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   Chapter 12 It's None Of My Business

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Holley drove away but did not go far.

After parking the car at the opposite street corner, she grabbed her phone and called Moore.

The female voice was still as polite as yesterday.

But today, the content in a woman's voice changed from "power off" to "the phone number you dialed has been cancelled."

Hearing this, Holley's hand trembled, and the phone slipped from her hand and fell on the ground.


Suddenly her phone vibrated. She picked it up as if she had grasped a life-saving straw. All she saw was a strange number.

After some hesitation, she picked up the phone.

"Where are you?"

A very attractive male voice came from the other end of the phone.

His voice was so pleasant that it could make many young girls scream and go crazy.

But Holley felt that his voice was just like a devil from hell.

Because it was Ron's voice.

This man's voice reminded her of the car accident that happened yesterday. Moreover, it reminded her of the quarrel between Ron and Moore after the car accident.

Coincidentally, the power-off of Moore's cell phone happened half an hour after she and Ron left by car.

Thinking of this, Holley's heart ached.

Moore was like her family.

They had known each other as brother and sister for ten years.

Four years ago, when she was abandoned by the whole world and was wronged as a murderer, it was Moore who gave up the opportunity to be a chief prosecutor. He turned down all the cases and refused all the invitations, and only put his entire mind on her case.

At last, the attempted murder four years ago ended in her sentence of only four years.

She would never allow anyone to hurt her family.

"What did you do to Moore? Where is he now? What can I do to make you let him go? I'm the one you hate. If you are a man, come to me. Don't hurt innocent people. "

Her voice trembled as she said.

She had a bad feeling about it.

Ron's voice came from the other end of the phone after Holley finished her words, "He's in Mexico. He won't die."

It was him!

Holley's eyes were misty.

She tried to hold back her tears.

Biting her lips hard, she asked slowly, "what can I do to set Moore free?"

"Does it have anything to do with me?"

Ron's sound was almost cold-blooded.

A bitter smile appeared on Holley's face.

She was so stupid. She knew what kind of person the man was. How could she beg him?

Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and asked, "This is the last time I ask you. Are you sure you won't let him go?"

"It's none of my business. I don't care."

He didn't take her words as a threat.

Such an answer did not surprise Holley at all.

She accepted it calmly and said, "Okay, wait for me. I'll get the evidence of your crime."

She thought that at this point, Ron would understand what she meant.

However, as if he didn't understand what she said, Ron told her directly, "okay."

The man's attitude annoyed Holley.

She didn't believe that he could still be so mean after she got the evidence.

After saying "then you wait", Holley hung up the phone and started the car.

Outside the Mu’s Group building.

Looking at the end call reminder on the mobile phone, Ron was in a daze and felt a little headache, holding his forehead.

He didn't stay outside the company for long. Then he put away his cell phone and walked into the company with a cold face.

There was a burst of young girls' screams and cheers wherever he passed.

Although he could

be called scumbag after what he had done to Linda just now, it didn't affect his status as a charming prince in young girls' hearts.

Walking into the lobby of the first floor, he pointed at Linda who had fainted not far away. He said seriously, "you've made a mistake in work. This kind of stuff will have a negative impact on the company's image. Get rid of her! Once again, give me a resignation report. "

After that, he went straight into the elevator.

At the moment, all security guards of the company were stunned.

Everyone knew that Linda was his real girlfriend.

If not for the wife of Mr. Ron who was in prison, they would have already registered for marriage.

But what happened to her today?

Why did Mr. Ron say that Linda is a thing and ask them to deal with her?

What did Mr. Ron mean?

Was Linda out of favor? Or did they have a quarrel?

The security guards didn't know what was on his mind. As he entered the elevator, he glanced sharply at them. "You haven't dealt with it yet. Do you want to resign now?"

Those security guards dared not to guess what Mr. Ron meant. They just rushed to Linda as fast as they could.

They didn't do it ruthlessly. They just left her on the opposite street and called an ambulance.

In the President’s Office on the top floor.

Ron called his most trusted bodyguard, Roger, and ordered, "go and follow Holley. Keep me informed of her whereabouts."

Roger looked up and said, "Young Master, you need more protection."

"It doesn't matter."

He waved his hand to Roger and then sat down in front of his desk to go through the files.

Just then.

Holley braked the car and stopped at the gate of a small bar.

The bar didn't open until one o'clock in the afternoon. At the sight of the sign, Holley pushed the door open without hesitation and entered the bar.

At the bar counter, a graceful lady was mixing drinks there.

When she heard the sound, she raised her head slightly and saw the face of Holley clearly. She could not help but smile. "Holley is so thoughtful. You were just released yesterday. Today you came to see your sister Eleanor. I will treat you a new drink."

Eleanor was the wife of the boss of a small bar engaged in trade in the black market and a friend that Holley got in prison.

No one in the jail knew why Eleanor was put into jail. They only knew that she had an extraordinary background, was good at fighting and was ruthless.

All female prisoners were afraid of her, and even the warden respectfully called her Sister Eleanor.

Eleanor was an arrogant woman, but she was on good terms with Holley.

It was also because of her care that Holley did not suffer any hardship in the past four years in prison.

After taking the glass, Holley felt a little sorry. "Sister, I want to come here to see you this morning, but I have something to ask for your help."

"Holley, I've been released a few months earlier than you, but you broke up with me. Why did you beg? "

Eleanor had always been domineering when she spoke. "If you call me sister, I will take care of your business. Besides, if you beg me again, I will let you get out of here."

She glared at her, pretended to be unhappy, and pointed to the door of the bar.

Holley squeezed out a smile. She really appreciated Eleanor, but the current situation of Moore made it difficult for her to smile.

"Sister, Moore has disappeared. It's done by Ron Mu. I need evidence to prove it. I need that bastard to let go of Moore."

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