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   Chapter 955 An Annoying Woman (4)

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Thinking of the woman she saw just now, Debbie suddenly felt that she was really very mature. Compared with the group of gossipers inside, she preferred talking with that woman.

However, when Debbie was about to enter, she suddenly stopped.

"Everyone knows that she has a seductive face and did the dirty thing. You may not have seen the bruises on her wrist just now. Haha, who can't guess what she has done?"

"That's right. I saw her on TV some time ago that a man in his seventies was holding her in his arms. And that woman even called him sugar daddy. And the wrinkles on his face were like dumplings."

A group of mocking laughter rang out.

However, another person continued, "that old man should not be able to satisfy her. Before long, she hooked up with playboy who was born in a rich family."

"I know that rich playboy. He liked to play with women before. If he had sex with her, most likely he would be sent to the hospital later."

"That was so disgusting. After all, she is an elite who graduated from a famous collage. How could she lived on such a filthy way?"

Waves of mockery passed, and a familiar voice sounded, "But she is a beautiful lady."

After hearing that, all the people who were laughing just now fell silent. They looked at each other and could see jealousy in each other's eyes.

Yes, that woman was very beautiful. When it came to the eyes of other women, they wanted to destroy her, but that woman didn't even think of restraining her own beauty. She was an extreme person.

That woman was a also vengeful type, which made people even more hostile against her.

"Don't mention her. She is just a coquettish woman. How can we waste our time and energy on her?"

"That's right. But she is still young. Let's see how she can seduce men when she gets old!"

It was not hard to tell the resentment in her words.

Debbie pursed her lips. She didn't know if she should take this step or not. She didn't even know what kind of person the woman was now. Debbie only knew that she had hidden her true colors.

However, when the woman was in front of Debbie, she would show a little bit of childis

on. She had a criminal record when she was even at school.

Debbie still remembered that one day when she had PE class, she suddenly felt herself in her period. Then she went to the infirmary with a pale face and bought some medicine to take . When she returned to her class, she saw someone who had already asked for leave was secretly searching for something in other's bag.

"Ahem." Debbie stood at the door of the classroom and coughed. That girl heard the noise and turned around quickly. She then smiled calmly and said, "Debbie, what's wrong with you? Why is your face so pale?"

She walked over and stared at Debbie's face. Seeing that Debbie didn't show any other emotions, she looked away and took care of her as if she was her sister.

Debbie shook her head and sat down to sleep. The girl stared at her for a while, with a hint of viciousness in her eyes.

If she was reported to be a thief by Debbie, she would first slander Debbie with all cost, so that no one could believe what she said.

Things seemed to be easy and feasible.

The girl stood there for a while and left. After a while, Debbie raised her head and took a sip of the medicine with the smell of Chinese herbs. Then Debbie stood up and looked at bag which the girl had rummaged through for a while, but Debbie didn't find anything unusual. She had no choice but to give up.

Debbie's heart began to beat fast and she felt a little uneasy.

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