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   Chapter 9 What Did You Do Last Night

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Lying on the bed, Holley's body stiffened.

The man's breath echoed in her ears.

Ron's scent was unique to her and flowed into her body along her nose.

The man slept soundly and they were still in some distance. But Holley still felt like she was kidnapped by him.

She didn't dare to move for fear of touching that man's body accidentally.

Her nerves were on edge. She was so tired that she didn't even have the strength to turn over. But her thoughts were active and frightening, lying on the bed, and she was not sleepy at all.

Staring at the ceiling, Holley began to regret that she should choose to squat outside the room for a night.

It seemed better for her to stay on the floor for a night.

She stayed there and thought that the situation was terrible enough.

Then, even worse things happened.

'Why didn't he sleep with good gestures?'

He turned over, and the leg pressed back on her body again.


She murmured and pushed that man's leg hard.

But that man was so steady that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't push him away at all.

"Don't pretend to be asleep!"

Holley said in a low voice, but Ron was completely ignored. He even snored, as if he was enjoying it.

"Are you a dead pig?"

After a long time, Holley was exhausted and gave up hope.

She didn't struggle anymore and let that man put his legs on her casually.

Ron seemed to sense something happening to him.

When Holley stopped struggling, he even put his legs off, turned over and continued to sleep.

"Don't pretend it, Ron. I know you are awake."

"I'm warning you, don't you dare to touch me again!"

However, no matter how loudly Holley yelled, Ron still made no response.

He seemed to be in deep sleep so that he didn't hear any sound.

Hearing this, Holley broke down. She had no choice but to curl up and get into bed with her back to that man, holding her arms.

When she just turned over, she heard some noise from the side.

Before she could turn around, she felt someone hugged her from behind.

"Ron Mu!"

Holley yelled at him angrily.

"Be a good girl, don't be so noisy..."

At last, there was a response from Ron, but he was half asleep and spoke in a daze.

He even didn't finish his sentence, but his damn leg fell on Holley again.

"Ron, you son of bitch!"

Holley couldn't help cursing, but it seemed that Ron slept better.

Holley was tortured the whole night.

It wasn't until six o'clock in the morning that she couldn't hold on any longer. Her eyelids became heavy, and finally she fell asleep.

While she was sleeping soundly, Ron next to her sat up tiredly.

Looking at the little woman beside him, he could not help but touch his forehead.

Closing his eyes slightly and having a rest for ten minutes, Ron opened his eyes and got up directly.

He tried his best to get dressed silently.

He tiptoed to the bed and picked her up in the most comfortable position for her.

When he went downstairs, the receptionist rushed towards him immediately


Before he rushed over and opened his mouth, a cold light flashed through Ron's eyes.

He made a gesture to that man to keep quiet, and then he walked out of the hotel and got into his car.

He didn't start the car until he covered her with a blanket. They were heading for downtown.

She was so sleepy that she didn't know that she had left the hotel.

But she still remembered that Ron told her that he would go back to the city at seven o'clock the next morning. If she slept too much, she had to go back alone.

Nobody knew how far it was from this hotel to the public bus station.

Holley didn't have the courage to find the bus station on her own. Besides, Moore had disappeared for no reason. If she kept on wasting time on the way back to the city, it might cause more harm to Moore.

Holley couldn't help but scream when she thought of that in her dream.

Because she felt that she had slept for a long time.

It was so long that she might have missed Ron's departure time.

She sat up suddenly and found that she had left the hotel and was in the car of Ron.

The man had already disappeared.

And the car was parked outside the building of Mu’s Group.

He rushed back to the city perhaps because he had something to deal with in his company.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes and couldn't help but wonder.

Didn't the man say that if she overslept, he would let her find a way to get back by herself?

Why did he bring her?

Was there any plot or scapegoat in his hand? Let her take the blame?

Holley whispered and became more and more anxious.

She decided to get off the car as soon as possible and get away from him as far as possible.

With that thought in mind, she reached out to push the door and saw a woman in a leather coat and short skirt not far away walking towards the car where Ron parked. She was very enchanting.

Holley knew that woman. She was Linda.

She saw Linda, and so did Linda.

It had never occurred to her that Holley would appear in Ron's car. Linda was shocked.

Last night, the driver told her that Ron was looking for the marriage certificate of him and Holley crazily. And she was still foolish to comfort herself that it must be troublesome to hold up the divorce, and that man did it for her.

But at night, that man had refused to date her.

Since they had been together four years ago, Ron had never been late.

But last night, not only was he late, but he also broke his promise. He even refused to keep the driver to continue work for her sake.

The worst part was that Ron didn't go home last night.

She stayed at Mu's residence for the whole night, but didn't see the man come back. So early this morning, she came to Mu’s Group to block Ron.

From a long distance, she saw Ron's car.

She directly ran over, intending to ask Ron to give her an explanation. But she did not see him, but saw Holley.

In a trance, she seemed to understand a little bit that Ron was with Holley last night.


She pointed at Holley and yelled at her.

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