."

"Take your time. I would have lunch at one O'clock. You can send it to the meeting room."

As they were talking, Ron had arrived at the door of the office, and he poked his head back and added, "in the meeting room, you know where I am, right?"

Holley knew it for sure that she should keep that fake smile on her face. She nodded and sent that man away as if he was the God of the plague.

When Holley entered the kitchen, she saw the ingredients in the fridge. She couldn't help but wonder if the guy named Ron had already made up his mind to let her cook, so he prepared so many ingredients?

But considering a month's debt, it's tempting.

Holley prepared a hearty meal.

Fried steak, braised pork ribs in brown sauce, Cola Chicken Wings, celery, fried abalones with fried potatoes, fried bacon with Dutch beans.

Although these dishes were not expensive, they looked delicious and smelled good, which were cooked by Holley with all her heart.

At last, she didn't forget to cook the noodles.

The noodles were in the pot. She looked at the various flavor jars on the table.

Suddenly, a cunning smile appeared on Holley's face.

She came up with a way that could teach Ron a hard lesson and made him say nothing.

Then she picked up the chili sauce and poured the whole bottle of chili sauce into the noodles.

The clear water noodles turned red immediately.

Then she put the bowl of noodles into the steamer and steamed it for twenty minutes. She rinsed the noodles with water until they looked delicious. Then she put them into the bowl.

Looking at the dishes on the table, Holley smiled cutely and said to herself, "perfect."

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