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   Chapter 3 Let Go Of Me

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However, Ron didn't fell down awkwardly to the ground and after a quick backward turn, he stood steadily outside the car.

Although he reacted quickly, it was far from stopping the well planned Holley from taking any actions.

She then locked the car doors deftly.

She rolled down the window and glanced at the man, who was fine outside. "I have to remind you that this is the suburb. It's more than 20 kilometers from the nearest bus station."

"So I have something to ask you. If you tell me the truth, I will give you a chance to get in the car. If you are telling a lie, you can stay here and wait for your driver to pick you up. "

Holley threatened.

"Your skills are better than four years ago." Ron sighed thoughtfully.

His question completely disrupted Holley's plan.

She had thought that she would never see this man again after she was released from prison.

However, as soon as she was released from prison, he appeared and repeatedly reminded her of her past.

Four years ago, when she just met with Ron, he taught her a lot about self-defense.

At that time, he had praised her for being gifted in this respect.

Now he told her that she could fight better than before. Although it was praise, it sounded harsh.

Suddenly, she turned back and looked at Ron. "You have done a good job. Thank you. If you didn't send me to prison by yourself, I wouldn't have had the chance to practice more. "

He changed the topic directly, "what do you want to ask me? Just ask."

"Did you, Ron Mu, order a truck driver to drive and knockdown Moore's car?"

"I'm not that bored." As he spoke, he stepped forward and reached out to open the door.

Noticing that he couldn't open the door, Ron slightly raised his head, stared at Holley and asked, "You don't want to open the door. You want to drive yourself, right?"

"Since you like to lie, you just stay here miserably."

She moved from the front passenger seat to the driver's seat.

She started the car. She could start the car as long as she stepped on the gas.

But when she was about to step on the gas, Ron suddenly spoke, "do you want to hear the truth?"

Holley lifted her foot suddenly and urged, "Go ahead!"

Outside the car, the man waved at her and whispered in a mysterious voice, "That’s a secret. Come over here."

She moved onto the front passenger seat with doubt. Holley warned, "Don’t play tricks."

"Get closer. What if others hear such a big secret?"

He measured the distance between Holley in the car and him and said cautiously.

Holley collapsed a little bit. "As soon as I get closer, I'll stick myself on the door.”

Although she was complaining, in order to hear the answer she wanted to hear, she tried her best to lean her whole body against the door.

"Are you satisfied with the distance?"


Ron said with a meaningful look on his face.

Then, he quickly passed through the half-opened window and reached into the car with his right hand.

His target was clear. From the moment he showed up, he would grasp Holley


Looking at the man's hand, Holley glared at Ron angrily.

What was his hand doing? Why did he catch her?

Shocked by his behaviors, Holley acted without hesitation.

She raised her hand, grabbed the man's hand in the car.

Then, she pinched hard on his hand.

She intended to crush Ron's hand and use all her strength.

She used too much strength and left the seat, too. But she looked at Ron again. It didn’t seem as his hand bones were about to be crushed. He was at ease, even with a faint smile in his eyes..

"I don't believe I cannot hurt you."

Holley was not convinced. She used all her strength to pinch his hand.

However, that man just kept indifferent, as if he could not feel any pain.

Was his hand made of rebar?

Holley thought that her hand was made of cotton while she was trying to hurt rebar by cotton.

She was exhausted, so she gave up directly. She slumped into the seat, gasping for breath.

She gasped and tried to calm down, but Ron was very fine.

Before Holley could react, he used his right hand to unlock the door.

Then he opened the car door directly.

When Holley realized and tried to stop him, Ron had already sat beside her.

Holley was on the verge of breaking down, but she could do nothing. She made a mistake and missed the opportunity just now.

Taking a glance at Ron indifferently, Holley opened the door and was about to get off the car.

She got in his car not because she was threatened by him or because she was afraid that she couldn't get divorced if she didn't go with him.

Holley meant to hear the confession of him directing the truck driver to hit the car of Moore.

Although the telephone recording could not be used as the main evidence in the court, keeping this copy was somewhat beneficial to Moore.

But Ron was too careful and refused to admit that the previous car accident was planned and directed by him.

At present, it was meaningless to continue sitting in the man's car. Naturally, Holley would choose to leave.

"Don't you want to know the answer to that question?" Ron asked as he raised his head and saw that she was about to leave

"Are you willing to tell me?"

Holley asked in disbelief.

"Of course, I've told you that it's a secret. I'll tell you when you get close," replied Ron firmly.

"Will I believe in your nonsense?"

"I bet you will believe me. You want me to admit something to you, don't you?"

The man tapped on the car with his slender fingers and looked at her quietly with his starry eyes, after making up her mind, Holley sat back in the car and said, "Go ahead!"

Ron pulled Holley into his arms. He laughed, but didn't intend to tell her the secret.

"Let go of me! You bastard, I shouldn't believe in your nonsense. "

Holley struggled desperately.

But she was a woman after all. She couldn't fight a man with all her strength.

His hand didn't move at all.

No longer struggling, Holley looked at him coldly and said, "Don't you fear that Linda Li will fight with you when she sees this?"

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