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   Chapter 13 How Dare You Bully My Wife

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It started drizzling in the sky of N City.

The gloomy sky was depressing.

Outside the Mu’s Group building, Holley slammed on the brake and controlled the car. The car did not directly hit the company's lobby.

The security guards rushed over at once.

But when they saw clearly the plate number and the badge of the Mu family on the car, the security guards were all silent.

No matter who was getting off the car, they dared not provoke.

The furious security immediately changed his attitude and eagerly made a gesture of welcome to Holley.

This was not the first time for Holley to come to the Mu Group.

The last time she came here was four years ago. At that time, she and Ron...

She stopped in the hall for a full minute.

After calming down, Holley flipped her hair and went straight into the elevator.

It went up to the President's Office on the top floor.

Outside the President's Office was the Secretary Room which was facing the elevator.

The moment Holley got off the elevator, the secretary came out.

She took a glance at the beautiful face of Holley and the clothes and shoes worth no more than two hundred in total.

Disgust and impatience could be seen in the secretary's eyes.

She looked at Holley up and down like watching an animal. After making sure that she didn't make it wrong, the secretary rolled her eyes and said enigmatically, "the security guard downstairs is he out of his mind? And he even gets the beggar upstairs."

She pointed at Holley's nose as she said. "Hurry up. This is not a place where you should come."

Holley frowned. She had been anxious about Moore.

Unwilling to argue with these secretaries, she asked directly, "is Ron in?"

"Huh! Aha... "

The secretary laughed exaggeratedly. "Are you crazy? Didn't you hear me? You don't even deserve to ask if our president is here. Look at yourself, as a woman who is good for nothing? It's none of your business whether our president is here or not? And could you call the president's name directly? "

"I'm Mrs. Mu. You'd better answer my question, or you'll regret it."

Although Holley didn't like her status, she had to show it to suppress these arrogant secretaries.

After hearing that, the secretary laughed even more exaggeratedly. "If you are shameless, you call yourself Mrs. Mu. Do you take us as fools? We can work in the Secretary Room of our President's Office. We all have highly educated overseas talents with high IQ. You can fool the fool security guards with your lame excuse. Are you daydreaming to fool us? "

"Everyone knows that Mrs. Mu is Miss Linda. Where did you come from?"

The secretary's voice became harsher and her voice was a little higher than before.

The other secretaries in the Secretary Room were also disturbed by the noise and walked out one after another.

When they saw Holley, their eyes were full of disdain for her.

"Where does the poor come from?"

"Yes, how come she beg here?"

"Celine, how could stop the beggar? Why are you still so noisy? If our president heard you, he would punish you!"

The secretary called Celine was not satisfied

with being derided. "She called herself Mrs. Mu and behaved like a queen here. I couldn't get her out of here anyway."

"Oh, she is with mental illnesses."

"If you meet someone with mental disease, call the police and the mental hospital. What are you going to do by yourself?"

Sharp and mean words came out of the secretaries' mouths.

"You are capable enough to block my way and slap Ron on the face. You can't bear the consequences."

Holley said lightly, but her words were sharp. She warned those secretaries again.

Before she could finish her words, she heard mocking laughter from the girls in the Secretary Room.

"Mrs. Mu, you are so capable that you don't even know whether our president is in his office."

"Mrs. Mu, why didn't you ask our president to pick you up?"

"He used to pick Miss Linda up downstairs in person."

"Come on, Mrs. Mu. You were born in a poor family, so you are very smart, even your clothes are all 9.9 dollars online shopping with free shipping. Even your phone is also an antique version. If you are capable, please call our president and ask him to order us to receive you. "

The eight secretaries in the Secretary Room surrounded Holley in the middle, mocking her word by word.

"Is Ron in or not?"

Holley shouted angrily and raised her voice.

The eight secretaries were startled by her sudden shouting.

After a long time of silence, a woman broke the silence. She said in a strange tone, "you can call by yourself. You are Mrs. Mu. Cannot you know where our president is?"

As soon as she finished her words, all the secretaries glanced at Holley with their white eyes.

Damn it.

Holley cursed in her heart, 'Today really answered the sentence, the king is good to see, the little ghost is intractable.'

'Am I really going to call Ron?

When she was hesitating, she heard the voice of Ron.

The man's voice was always attractive to people.

"Honey, is that you?"

The word "honey" made Holley's flesh creep.

It was disgusting for him to call that.

All the secretaries, however, widened their eyes in surprise. Some of them grinned and turned to look at Ron.

They didn't believe that the man who spoke was Mr. Ron.

But the handsome and overbearing face like a marble statue was Mr. Ron's. Was it so?


Those secretaries felt guilty for a moment.

Earlier, they had laughed at and made things difficult for her.

"Honey, why were you surrounded by them? Didn't they respect you? "

He asked in confusion.

As he spoke, he walked towards Holley.

All the secretaries looked at them in surprise. Then he stretched out his hands and held Holley in his arms.

What was he doing?

Holley wondered when the man whispered in her ear softly, "if you are unhappy about anything, just tell me. I will handle it for you."

Was he bewitched?

Holley looked at the man, confused.

Ron raised his hand and pressed her head against his chest, as if Holley had been wronged and cried. Then he shouted harshly, "How dare you bully my wife? Mu’s Group doesn't reserve you. Get to see HR and leave my company right now! You're fired!"

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