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   Chapter 5 Robbery

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Hearing the driver's words, Ron had already been angry.

"If I miss the time, cancel it."

He shouted in a low voice, yelling to the driver.

The driver was stunned. He had worked for Ron for four years, but he had never seen that Ron missed the dating with Miss Linda for anything else.

Moreover, he had received a lot of benefits from Linda.

He always told Linda everything happened to Ron.

Now, seeing that he was going to cancel the appointment with Linda, the driver hurried to persuade him: "Young master, it's just a certificate of marriage. You don't need to find it. What's more, you are going to divorce that woman soon. We don't have to waste time just for some shabby reasons. As for Miss Linda, she will be sad if you are late. "

"I ask you to find it, and then you must go to find it for me!"

Ron was finally irritated and he yelled, "Listen to me carefully. Whatever you do to look for it, I won't change my mind. I'll give you two hours to find it. If you can't, get away from me. You don't need to waste my time."

It took the driver a while to regain his composure.

He couldn't understand why his young master cared so much about their marriage certificate.

He once said in public that he hated Holley the most?

Although the driver couldn't understand, he could tell that Ron was extremely angry.

Then he promised and turned around to walk away.

He didn't plan to look for the marriage certificate.

After walking far away, he couldn't see Ron. He took out his phone and called Linda.

"Miss Linda, something happened. Mr. Ron..."

Before the driver could finish his words, he felt his hand empty and his cell phone had gone.

He turned around in horror. But when he saw Mr. Ron, he was stunned again.

Ron held the cellphone. He forcefully broke it into two pieces and threw it onto the ground.

"Young... Young master..."

The driver tried to explain, but the imposing manner of Ron was too terrifying.

He stammered, unable to speak.

Ron said calmly, "I don't need spies or dogs of others beside me. You are fired. From now on, you are not my driver. Don't let me see you again. Otherwise, you will come to no good end if you offend the Mu family."

Then he turned around and walked into the weeds on sides of the road.

It seemed that he wanted to look for the marriage certificate himself.

The driver sobered when he heard the news that he was fired.

He stumbled to follow him. "Young master, I know I was wrong. Please give me one more chance."

Ron indifferently turned around, and his eyes, like sharp swords, fell on the driver, "Get away!"

"Young master, Lady Linda said that I drove the most safely. For the sake of winning her heart, please let me stay here. "

The driver was praying.

It was a good job to be Mr. Ron's driver.

If he lost this job, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to live such a happy and peaceful life anymore.

At the same time, Ron narrowed his eyes into slits, staring at the driver several times, and then opened his thin lips slightly, "Whoever thinks that you can drive steadily, and then go for whom to drive. Do

n't talk nonsense with me."

"Young master..."

The driver still wanted to say something, but Ron interrupted him indifferently, "since you won't get away, someone will help you."

As soon as he finished saying that, he waved his hand. Unexpectedly, four bodyguards in black came to Ron as fast as they could in the suburbs.

They were extremely respectful to Ron. They stood there with their hands down, waiting for his instructions.

Pointing at the driver, Ron said, "He doesn't know how to get out of my sight. Please help him."

When he heard that, the driver was in a cold sweat.

He shouted for mercy and his mouth was covered by someone.

Two bodyguards in black dragged him into the depths of the grass.

Ron didn't ask more about the driver. He turned again and searched the suburb, trying to find the marriage certificate.

After more than two hours of driving on the road, Holley still didn't see Moore.

She didn't see anyone but herself.

She kept calling Moore, but his phone was off.

Moore, please be fine.

Call me back when you switched it on.

She had no choice but to send two messages.

But she didn't know what happened to Moore's phone. She couldn't even text him.

Staring at the message, Holley felt frustrated. She threw her phone on the passenger seat.

She started the car again and Holley broke down completely.

Her car was out of gas and couldn't start up at all.

"Such an unlucky year!"

She grumbled and got off the car. When she was about to call for help, she saw that her mobile phone flickered and directly turned off.

She pressed the button several times, but no response. Holley was on the verge of a breakdown.

At this point, her phone was dead.

It was already dark outside. Holley thought that, presumably, she would stay out for the night.

Who would come here?

Besides, it was dark outside. It was not safe for a girl to walk alone at night.

What's worse, she had no relatives in the world.

Her aunt was the only family she had. But six years ago, she had gotten mad and had been sent to a sanatorium since the treatment had failed.

As for her friends, she had some.

But Moore was the only one who knew she got out of prison today.

There was nobody at all, because he found that she had been trapped for such a long time and hadn't come home. He felt strange and finally chose to call the police.


Holley muttered in a soft voice. As her time slowed down, her senses returned to normal.

She was cold, hungry and thirsty. That was her first feeling.

She searched every corner of his car but couldn't find a trace of food.

Luckily, there was a blanket in his car.

Holley wrapped herself with the blanket directly and curled up in a corner.

It was late at night. She sat in the car and heard some noises coming from not far away.

Looking through the rearview mirror, she saw a blurry figure walking towards her.

Was he a robber? For money or for women?

Or both wealth and women?

She wondered when she saw the man approaching her car.

Finally, the figure stood near the door of the car.

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