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   Chapter 8 Take Your Hoof Off

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Holley looked back at Ron and said, "Who said I would stand here for the whole night?"


Obviously, he didn't believe it, and his words were filled with banter.

"Someone will send food here later. I will go to bed after I finish eating."

She said with bravado, but her heart was in a mess.

'What should I do? What should I do? I can't sleep with him!' thought she.

She was anxious, but she tried to look calm. She even prayed in her heart that the waiters downstairs would send the food upstairs slowly.

But the man downstairs was so shrewd. He received a large tip from Ron.

In less than five minutes after they went upstairs, there was a call, asking if it was convenient to deliver food upstairs.

After getting the sandwich and the black chocolate, Holley was too hungry, and she ate the sandwich in only a few bites.

She tried to slow down the speed of drinking black chocolate, but her body was too honest, and her hands were out of control. She could only drink the black chocolate in one gulp.

This was the most wonderful meal she had ever had in the past four years.

She wiped her mouth with a tissue and showed a satisfied smile on her face.

Ron was there, eating sandwiches slowly while asking casually: "what do you eat in prison?"

"None of your business."

Speaking of going to jail, Holley's face turned cold in an instant.

She wouldn't have been in jail for four years if the man had not been here to testify against her.

When she turned around, she glared at the man who was lying on the bed elegantly.

"I paid for the room."

That man said calmly. Holley felt that he was more mysterious and unfathomable than four years ago.

"You didn't answer my question and glared at me. Then you went to sleep on the road."

Ron said almost cruelly.

Holley just felt it was ridiculous. Everyone had the right to ask her what kind of life she had in prison, except this man.

"I will sleep on the road."

She answered without hesitation, throwing away the suit coat of that man and the blanket wrapped around her, and rushed out of the room.

She rushed to the door and changed her mind.

It was unwise for her to take a cold outside the hotel in the middle of the night just to get angry with Ron.

Turning around, she squeezed a very fake smile. "You are right. You have the right as you pay for the room. Don’t you just want to know what I ate in prison? I'll tell you. "

"It's just some simple food and no special, and I've never had any leftover or something like that."

Holley said calmly. To her, all these things were what she had experienced in her life.

"That's fine."

Ron said calmly.

Holley didn't expect that man would give such a comment.

Why did he say that? Did he want her to say thanks to him? It was all because of him that she was sent to prison and didn't eat leftovers?

Holley was annoyed.

However, Ron ignored her anger and raised his hand to tu

rn off the light in the room before saying, "we will leave at seven o'clock tomorrow morning. I won't wake you up. If you go too far, you have to go back by yourself."

After saying that, he turned over and tucked himself into the quilt.

Holley stood still, not moving at all.

She couldn't breathe the same air in the same room with the man called Ron.

No way!

In the darkroom, Holley stood by the bed, and her legs were shaking uncontrollably.

She was too tired. She had been busy all day long with mental tension.

She didn't know how long she had stood. She gradually lost consciousness and fell asleep.

Her body began to shake uncontrollably.

As she lost her balance, her body began to lean forward and hit the bed.

Ron, who had been sleeping for a long time, suddenly opened his eyes. He raised his hands and held Holley in his arms before she hit the bed.

Holley was wakened up by the shaking.

She was very sleepy at first, but when she saw that it was Ron who held her, she completely woke up.

What was he doing?

Why was he holding her?

'Oh, my God! Why did I fall asleep just now? What happened? I don't remember at all.'

Holley took a furtive glance at Ron, trying to figure out what had happened through the man's eyes.

A faint sullen look appeared in Ron's eyes, "can you just lie on the bed and sleep well? If I hadn't been swift, I would have been the first one in the world to be hit to death by the other man when I was sleeping. "


She pointed at the king-size bed and added, "I remember you slept there. Why did you come here?"

"Roll over."

He took it for granted.


Holley didn't know what to say. She really couldn't remember what just happened.

But that didn't matter. What mattered now was...

"I'm awake now. You can let go of me."

Holley said as she pushed the man's arm.

"You can make a choice. Go to the bed to sleep, or go out and squat in front of the bedroom door."

He said with his brows still knitted, and forced Holley to make a choice between the two choices that she did not want.


Holley hesitated. She was unwilling to do either of the two things.

Seeing her hesitation, Ron made the choice for her directly.

He pulled her into his arms and threw her onto the bed.

Holley screamed in surprise. She raised her fist and was about to punch the man on his chest.

Ron's eyes were stricken and his hands were fast. He grabbed the little woman's wrist and said overbearingly, "I just want to have a good sleep. When I sleep, I don't want someone to wake me up by hitting me. If you behave yourself and lie there quietly, I won't make things difficult for you. If you don't listen to me, I have many ways to make you obedient. "

"Move your hoof away!"

Holley was angry and annoyed at the same time. "I'll just lie down. Is that okay?"

After saying that, she turned her head directly and didn't look at that man anymore.

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