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   Chapter 11 Are You Cursing Us For A Divorce

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Holley didn't reply, but her lips curled into a sly smile.

Holley wanted to get off the car for a long time. She had other things to do. But the fact was that Linda came to provoke her and made her unhappy. How could she let go of her?

"The last two seconds!"

"One second!"

As the countdown was over, Holley slowly opened her mouth, "why should I get off? This is my husband's car. As the young hostess of the Mu family, of course I should sit in it. But you, who do you think you are? How dare you speak so loudly here? I think I should call the police as soon as possible. "

"Do you deserve to call yourself Mrs. Mu?"

Linda laughed as if she had heard a great joke, "Ron is going to divorce you four years ago..."

Before she finished her words, Holley continued, "but we haven't been divorced. I am still his wife."

She stated in a calm voice.

Linda sneered, "That's because you are restricted by the law. Otherwise, you would not be Mrs. Mu. Moreover, Ron will divorce you soon. He went to find you in order to divorce you. You will not be Mrs. Mu soon. "

"Linda, what you said is meaningless. I am still Mrs. Mu now, which is a legal fact. But you are nobody. "

Holley's words hit the nail on the head of Linda.

It had been four years. Although everyone knew that she was Mrs. Mu, she was still not Ron's legal wife. She was still a nameless woman.

For the past four years, what she had been waiting for day and night was that Holley died in prison, so that she could register with Ron justifiably.

But Holley was tough. She didn't die.

Finally, Linda was able to see that bitch got out of prison. However, Ron didn't go to find Holley and sign the divorce agreement as soon as possible as he promised her these years.

She felt really bad and hated Holley even more.

Raising her handbag in her hand, she was about to break the window to vent her anger when she saw Ron walking out of the building of the Mu’s Group.

Linda put away her handbag and burst into tears.

As she cried, she shouted, "Ron, someone bullied me."

She said to Ron in a way like a spoiled child.

He walked quickly over, with anger in his eyes.

His eyes were so cold that they could kill people.

Linda jumped into his arms and said, "Ron, look at your ex-wife. What is she doing? She shamelessly got in your car. Ron, she humiliated me. She... "

Before Linda could finish, she was pushed away by Ron.

He was a man, and he was out of rage now.

The push was so forceful that Linda was pushed back for several steps. At last, she couldn't help sitting on the ground.

Linda was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes of fifteen centimeters.

She lost her balance and fell on the ground. Her buttock hurt and she broke her shoes and sprained her feet.

She had cried in a feigned way just now.

But now, her tears really fell down because of pain, humiliation and emotional betrayal.

"Ron, how can you do this to me?"

Linda couldn't be

lieve that Ron would do such a thing to her.

She was his muse and he would love her and spoil her all his life.

Why did he change?

Why did he change so much because of Holley?

He hated Holley the most.

Sitting there and weeping, Linda couldn't figure it out.

Standing there, Ron, like an emperor, was arrogant and indifferent. "Holley is my wife and the young hostess of the Mu family. Are you cursing us for a divorce?"

Just now, when she was in a tit for tat with Linda, Holley had prepared herself for being humiliated when Ron appeared.

But even if she would end up with being humiliated, she would never allow Linda to be there and bully her a little.

Holley didn't owe her anything. But it was the bitch that ruined her marriage and sent her to prison.

This is hatred!

She must get even with them!

But Holley had counted all the pros and cons, and she didn't expect that Ron would be so rude to Linda after he showed up.

News usually reported gossips. Ron doted on Linda very much, and would listen to her for everything.

Why did he do this to her?

Holley had been confused all the time. She had a bad feeling until Ron asked her whether she was cursing them for a divorce.

No matter why Ron was so cruel to Linda, it was the matter between the two of them, and he shouldn't take advantage of her.

Thinking of this, she directly sat in the driver's seat, started the car and drove away.

Linda was stunned and sat still. The words that Ron just said echoed in her ears.

There were so many people around, but he dared to say that Holley was his wife.

How could it be possible?

She looked up at Ron in disbelief, hoping to see the enthusiasm and indulgence in his eyes.

But in Ron's eyes, there was only cruel indifference and even faint killing intent.

"Ron mu, are you trying to be heartless to me?"

Linda was not stupid. She keenly felt that there seemed to be something different in Ron's heart.

However, Ron ignored her. He turned around and walked towards the building of the Mu’s Group.

Linda didn't want to give up.

They had been together for more than four years, how could they change so easily?


She struggled, stumbled to Ron and hugged the man from behind.

"Is there any misunderstanding between us? We have been together for more than four years. Our relationship will not easily change. Someone must have lied to you, right? "

Linda panicked.

He was the man that she could rely on and support all her life.

Her life would have nothing without him.

She tried her best to arouse the love deep in Ron's heart for her, even if only a little.

However, Ron was iron-hearted to the extreme.

He threw Linda away in disgust.

He threw Linda, who clung to him from behind, like throwing garbage.

With a sound of crunching.

It was a sound of fracture.

A sharp pain came from her bone.

It hurt so much that she fainted before she could groan.

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