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   Chapter 10 How Can You Seduce Him

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"You bitch, Holley Ye!"

"Ron dumped you four years ago. He even felt disgusted to touch you. Four years later, how can you be so shameless to seduce him as soon as you get out of prison?"

"You bitch! When you seduced him, do you remember who almost stabbed him to death? "

The more she looked at Holley, the more unpleasant she felt.

This woman had been in jail for four years. She was supposed to suffer a lot.

But why didn't any traces of time left on her face? On the contrary, she looked more pure and lovely.

As a schoolmate in the same grade with her, Linda had to inject hyaluronic acid to maintain her face.

What a bitch!

Having made sure that Ron wasn't in the car, Linda began to curse her more unscrupulously.

While Linda was cursing, Holley behaved as if she was not the one who was scolded. She just took out her phone and recorded Linda's embarrassing behavior just now.

"Bitch, what are you doing?"

Seeing what Holley did, Linda got anxious.

In the past four years, although she did not get the identity of Mrs. Mu, everyone in the upper class knew that she was Mrs. Mu. The distance between her and Ron was only that Ron divorced his ex-wife and registered marriage with her.

If her actions, like a shrew, were exposed online by Holley, the elegant and noble image she had pretended for years would be destroyed.

"Delete the video."

Said Linda, swollen with arrogance.

Instead of deleting the video, Holley smiled and clicked the button to save the video.

"I'm warning you, Holley Ye. If you dare to leak out the video, I will take you to court!"

Linda was so angry that she started to tremble.

But it was just a beginning. There would be more upsetting things later.

Holley laughed and rolled down the window. "I won't break the law. But I have the right to charge you of slander, which is caused by your personal attack on me. And the video recorded just now would be used as testimony. As far as I know, a case like this is not allowed to apply for a not public trial. When the case is a public trial, I believe that, in my identity, there will be many media reporters to interview. I don't know if the press has posted your crazy behavior online. "


Linda only knew a little about the law.

But when she met Holley, she gave in completely.

Holley was no less professional than a professional lawyer in terms of the law.

But Linda could not think of any words to fight back.

At the same time, Holley was leaning lazily against the car chair of Ron. She said with a half-smile, "Oh, I have to remind you. Nowadays, the technology was so advanced that there were many horses, viruses and so on. If some hacker attacks my mobile phone and leaks the information, I can't do anything about it. "

She spread her hands helplessly.

As for Linda, she was so angry that she stamped her feet. "Bitch! You... "

She was so angry that there was only two words "bitch" coming and going.

Holley calmly put her phone back in

to her pocket and even glanced at Linda in disgust.

Why did this troublesome woman appear at this time?

She was still waiting to call Moore, but she couldn't call him in front of Linda.

If she knew that Moore was missing, she would surely take pleasure in his misfortune.

Holley was thinking about how to let go of Linda completely. And Linda had reached out to open the car door.

Without hesitation, Holley rolled up the window and pressed the lock button.

Would she give Linda a chance to get into the car and argue with her?

"Bitch, what makes you think you are qualified to sit on Ron's car?"

Linda wasn't happy to see this. Now she felt even more depressed.

She angrily cursed and questioned, but Holley was completely indifferent.

"Get out of the car! You bitch, you don't deserve to sit in Ron's car. "

"Ron will divorce you soon. When I become Mrs. Mu, you'll have bad luck. I will never let go of you, you bitch. "

Holley felt annoyed as Linda kept scolding her outside the car.

She rolled down the window again and said, "If you keep cursing me like that, I don't need to post your video online. Then someone will post your rude and mean side on the Internet."

Linda was stunned by Holley's words.

She found that she was really pissed off and lost her mind.

What the bitch Holley said was reasonable.

She stopped cursing, took a deep breath and said, "Holley, I give you a chance to save your face for your kind remind. Get out of the car right now and get out of my sight! I'll pretend that nothing has happened today. If you don't get out of the car now, you will regret it. "

"Don't forget how Ron humiliated you in front of all the reporters in the court. If you don't get out of the car, the same thing will happen again. "

Linda said viciously.

Speaking of that year, Holley's face suddenly turned gloomy.

When she was just in prison, she still refused to believe that Ron had convicted her of murder in the court.

It was not until Moore showed her the evidence that Ron had an affair with Linda that she began to understand why the man wanted to marry her first, put her in the top position and then brutally testify against her.

His purpose was very simple. He just wanted to impress Linda.

Every woman wanted her rival to die a miserable death.

"Don't try to challenge my patience, Holley. I give you ten seconds. If you don't get out of the car, you'll be humiliated,"

Linda didn't have the confidence to say this.

It was because Ron's attitude towards her and Holley had changed overnight.

She didn't continue to snap at Holley. She just wanted to threaten and lure Holley to get out of her and Ron's life on her own initiative.

Her words pulled Holley back to reality.

Holley raised her head slightly and looked at Linda coldly.

Linda felt like her gaze was like a knife, piercing into her heart.

"There are only five seconds left!"

Unwilling to admit defeat, Linda raised her voice and cried out.

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