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   Chapter 14 No Money! Use You

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Mu's Group was one of the top enterprises in the world.

Every year, the number of graduates from global well-known universities was intending to work for the Mu's Group.

In addition, the employee benefits of Mu's Group had always been very good. No one was willing to quit.

In particular, employees who became the president's secretary were promoted much more than ordinary employees because they were closer to the president at work.

And once they were promoted, most of the positions waiting for them were a general manager or a director of a branch company.

Therefore, when the eight secretaries heard that Ron wanted to dismiss them, they were all shocked.

They were unwilling to leave the Mu's Group.

Some were regretful, and some even looked at Holley with beseeching eyes.

However, someone responded rather defiantly, "President, our duty is to stop those who are not supposed to enter your office. We only knew Mrs. Mu was Miss Linda. We didn't even know that she existed.

We are innocent because we didn't know the truth. Please don't fire us for our loyalty and duty."

She thought what she said was reasonable.

However, no sooner had she finished speaking than she heard uproar from Ron, "Didn't we make our marriage public when I got married four years ago? I married a woman with a grand wedding ceremony. Why did you tell me that you'd no idea of her existence?"

"All of you get out! I won't keep secretaries like you."

He roared in a determined tone.

After yelling at the secretaries, he patted Holley on the back, pretending to be aggrieved. "Don't be wronged. I'm on your side. Come and sit in my office."

After saying that, the man put his arm around Holley's waist and lifted her up.

As if he was holding a princess, he carried Holley into his office in a very flaunting manner.

As soon as the door of the office was closed, Holley pushed the man's hand away and retreated three steps away from him.

"Did you find evidence?"

He sat on the sofa and asked with great interest, not mentioning what had happened in the Secretary Room just now.

Holley's face darkened.

On the way here, she had cursed Ron many times.

'Damn it! How could he leave not a trace at all?'

Eleanor used all her resources to find out the truth. But what she could only find was that in the suburbs yesterday, a helicopter took Moore to Mexico.

As for who did it, the perpetrator did not leave a trace.

She had no choice but to turn to Ron for help.

Although begging Ron wouldn't work, she had to find a way to make Moore not suffer too much in Mexico.

"What do you want me to do so that you can let Moore off?"

Holley softened her voice and almost used a tone of begging.

"What you said has nothing to do with me, right?"

Like what he did this morning, Ron showed a very negative attitude, making people want to punch him.

However, Holley could not beat him. In order to untie a bell, the person who tied it was required. No one could save Moore except for Ron.

Holley's face turned more and more livid. "Moore didn't offend you. I am the only one you hate. Can't you let him go?

I've told you that you can do anything as long as you let him go."

Ron's long fingers gently tapped on the desktop, "Is he so important to you?"

"Stop talking nonsense. Tell me, what should I do to make you release Moore?"

Holley was in no mood to answer those strange questions.

The man's finger was still tapping the desk as if measuring something.

One minute later, he said, "I can let him go, but it depends on your performance."

"Okay, tell me, how should I behave?"

Holley was ready to risk everything.

"We can't divorce yet. Just be Mrs. Mu obediently."

Ron laid out his terms.

"If I agree, will you let Moore go?"

Holley asked uncertainly.

"At this moment, do you have any other choices other than to believe what I said?"

He put on an indifferent smile as if he didn't care about what Holley would think of him, because that was all his conditions.

"I promise."

Holley struggled helplessly.

Everything was just as he said. She had no other choice but to believe him.


He nodded satisfactorily and started to work on the computer without saying anything more.

"Let him go now,"

Holley asked anxiously.

Ron slightly raised his head, "I said, it depends on your performance. It's useless to just promise. If you do well, I will let go of him."


She was speechless, but Ron continued, "Oh, I haven't finished what I just said. I fired eight secretaries because of you. Each of them had been working in the Mu's Group for many years. I need to pay a lot of compensation to dismiss them."

As he said, he pushed the screen of the computer close to Holley. "This is the email from our HR just now. The eight people's compensation is 1, 250, 000 dollars in total. You will be responsible for this loss."

How could Holley be rich?

Even if he sold her for pork, he wouldn't get much.

"Ron, don't push me too far. I can see that you have long wanted to dismiss the eight secretaries. I am just an excuse for you. You used me as a pawn and asked me to bear the loss. You wish!"

Holley was not a fool, and Ron did not hide his appreciation at all.

He nodded and praised, "You're so clever."

The man turned to say in a natural tone, "But Moore is in Mexico. Can you refuse to pay the money?"

Holley couldn't refuse.

Except for rolling her eyes at Ron, she could only say, "Okay, I will. But I have no money to pay you back."

"It doesn't matter. You don't have money. But you got yourself."

Where he had been, Ron just cut in.


Blinking her eyes, Holley found that she didn't understand what the man meant.

What did he mean?

She had no money to pay him back, so would he want her to pay by her body?

'No, no, he said four years ago that he wouldn't touch me. Oh my God! If he didn't touch her, would he push her to other old men and let her serve them?'

"Ron, if you dare to ask me to serve other men, I will take pictures and video, and let the whole world know that you have been cuckolded."

She couldn't take that kind of thing, so she just said it directly.

Ron raised his head. The corners of his eyes lifted into a smirk.

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