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   Chapter 17 I Changed My Mind

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But Holley didn't have the slightest intention of receiving an invitation from Mr. Shawn.

"I want to vent my anger, and I don't need to be protected by anyone."

She was trying to refuse him.

Shawn was always a disobedient playboy. He would definitely pursue the girl he fancied.

As soon as Holley entered the mall, he noticed her.

After waiting for a long time, he finally got a chance to flirt with the beautiful woman.

Shawn was getting more and more obsessed with her for she was smart and hot-tempered. He was more and more eager to win her heart.

"I know you've recorded, but you are too young to torture people. If you want to torture others, first of all... "

"I have thirty-five minutes left. Something will happen if I can't make it to the company," Holley interrupted Mr. Shawn not long after he started.

She tried to shake Mr. Shawn's hand off again.

Mr. Shawn took a tumble and answered, "Your boss sent you here. Of course, he will give you the time to go back. Well, I'll take you to visit each shop first and then buy you some clothes. I can also save you a lot of trouble. As for helping you, don't worry. "

"Call me after work, when you come to the department store and find me."

As he was speaking, Mr. Shawn snatched her phone and input his number to her phone. Then he made a call to himself with her phone.

"Remember to come here after work. I hate to see beautiful women suffer from injustice."

With that, Mr. Shawn shoved the phone back to Holley.

Seeing the hesitation in her eyes, Mr. Shawn was on the verge of breaking down.

He had dated so many girls. It was the first time that he had seen anyone who ignored him as he was extremely courteous to her.

However, the more Holley hesitated, the more determined Mr. Shawn was to get this beautiful girl.

Anyway, he was not short of money, and he would not treat this innocent beauty shabbily.

"Just say yes. It's a deal. Otherwise, I will make trouble and make you lose your job. "

He raised his voice and said to Holley in a somewhat overbearing tone.

Holley had no choice but to make a fuss about it. "Okay, I promise. Lead the way please. "

Shawn led the way and asked, "What are you going to buy?"

"The clothes and evening dress."

"What's her figure?"

"She's about the same as me."

Mr. Shawn looked back at Holley with sympathy and said, "I thought you didn't look like a secretary."

"By the way, who is your boss?"

"You asked too much."

This time, Holley did not answer his question honestly.

Mr. Shawn shrugged his shoulders and said casually, "I didn't mean to pry into your business. Since you don't want to talk about it, let's change the subject."

After thinking for a while, he asked, "for example, what's your name?"

But Holley didn't listen to him at all. She pointed to the silver dress hanging in the wardrobe and said, "I want to try this one."

With Mr. Shawn's help, Holley bought all the clothes she needed in an instant.

Looking at the time, she let out a sigh of relief.

There were still fifteen minutes left before the deadline given by Ron.

She could go back to the company without any burden.

She left the department store, followed by Mr. Shawn.

"I have helped you complete the task within the set time. Can you seriously answer a question?"


She was so busy choosing clothes that Holley almost forgot him.

She was startled by his sudden voice.

Then she turned around and smiled at Mr. Shawn, "thank you. I'm in a hurry. See you later."

Mr. Shawn collapsed.

It turned out that the little beauty didn't listen to what he just said at all.

He raised his hand and caught Holley's waving-for-goodbye hand in the air, he said, "Hey, I think you still have a lot of time. I have helped you anyway. You should answer a question seriously and tell me your name, right?"

In the office of Ron.

He had just dismissed Nancy, the leader of the group who asked for compensation from the company.

In a towering rage, Nancy stormed out of the office. But Ron just ignored her. He called one of the bodyguards to get him informed of Holley's condition.

He calculated the time. The little woman should be back, but she hadn't.

When he was told by one of the bodyguards that Holley was pestered by Mr. Shawn, the second young master of the Shen family, Ron pulled a long face at once.

Without hesitation, he called Holley.

"If you can't make it to the company in the last five minutes, Moore in Mexico..."

"I still have fifteen minutes. Do you know how to count the time?"

Holley was unhappy to hear that man threaten her again with Moore.

What's more, she was pestered by Mr. Shawn. So, she lost her temper and impatiently questioned Ron.

Ron tapped his fingers on the desk and smiled evilly, "don't you know I've changed my mind? That's more than an hour, but I can only give you fifty minutes. There are only four minutes and twenty-five seconds left. "

"When did you change your mind? Why didn't I know? "

Holley was confused.

"Just now."

He said seriously and even shameless.

"How could you just change your mind so decisively?"

She had a glance at the distance between the department store and the Mu's Group and felt worried.

She was a little nervous for four minutes and twenty-five seconds.

Besides, judging from the man's haggard tone, Holley guessed that she might have lost much time in talking.

She looked at Mr. Shawn who was holding her hand.

She lost her temper completely.

"I'm sorry!"

After apologizing to Mr. Shawn, she raised her foot and kicked his belly.

Mr. Shawn had thought that she said sorry to the person on the other end of the line. He didn't expect that it was an apology for him to be beaten.

And before he could react, Mr. Shawn let go of Holley's hand in pain, pressed his belly, and took two steps back.

Glancing at Mr. Shawn with sympathy, she ran away without hesitation.

Mr. Shawn was a passer-by, not as important as Moore.

If she came back late, Moore would be having a difficult time in Mexico. It would be her fault.

"You've gone too far, Ron. You should be a man of your word."

Holley complained on the way to the Mu's Group.

A video from his bodyguards told him that Holley kicked Mr. Shawn hard but ran away shamelessly.

At the moment, he was in a good mood. Seeing that Holley had already run to the street across the company road, he smiled casually. "I have changed my mind. Let me give you an hour."

Without waiting for Holley's response, he hung up the phone.

The phone was hung up. Holley got angry and rolled her eyes at the top floor of Mu's Group.

"You madman!"

She cursed in a low voice and panted.

She was exhausted during the last run.

She was panting when she heard a woman's voice. "Holley, I have some beautiful photos. Do you want to see them?"

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