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   Chapter 953 An Annoying Woman (2)

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The atmosphere between the two when they were together was a little strange. They didn't seem to be a couple, but more like a master and slave relationship. They were not alienated, but from the bottom of their hearts.

The woman beside her was more like a servant, but she didn't show any dissatisfaction when she was treated so indifferently like that.

It seemed that she got used to it.

Debbie pursed her lips. The soul of gossip was burning. She hesitated and said tentatively, "You two..."

Her round and clear eyes obviously showed that she was well protected. She didn't know what was going on in the world at all, which made people jealous.

The woman smiled, without much emotional fluctuation. She just looked back at the car strangely and said, "We two are fine."

She didn't say much but her face turned pale.

Debbie consciously made a slip of the tongue. She lowered her head remorsefully and carefully observed the expression on people's face. "I'm sorry. I didn't ask this question on purpose."

"Well, you didn't do it on purpose?"

The woman's smile was so bright that no one could tell whether she was lying to you or not. She just smiled and didn't want to say anything to forgive her.

And his attitude made Debbie feel more guilty.

When she saw the man walking in front of her to choose a gift, she wished she could give herself a few slaps, so that you could know not everything she could say and not everything she wanted to know could be knew. Maybe she would fall into a trap at any time!

The two of them spent some time in choosing gifts. When they walked out, they saw the man who was lying in the back seat smoking leaning against the car. Seeing the two of them coming over, they stubbed out the cigarette. The mist surrounding the scene slowly faded away.

The woman frowned and asked, "Why did you smoke again?"

Didn't she tell him not to smoke just now?

The man's eyes slowly slid across her face and fell on the bag in her hand. He smiled and said, "I'm addicted to smoking. I can't help it."

The woman couldn't help frowning at the thought that this man see

up her hair.

People liked red at that time, which was so conspicuous and ostentatious. The relationship between Debbie and her was neither good nor bad. But when the girls in the class were independent, Debbie could still talk to others.

A role that could always make a group of people independent was either a powerless weak person, or a role that no one could match.

Unfortunately, she was the latter.

Debbie had a few words with her classmates and even copied her homework a few times. Her classmates began to laugh at her. They said that she didn't know what she was capable of. Standing next to this fiery red woman, she was like a rough woman serving tea and water.

She was still as delicate as a flower, but he was slandered.

Debbie asked innocently, "Am I not good-looking? They all say that I'm digging my own grave to be with you."

They said that she was overshadowed by someone. If things went on like this, she might be seduced by this woman even if she had a boyfriend, let alone an early love.

Debbie didn't believe it until she found that this woman had a good impression of the person she had chased before, and she pursued him fiercely and dumped him not long after he promised him. At last, she said proudly, but at this time, Debbie gradually began to distance herself from her.

She was also blocked on the way home, and her eyes were red, forcing her why she ignore him.

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