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   Chapter 954 An Annoying Woman (3)

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At that time, she was too emotional and fragile. A few harsh words could make her desperate.

Debbie had forgotten what kind of harsh words she had said in that rainy day, and why she was really independent from that day on. And that woman didn't talk to anyone anymore. Later she studied hard and was said to be sent abroad for further study on recommendation.

And she even studied at a college of the Ivy League. Later on, Debbie didn't know much about her. Perhaps she felt a little guilty, so she didn't know what to say when she saw her.

On the contrary, the woman who was still impeccable smiled and patted Debbie on the shoulder indifferently, with a touch of relief in her eyes.

The woman was forthright and straightforward. "Don't tell me that you have been guilty till now. Come on, that's not a big deal. If it weren't for your words that made me change my mind, I might still be an idle woman now. I got to admit that you did me a great favor from that perspective."

Debbie began to forget whether it was a trick or just a revenge. She just pursed her lips and smiled with difficulty.

In fact, Debbie knew something about it. It was not the case that Debbie had forgotten what she had said before, but she didn't want to recall it. Some memories were ignored by her, locked and left dust. No one could let her recall from pretending to be relieved.

"You..." Debbie wanted to ask how the woman was doing recently, but when she raised her hand, Debbie saw a bruise on her wrist. As an adult, it was easy for her to guess what caused the bruise.

All of a sudden, some passionate and lustful scenes seemed to appear in her mind.

The beautiful and delicate woman didn't intend to hide it at all. Instead, she raised her eyebrows at Debbie and said, "I heard that you are married. You should know the reason, right?"

The woman even rolled up her sleeves as she spoke, as if she didn't think there was anything shameful about the bruises caused by such intimate contact.

Seeing this, Debbie couldn't help but sigh. Sure enough, the girls who had studied abroad were very exoteric. But Debbie rea

I can't believe my wet hand had no impact on your makeup." Hearing her regretful tone, the veins on Debbie's forehead began to throb uncontrollably.

The woman had just apologized, but now her impenitent attitude appeared once again.

Debbie didn't reply. The woman was snubbed. She rubbed her chin, squinted her eyes and didn't say anything. She just followed Debbie into the box.

However, at a turn in the corridor, a hand suddenly stretched out and the woman was directly dragged away. Debbie was shocked and then she heard that woman said casually. "It's an acquaintance of mine. You can go in first. I'll come in later. Don't worry about me."

Her voice was calm and composed, and that guy did look like an acquaintance of hers.

"Okay, I'll go in first." Debbie frowned and thought for a while. But she still thought that that guy shouldn't have dragged a woman away like a kidnapper at this time.

She looked back while walking every step, wanting to see the person hiding in the shadow, but even if she was kept her eyes on him, she could not see his face clearly, so she could only give up.

When Debbie walked to the door of the box, she happened to hear some gossip about the woman just now. They were all jealous of her as if they were enemies. The disgust in their childhood didn't seem to fade away as time passed by because of their age. Debbie couldn't help shaking her head in disgust.

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