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   Chapter 18 Watch Your Wild Flowers

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Holley stood out of breath and half bending, with her hands on her knees. She didn't have the time to see who was talking to her.

She ignored what she said, but the woman didn't mean to retreat.

She was so familiar with what Holley meant to Mr. Ron.

If he really loved Holley, he wouldn't send her to prison himself.

There must be a special reason for her sudden favor.

So she never treated Holley as Mrs. Mu. Instead, she thought Holley was a rabbit that could be bullied easily.

"There are photos of me and Mr. Ron. Do you want to have a look?"

She asked deliberately.

As the name suggested, the photos together were taken between her and Mr. Ron, some inappropriate scenes for children.

That woman was very active, and she never thought to respect Holley's will, she directly showed the cellphone to her.

On the screen, there was a picture of a man and a woman...

Holley frowned.

She had come to bother her like this. It seemed that she had no choice but to face her.

Looking up at the woman in front of her, Holley vaguely remembered that she should be one of the eight secretaries of Mr. Ron.

But now she was with exquisite makeup and looked so different from the woman in the photo.

"Your photos?"

Holley asked uncertainly.

"That's right."

The woman rolled her eyes at Holley and said arrogantly, "my name is Nancy. I am Mr. Ron's bed partner."

It was the first time for Holley to know that someone was able to say that kind of relationship and even said with pride.

But it was not surprising.

There were countless women who wanted to hook up with Mr. Ron.

Nancy, who could keep a relationship with Mr. Ron for a long time, naturally had her means. No wonder she felt proud.

"But apparently, Mr. Ron has abandoned you."

In the past, Holley was not a person with a sharp tongue.

But during her four years in prison, she had learned how to talk with people with poisonous words.

Holley wouldn't say anything harsh in usual times. But in the face of a woman like Nancy, Holley would say anything harshest to pay back Nancy for what she did.

"How long do you think you can confuse Mr. Ron? After Miss Linda comes back, you will be thrown out of the house by Mr. Ron like rubbish. "

Holley's words hit the nail on the head.

What's more, Mr. Ron abandoned her and even threatened her that if she dared to come to the Mu's Group and make trouble in the first place and asked for compensation, he would make the mistakes she had made in the past few years be announced in the industry, and that she would never be able to find a job in top five hundred enterprises.

Hearing that Mr. Ron was so determined to punish her, Nancy had no idea what had happened.

But she was sure it had nothing to do with Holley who had been out of favor with Ron since four years ago but only with one identity of Mrs. Mu.

So she left the Mu's Group after she was wronged. When she saw Holley, she made up her mind to annoy Holley by the past story between her and Mr. Ron.

It was said that Holley was in love with Mr. Ron.

However, nobody expected that it was just Holley who irritated her.


Holley replied carelessly.

But she didn't care at all about which woman he had been with, and how long had they been together in the past four years.

She only cared about whether she could be able to keep Moore safe in Mexico and avoid any danger

in Mexico as she stayed beside Mr. Ron.

A single word "okay" sounded indifferent.

Nancy bit her lip hard, "You don't have to pretend that you don't care. I know you must be upset." By the way, I have a video with Mr. Ron. Do you want to see it? "

Holley looked at Nancy with sympathy, "If I were Mr. Ron, I wouldn't have chosen you. There is a huge difference between you wearing makeup and not wearing makeup. I give you some advice in the future. You can wear skincare products that aren't dehydrated, or go to do facial surgery. If it doesn't work, don't turn on the light. Even you turn on the light, don't take videos or photos. After all, you are too ugly if you don't put on makeup. Maybe he didn't notice it at that time, but he would be terrified by looking at this evidence. "

Holley couldn't help but curl her lips.

Nancy felt that she was going to explode with rage.

This woman laughed at not only her being dumped by Mr. Ron, but also at her looking ugly without makeup.

Who the hell is this woman?

"Let's wait and see. You will regret that you humiliate me now."

In the end, Nancy was so angry that she trembled and finally she could only say this.

Her threat, however, didn't disappoint Holley. She laughed, "by the way, aren't you going to send me a video? When? As you know, my phone is old and this old one has not been updated for a long time. I think there are many loopholes. If you are not afraid that my phone was infected with a virus and would post all the photos and videos on the Internet, you send it to me."

During these four years, she learnt a lot about laws.

She knew that she had to avoid some things cleverly.

Turning pale with anger, Nancy said, "Come on! Don't be arrogant. The only woman Mr. Ron loves is Miss Linda."

"I don't care who he loves. I'm the only woman in this world who is Mrs. Mu. Both you and Linda are home wreckers. You're Mr. Ron's mistresses. You are more pathetic than Linda. Unable to grasp Mr. Ron's heart, you could only look at Mr. Ron on behalf of Linda when she was busy with her own affairs. Otherwise, Mr. Ron would be seduced by another woman. What a pity! "

Holley guessed what was going on as she saw that Nancy was always defending Linda.

It had to be said that the upper class was so chaotic.

In ancient times, when the emperor's favorite concubines couldn't serve the emperor, they always recommended someone they trusted to serve the emperor, and the same was true.

"By the way," Holley said as she thought of something, "You are one of them in ancient times. You are not the only one. This was called 'general housemaid'. You worked as a maid and were not even a concubine. It's just a pastime when the mistress needs you. "

"Shame on you! How could you say that? No wonder four years ago, Mr. Ron declared in public that he would never touch a woman like you, and he didn't love you at all. "

The past four years would always be a pain in Holley's heart.

She was stunned.

At the same time, Nancy was walking past Holley, laughing and taunting all the way.

When Holley returned to the President's Office, she was more than ten minutes late than expected.

Ron sat there with a sullen face.

He glanced at her, "You may hope Mexico is in trouble."

"Ron Mu."

Holley yelled at him.

She grabbed a cup of water from the table and poured it to the man's face. "Take care of your wildflowers outside."

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