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   Chapter 2 Honey, Let's Go Home

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The man pulled her into his arms. Holley's beautiful eyebrows frowned slightly. She was disgusted with such intimacy.

Seeing her displeasure, Moore couldn't help but speak, "Ron, you are trying to break the law. Four years ago, you asked for a divorce and Holley agreed. If you are not restricted by the law of N City, you are not a couple at all now. How can you have the nerve to show us your marriage certificate? "

Ron was so arrogant that he never took Moore seriously.

No matter what he said, he was always indifferent to it.

He even didn't finish his words before Ron put his arm around the waist of the woman.


He raised his voice deliberately and called Holley in this way.

"Let's go home."

Hearing that man say it in a natural tone, Holley turned back and gave him a fierce look.

She knocked away his hand around her waist. Staring at him, she said word by word, "I promised to divorce. Even it happened four years ago, as long as I promised, I wouldn't change. So I won't hide from you. Show me the divorce agreement and I'll sign it immediately."

In Holley's opinion, there was only one reason that Ron would show up and deliberately take her away.

He was afraid that she was unwilling to divorce and chose to hide herself.

According to the law of N City, if a couple couldn’t agree to a divorce, they must pass two years of separation to prove that the couple's relationship was broken before they could apply for divorce.

If so, he still had to wait for another two years before he could marry his beloved Linda.

So from the moment Holley was released, this man also appeared.

"Will I carry that kind of thing with me?"

Holley was stunned. She didn't expect that Ron, who had been looking forward to divorce for four years, didn't bring the divorce agreement here.

Then why was he still here?

Though confused, Holley expressed her stand again with a resolute tone. "Then get someone to send the divorce agreement to me. I'm a jobless vagabond. I have nothing but I have much time. I'll wait here. As soon as the agreement is delivered, I'll sign it. Get out of my world after I sign it. "

"What makes you think that there would be someone who would do it in person in order to send such a thing?"

Holley was rendered speechless.

However, it was still the same as four years ago that she was unable to see through Ron.

Four years ago, he said he loved her. It was a grand wedding for him to marry her.

After a romantic night, he woke up, but he turned his back on her and convicted her of murder in the court.

Four years later, he was so desperate to divorce that he even rushed to a place near the prison regardless of his own identity, but did not bring the divorce agreement and did not send anyone to bring it here.

'Ron, what the hell do you want to do?

I was framed and put into jail four years ago because I loved you.

Four years later, you can't hurt me anymore. If you set me up, I will make you pay double.’

Noticing the resentment in Holley's eyes, Ron asked, "Do you really want to divorce me?"

"Do you think I will be happy in the name of your wife?"

Holley retorted directly.

A meaningful smile appeared on the corners of Ron's mouth. "Then you have no choice but to go with me."

He bent over and whispered in her ear, "You'd better go with me when I am still willing to take you to sign the divorce agreement. Otherwise, I don't know w

hat else to do. "

After saying that, he also showed an inexplicable evil smile.

His smile reminded Holley.

Four years ago, in the court, this man had this smile on his face.

Later, he testified in public that he saw with his own eyes that Holley stabbed Linda with a fruit knife.

"Don't threaten Holley!"

Looking up, Ron said to Moore for the first time, "it's none of your business."

"Your car had an accident. You'd better call the insurance first to deal with it." Moore wanted to say something but Holley spoke first. “As for the divorce, I'll handle it myself."

While she was speaking, she reached out and opened the car door.

After they got into the car in an appropriate manner, Holley didn't raise her head. She just lowered her head fiddling with her mobile phone, and said to Ron, "Get in the car, too."

It seemed that he deliberately kept a distance. Instead of sitting in the back row with Holley, Ron directly sat in the passenger seat.

Ron sat straight and fastened the seat belt. Then the driver started the car directly.

Sitting in the car, Holley asked, seemingly unintentionally or deliberately, "How much have you paid the truck driver?"

"Why did I give him money?"

Ron asked with confusion.

"You sent a truck driver to hit Moore's car. At the scene of the accident, the truck driver must have been killed. If you don't give him money, how could he die for you? "

It was obvious that Holley was playing a trick on Ron.

Ron just returned a faint sneer to her.


He didn't say anything else.

Holley was not reconciled and asked, "so, Mr. Ron, do you dare to do it or not?"

Ron didn't say anything and just sat there smiling silently.

"You admit it, don't you?"

"I don't want to admit something I didn't do." He said seriously.


Holley was a little disappointed, but she didn't continue to pursue this topic.

She held out her hand and said, "Give me the marriage certificate."

"For what?"

"Let me see."

He frowned slightly, as if he thought that there was some plot that Holley was playing, but he did not refuse at last, and handed the marriage certificate to her.

Without even taking a look at the marriage certificate, she threw it out of the window.

"What are you doing?"

Ron got anxious.

Holley couldn't help but burst into laughter when she heard what the man said.

Ron frowned and took a look at her. He shouted at the driver, "Stop the car! Get out to look for it."

The driver stepped on the brake at once and rolled over to get off the car. Then he went back the way he had come to find the marriage certificate.

Holley got out of the car and sat on the driver's seat naturally.

Looking at her sitting over, Ron frowned slightly, "do you know what you have done?"

"I did something that made me happy." Holley smiled sweetly. She tucked her hands in the chair and enjoyed the mixed feelings of Ron.

"Are you happy?" Then he shook his head and opened the door.

It seemed that he wanted to get out of the car and get the marriage certificate in person.

"There is something happier. Do you want to know?" Holley stopped him.

She was smiling, rolling her beautiful eyes, which made Ron stunned.

But when he was in a daze, he felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen.

Holley kicked him and Ron was caught unexpectedly without any time to dodge, he turned around his body and fell off the car directly.

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