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   Chapter 1 What's Our Relationship

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In the suburb of N City.

A young woman stood beside an abandoned road.

With a suitcase in her hand, she stood on tiptoe and looked into the distance.

She looked like only in her early twenties.

She wore a white dress, a high ponytail, and her clear and pure appearance was very beautiful from a distance.

It was difficult for anyone to connect such a girl with a murderer.

But she was Holley Ye, the murderer who was sentenced to jail four years ago.

A black Audi A6 slowly drove over and stopped in front of Holley Ye.

The door was pushed open. A refined man got off the car and walked towards Holley Ye with a smile.

"Come here, give me a hug."

Then he opened his arms and held Holley Ye in his arms like a real gentleman.

"Moore, thank you for picking me up."

Leaning against his shoulder, Holley Ye whispered her thanks.

"Only strangers will say 'thank you'," Moore Mo pretended to be unhappy and complained. Then he took the suitcase from her hand and said, "Get in the car. Let's go home now. We can talk later."

However, before they got on the car, the Audi A6 had been hit by a truck that was running at a high speed.

The Audi A6 rolled over in midair, and then fell down onto the ground a hundred meters away.

A deep pit was formed on the ground and the car was completely damaged.

Both Moore Mo and Holley Ye were shocked by what they saw.

Fortunately, they hadn't gotten in the car. If they had been in it just now, they would have been badly mutilated by now.

Before they could react, a Maserati raced over and stopped half a meter away from Holley Ye.

The window was rolled down a centimeter from the inside.

She vaguely saw a man sitting in the car.

He slowly spoke, in an overbearing, almost commanding tone. "Get in the car!"

"Your friend?"

Holley Ye looked at Moore Mo and asked with uncertainty.

"I don't know him."

Moore Mo shook his head.

Holley Ye frowned slightly and said angrily, "I don't know you. Why should I get in your car? I warn you, Moore Mo is the most famous lawyer in N City. If you harass me, he will sue you! "

"Get in the car."

The overbearing voice came from the car again.

Immediately, the window was all rolled down.

Holley Ye saw the man in the car clearly.

He was still as handsome as ever. His marble-like face alone was enough to attract thousands of girls.

This man was no one else but Ron Mu who was as dazzling as the diamond.

When Holley Ye looked into his eyes, her lips slightly trembled.

For her, this man was not a stranger, but the man who held a grand wedding with her four years ago.

That year, when she just entered the university, this man chased after her.

At that time, she was so pure that she couldn't resist him. Therefore, she became his girlfriend.

Six months later, they had a wedding.

At first, she thought that everything would be a happy beginning. However, she did not expect that something unexpected on her wedding night…

Holley Ye frowned at the thought of the past.

Turning around, she said, "Moore Mo, take photos of the car accident scene, and prepare to sue Mr. Ron.


"Sue me?"

Seated in the car, Mr. Ron teased.

"Or what?"

There was a slight smile on her face, and her smile was particularly pleasant, but what she said was harsh.

She pointed at the plate number of the truck and said, "The truck number is MS00102. The MS is the abbreviation of the Mu's Group. All the fixed assets of the Mu's Group are numbered with MS. Since you are the president and legal person of Mu's Group, don't you need to be responsible for the accident caused by the truck, Mr. Ron? "

However, Ron Mu didn't care at all about whether he was going to be sued or the car accident. He just raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at the little woman outside the car window. "You remember it?"

How could Holley Ye not remember?

During the winter vacation in her freshman year in college, she was invited by Ron Mu to carry out a regular assets survey in the Mu's Group.

Because she had the man in her heart, and because she was deeply in love with him, she remembered every scene of that time clearly.

There were also some internal rules of the Mu's Group.

His words reminded her of the past.

Pursing her lips, she stood there in a daze.

Moore Mo's heart ached when he saw this.

He took a disgusted look at Ron Mu and went straight up to stand between Holley Ye and Ron Mu.

He seriously told Ron Mu, "Mr. Ron Mu, because of you..."

Before he finished his words, Ron Mu, who was in the Maserati, directly opened the door and got out of the car.

Ignoring Moore Mo's presence, he grabbed Holley Ye by the wrist and commanded in a tone, "Go!"

"Ron Mu, let go of me! I'll call a lawyer to sue you for sexual harassment!"

Holley Ye struggled, with anger in her eyes.

"Sexual harassment?"

A playful smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

He cast a disdainful glance at Moore Mo and asked, "Is this rubbish the lawyer you are going to hire?"

Holley Ye was angry.

Moore Mo was one of her good friends, as well as a well-known public interest lawyer.

She wouldn't allow anyone to speak ill of Moore Mo by the word "rubbish".

"Don't get angry with him. It's not worth it."

Moore Mo comforted Holley Ye, and then said in a more serious tone, "I will be the acting lawyer of Miss Holley Ye and sue you for sexual harassment, Mr. Ron Mu."

While speaking, he continued to take photos of the scene with his mobile phone.

Without paying any attention to him, Ron Mu just leaned over and whispered in Holley Ye's ear, "Tell your lawyer the relationship between you and me."

"We have been div..."

She wanted to say that she had divorced Ron Mu long ago and that she had nothing to do with him.

Before she finished the sentence, she saw Mr. Ron took out a red marriage certificate from the pocket of his suit coat.

There were the words "Marriage Certificate" on it.

Ron Mu showed them their wedding picture which was taken four years ago at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

At that time, they all laughed happily.

"We have been what? Why don't you continue?" It seemed that Ron Mu wanted to declare his sovereignty. He directly pulled Holley Ye into his arms and held her tightly.

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