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   Chapter 15 Am I Your Exception

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"Do you mean that you don't serve other men, but you can serve me?"

Ron's words were full of tease.

Holley was so angry that she stamped her feet.

Before she could say anything, Ron spoke first, "I have never thought about asking you to accompany me, but if you want, I can think about it."

"Shame on you! You said it! How dare you say that you don't have that kind of thought? I don't have money!"

Hearing this, Ron raised his head and stared at Holley in an unexpected way.

"I never thought you are such a woman. You are so... "

Without any comments, Ron said, "If my memory serves me right, you already got your master's degree half a year ago. It is enough for you with such a high education. Now that you are the reason why I lost eight secretaries, you can be my special assistant. The probation period is three months, and you got 15, 000 dollars per month. When you become a regular worker, your salary is 20, 000 dollars per month. I will deduct half of your salary and pay off your debts. You can pay off my money in about one year. "

"You mean I can work for you to pay off your debt?"

Holley asked in disbelief.

No one could believe the seemingly serious expression on his face.

Ron smiled slightly, "You can refuse. Anyway, you have to pay me back in three days. Otherwise, Moore may get into trouble in Mexico."

When he mentioned Moore in Mexico, Holley, even with lots of integrity, had to promise Ron to work for him.

But this time Holley asked carefully, "How many terms do you have on earth?"

"There are only two at present."

Ron replied ruthlessly.

He was telling her that he might have other requirements when he was in a good mood.

If that was the case, wouldn't she fall into a bottomless hole to trade with Ron that she wouldn't be able to save Moore in any case?

As if he had guessed what was on her mind, Ron spoke, "before I think of the next deal, you behave well. If I'm happy, I will consider letting Moore go."

All right!

Holley thought to herself but said nothing else.

She was really afraid that once she said something wrong carelessly and made Ron ask for more.

She couldn't take either of them.

"Why are you still standing there? Your salary would be deducted if you act like this. "

He looked at Holley with an evil smile.

But Holley really didn't know what to do?

Seeing that she was indeed in a dilemma, Ron shook his head helplessly. "Since it's your first day at work, I won't make trouble for you. Make me a cup of coffee first."

The word "coffee" was interrupted by the ringtone.

Holley didn't hear clearly what he said, but stood there.

She was going to ask him when he ended the call.

However, after hanging up the phone, Ron seemed to change his mind. "Don't make coffee for now. Go to buy some decent clothes and an evening dress."

Then he took out a bank card and pushed it towards Holley.

Holley stretched out her hand to take the card. But as soon as she touched it, she took her hand back immediately.

Vigilant as she was, she looked at Ron and said, "Let's make it clear first. Who will pay for the clothes, you or me?"

"I don't mind if you are willing to pay for it yourself. As my special assistant and the y

oung hostess of the Mu family, please don't buy clothes which worth less than six figures. "

As he said so, he reached out to take back the card.

Holley took a deep breath. It was so expensive that if she had to pay for it by herself, she had no choice but to choose robbery.

She reached out her hand and grabbed the card before Ron touched it.

"Don't waste our president's money."

She comforted herself.

Looking at the time on the watch, Ron said, "The card has no password. I give you an hour. Come back with your clothes, or you will pay for it yourself."

Before he could finish his words, Holley turned around and rushed to the door of the office.

She was poor now, without even a piece of a coin in her pocket.

She had already owed a large amount of money by being cheated by the black heart ghost, Ron Mu.

If she was forced to owe several more sets of clothes which worth no less than six figures, she would have no choice but to work for Ron for her whole life.

She ran away as fast as she could. Ron didn't say anything, but looked at her back, with a slight smile on his face.

Outside the elevator.

A young woman and Holley walked towards each other.

That woman stopped and looked at Holley in disbelief.

Holley looked at her and asked, "What’s up?"

The woman smiled at her and did not say anything. She just walked directly to the office of Ron.

All were freaks!

As Holley entered the elevator, she said to herself.

In the President's Office.

Ron was working at his desk. When he heard a knock at the door, he looked up at the person and then looked down at the computer screen.

He checked the e-mail while asking, "Who started to ask for company compensation?"

This young and capable woman was no other than Hannah Gu, the director of the human resources in the Mu's Group.

"It's Nancy."

Hannah Gu frowned, "President, it's really difficult to handle this. They were fired for being rude to Mrs. Mu. But according to the labor law, this was not a major mistake, not even one mistake. We can't turn down the compensation if you dismiss your employees because of this. "


Ron answered, "Ask Nancy to come to my office and I'll talk about the compensation. You can do the resignation procedures for them. Without my order, don't give them the resignation certificate."


Hannah Gu replied. Without saying anything, Ron continued to concentrate on working on the computer.

He seemed to feel that there was a big shadow in front of him. When he raised his head again, he found that Hannah Gu was still there.

"Anything else?"

Hannah Gu smiled hastily. "When I went upstairs, I saw a young lady. Is she your wife?"

"During working hours, I don't need to talk about my personal affairs. You can leave now if there is nothing else."

Ron's attitude was cold, which also indirectly recognized Holley's identity.

Hannah Gu was a very clever person. She smiled casually, took the folder and walked out of the office.

Outside the office, she cautiously chose a corner where there was no monitor covered. With her back to the monitor, she took out her mobile phone.

It took her a while to finish editing. Then she sent the message to a friend.

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