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   Chapter 952 An Annoying Woman (1)

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Debbie didn't say anything.

Although she was still concerned about the matter of Justin, she didn't show much emotional fluctuation until the day Baron was discharged from the hospital.

After taking him back to the villa, Debbie was dressed up and ready to go out. "I made a bowl of Changchun noodles for you and put it in the kitchen. You can eat it later."

She just made it a welcome dinner for Baron.

Baron, however, stood in her way with a long face. He frowned and said impatiently, "where are you going?"

She was wearing a pure white off the shoulder dress, revealing her soft and white skin, just like the lotus root in summer. She was wearing a pair of round head and thick bottom high heels of the same color, and her tall figure and nice-shaped curve were clearly outlined.

However, she did not specially dress up like this for Baron..

Baron was so dissatisfied that he almost put on his jealousy on his face. Debbie had already noticed it, but she was not ready to explain. She just pushed the wheelchair to the sofa on one side.

The sweet laughter was a pride that Baron had never seen before. "Why are you so happy? Why don't you tell me? "

Baron said through gritted teeth.

Without replying, Debbie went to bring the food to him and put it into his hand. "It's hot."

She was as anxious as an evil woman who was about to poison her husband.

He didn't want to take it. He put his hand on the armrest of the wheelchair and only squinted at her, as if trying to find out something wrong from her face.

"Why are you staring at me? Do you fall in love with me again?" Debbie smiled weirdly.

"Yes, you are so beautiful that I can't control myself from falling in love with you." Looking at the bowl that was about to be stuffed, Baron smiled faintly. "But where on earth do you want to go and whom do you want to meet in this dress?"

Blinking her eyes, Debbie said, "guess."

“…… I won't guess. Just tell me now. "

The woman didn't say anything. Instead, she picked up the spoon and opened her mouth, "ah."

Subconsciously, Baron opene


The impatient man listened to her words. After saying that he didn't want to smoke, he opened the window and threw the cigarette out!

Throw it out!

Debbie was so upset that she pursed her lips and didn't say anything.

She didn't even know whether this man named Zayd wanted to make her sick or not. If that was the case, then if she felt quite a little dissatisfied, then it might be actually what they wanted to see.

Well, she just wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, calm and composed, like a lofty blooming flower standing at the top of the peak.

Perhaps it was because her husband Baron sometimes behaved in the same annoying way as that man, Debbie didn't find it difficult to tolerate, but she kept complaining in her heart.

"Debbie, stop at the next intersection."


"I just remembered that the monitor seemed to be pregnant. It's not good to go there empty handed. I'm going to buy some gifts to express my concern."

The woman's gesture was so kind that Debbie was stunned. To be honest, she couldn't remember the monitor's face clearly, but it seemed that it was not acceptable to give her a gift.

After parking the car, Debbie got out of the car with the woman, but the man in the back seat was not interested. He rolled his eyes and said expressionlessly, "don't make me wait for too long."

The woman agreed with a smile.

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