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   Chapter 16 Hello, Student Girl

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Holley stopped in front of an international exclusive tailored shop.

She fell in love with the dress at first sight she saw it, which was water blue on the model outside the window.

Because of the price limit given by the man named Ron, although she liked it, she did not forget to carefully check the price.

She opened her eyes wide and started to count the price behind the window.

Such behavior was a laughing stock in the eyes of the staff.

"It is another one without money. Count the price. "

"Yes, she does. Her poor look is a match to the clothes she wears,"

The two shop assistants were not friendly, and while cursing the customers, they saw the woman whom they laughed at had the guts to enter the shop.

Before Holley could say anything, one of the shop assistants said, "We only serve VIPs. Are you?"

Obviously, she didn't think that Holley was the VIP that needed to be served, and she was even not a potential client.

That's why she talked to her like a snob.

Holley hesitated.

She was not a gossip girl.

But that evening dress was her true love.

Holley made up an excuse for the shop assistant kindly. Perhaps the dress she was wearing was too cheap and she couldn't blame others for treating her like that.

She thought that as long as she showed her intention and her will to buy clothes, the other party would naturally become better.

"Give me that evening dress. I want to try it on and I'll buy it if it fits me,"

She put forward a request, but found that she had been completely wrong.

The shop assistant's attitude was even worse than before. "You are just a shameless woman? Do you want to try on these clothes that you can't afford? What do you think of our shop? Do you think you can try them on regardless of who you are? You still ask me for it when you are trying on the dress. Can you buy it? "

"You can leave now. You are not welcomed as a guest in our shop."

While speaking, one of the shop assistants even came to the door of the store in a shameless manner.

She pointed at the tag and said, "Look carefully. All the clothes in our shop are starting at half a million."

Holley frowned.

She really didn't like the way they treated her. They complained that she couldn't afford the clothes. How could they send her out like a beggar?

But she didn't like to quarrel with others.

She took out her phone silently and switched it to the recording interface.

She was going to record what the two shop assistants had said and then talk to their boss about it.

'I don't even need to waste my breath to deal with this kind of person.' Holley thought.

The two shop assistants didn't take her seriously, nor did they pay attention to what she was doing with her phone. When they saw that she didn't leave and their words became more unpleasant, they said, "Why are you still here? What are you doing like a thief? Are you trying to steal something? "

"Or have you stolen in case of being discovered by us?"

"Poor people like you..."

Before she could finish her mean words, Holley interrupted her directly, "Ask your manager to meet me."

The record was enough. She didn't need to stand there and listen to the shop assistants' nonsense.


The shop assistant was amused by her words. "Even if the manager is here, he will still throw you out. But now, we suspect that you stole something from the shop, so we have to make sure that you haven't stolen anything before we ask you to get out of here. "

She laughed and said to her colleagues, "Come here and have a look. We have some fun today. A poor woman ca

me to our shop and pretended to be a rich person. Please help me search her. "

Holley narrowed her eyes and thought, 'They are nobody. How dare they bully me?'.

She had seen the manager's office clearly.

Ignoring the shop assistants, she walked straight to the manager's office. All of a sudden, she felt someone grabbed her hand.

Instinctively, Holley struggled, but found that the hand was more powerful than an iron clamp. She couldn't break free at all.

Giving up struggling, she looked back unhappily and saw a man with a charming smile, who looked almost the same age as her, wearing a big brand suit, standing behind her.

This man was very gentle and comfortable.

This was probably the personal charisma, an inborn affinity.

Before she could interrogate the man, Holley heard people around greeting him together.

"Hello, Mr. Shawn."

The shop assistants not only greeted him respectfully, but also bent down forty-five degrees respectfully.

The man who was called Mr. Shawn ignored the shop assistants' greeting. He dragged Holley into his arms and asked, "Baby, what do you want? Tell me."

Holley had goosebumps all over her body.

"Baby? Baby, your son of bitch. "

She cursed in a low voice. The man named Mr. Shawn only smiled with amusement. Then he turned around and left with Holley.

Holley couldn't resist but let him drag her. They walked for a long distance.

They finally stopped. Holley withdrew her hand awkwardly.

She looked up and found the man, who was named Mr. Shawn, was smiling at her.

The man had a pair of beautiful eyes. If you looked at him carefully, you would be attracted.

"This department store is owned by my father. I have nothing to do. Besides, I'm not a very righteous person, but I only like the hero to save the beauty. "

Mr. Shawn was a talkative man. He not only introduced himself, but also spoke highly of Holley's beauty.

If Holley was the other women who may be acquainted with Mr. Shawn, she might recognize that he was Shawn Shen, the second son of the Shen family which was in a big business family of chain stores in the city.

But Holley didn't know much about the upper class of the city.

Instead of smiling at him, she rolled her eyes and said, "Mind your own business."

After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

Mr. Shawn found her more and more interesting as she was getting mad.

Once again he grabbed her wrist and stopped her.

Mr. Shawn pointed at the bank card in her hand and said with a smug smile, "You look like a student girl. I guess you are a rookie who just graduated and was sent out by your boss to buy clothes for his wife, right?"

Holley began to understand why Ron asked her to buy several decent clothes.

It was hard for people to believe that she was the famous young hostess of the Mu family due to her present appearance.

As she was distracted, Mr. Shawn thought she acquiesced in his guess and continued.

"They all like to play up to others. They are ignorant and don't know the origin of the card. But as far as I know, this card is the endless overdraft diamond card. And if you don't have a fixed deposit of ten billion, the Swiss Bank will not approve it. But based on your personal conditions, if there is no suitable person to guide you, I am afraid that it will be a little difficult for you to complete the task according to your boss's requirements. "

Mr. Shawn couldn't help but shake his head and then said with his chest up, "but luckily you met me. I will go with you to buy clothes and then punish the shop assistants for you. What do you think?"

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