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   Chapter 6 Never Mind! I'm the Same As You Anyway

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The night was coming.

Looking at the figure outside the car window, Holley grabbed her cell phone in a hurry.

Not until she grabbed her phone did she realize that it was already out of power.

It was half a brick even if the power was out

Thinking of this, Holley held her cell phone tightly and did not let it go.

She stared at the person outside nervously, waiting for him to take action or to tell her his purpose.

The person standing outside the car didn't say anything. He just reached out his hand to grab the door handle.

A ray of moonlight was shining on that person.

Although Holley couldn't see that person's face clearly, she was sure that the person outside the car was a man.

There was a luxury car parking on the roadside in the wilderness. No wonder the man wanted to rob the car.

However, the car didn't belong to Holley so she didn't feel bad. Instead, she took pleasure in it.

But she was a beautiful woman.

If the man outside the car thought of something that he shouldn't have after seeing her, she would suffer a great loss.

Thinking of this, Holley decided to make a concession. She had to make her situation clear, regardless of why the man was here and forcing the door open.

"I'm sick and I got disease hard to describe. Because my ex-husband is really a long story to tell..."

Anyway, no one would like to take any risk in this kind of thing.

And the more vivid she spoke, the easier for the kidnapper to believe her words.

As expected, after she said this, the man directly stopped at the door.

As if surprised, he stood still outside the car.

He suddenly stood still. But Holley felt that the atmosphere was even weirder than before.

Because her woman's intuition told her that the man outside the car was staring at her through the window.

"Don't you believe it? My ex-husband is Ron Mu. You can get the information about him on Google. Similar news about him was spread almost every day. He is a total scumbag and has an immoral virtue. "

Holley tried her best to make it clear with a sincere tone. "But don't worry. If you want the car, just take it. Though you can't sell it as a second-hand car via regular routine, if you got it to the black market, at least it could be sold for six hundred thousand. You should be patient for a while. As long as you have money, you can live a good life. "

Holley said when she was impressed by her own eloquence.

She didn't believe that he would still want something from her.

But the man outside the car kept silent. No one knew what he was thinking.

Holley mumbled in her heart, but she still spoke for the man outside the car, "well, can't you find someone from the black market? It doesn't matter. I can help you introduce my friends who are specialized in this kind of business. If you have a cell phone, I'll tell you a phone number and you make a call. Then I'll help you talk about the price. I'll talk about seven hundred thousand. Okay?"

Outside the car, that man had put up with Holley for a long time, but finally at this moment, he couldn't bear to explode.

He pulled the door open.


Holley was stunned.

She remembered clearly that she had locked the door, but how could that man open it!


Holley panicked. She began to regret it if she had m

ade a wrong judgment just now. She should not have let him know that she was in the car, and she was a woman?

But if she didn't tell him in advance, he would also pull open the car door sooner or later.

And the ending would be the same as it was now.

"If you want the car, you take it. This is a federal society, you should follow the law."

Holley replied in a composed manner.

She clenched her phone, while the man outside the car poked his head into the car.

As long as he stuck his head in, she aimed the phone at his head and kicked him again and again.

Damn it!

'Who the hell are you? How dare you insult me?' she thought.

No way to touch her!

But when the man spoke, Holley couldn't help taking a breath.

As soon as Holley finished speaking, a teasing voice came from outside the car, "it doesn't matter. How can a scum be afraid of doing such a thing? Don’t they feel pitiful for each other if the two sick people are together? "

It was not someone else's voice. It was Ron.

"Ron Mu!"

Holley was so angry that she threw her phone to that man.

Ron took the phone easily and got on the car directly.

As he got into the car, Holley withdrew instinctively.

Because of the cold, she still curled up, but not as scared as before. She was even a little vigilant and rude. "What are you doing here?"

"What do you think?"

Sitting next to Holley and looking into her eyes, Ron asked.

"How could I know? Anyway, people like you must come here with ulterior motives. "

Holley said with anger.

"That's not right."

Ron said very distressed, he touched his car while talking, "My car cost me a lot of dollars to buy it. You can't ruin it like that. If you run out of gas, you cannot throw it out in the wild."


"Oh what?"

Looking at Holley, Ron shook his head helplessly and said, "get out of the car."

"No way!"

Holley replied decisively.

She would never get out of the car.

It was late at night and they were still in the wild. Where was she going after getting off the car?

Did she catch a cold on the road?

Although she was very reluctant to have any contact with the man called Ron. But Holley would not make herself embarrassed in order to avoid this man.

Anyway, now is not the time to act on impulse. She wouldn't leave until it was dawn.

Even if she needed to walk to the nearest bus station, it was ok.

"There is a place where you can eat, drink and have a good sleep. Are you sure you won't go?"

Ron looked at Holley in disbelief.

Holley, who was cold and hungry, was on the alert. Something flashed through her eyes but soon she asked, "Is there such a good place nearby? Why didn't you go there yourself? Why did you take me with you? "

"You can deal with my car by just six hundred thousand. Do you think I dare to leave you in my car and go by myself?"

He shook his head helplessly. Then he pointed to the northwest, "there's a gas station and they provide boarding service there. It took us only an hour to walk there. You can choose to go with me, or you can wait in the car. I'll call the staff to call for a trailer when I reach the gas station. However, it was still unknown when they could call for a trailer. Besides, if you sell my car at a low price while waiting, you're doomed. Do you understand? "

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